Side effects of wearing a waist trimmer all day

14 Side Effects of Wearing A Waist Trimmer All Day

If you are thinking of using a waist trimmer to lose belly fat, this article will show you the side effects of wearing a waist trimmer all day.

Losing belly fat can be frustrating. Therefore, I get it if you are tempted to use a waist trimmer to shrink your waistline.

You may be convinced that waist trimmers can shed belly fat since celebrities are raving about them on social media every day. But before I tell you whether waist trimmers burn belly fat or not, let me explain how they work.

A waist trimmer is a belt designed to improve workout results and melt abdominal fat. It increases heat around the midsection. You are supposed to wear it before starting your work out.

Waist trimmers are made of materials that heat up the body without absorbing sweat.

Those who promote them say that they melt belly fat by increasing temperature in the stomach area. Others claim that they shrink the belly instantly by removing water from the belly area through sweating, just like sitting in a sauna.

Waist trimmer belts come in different types. There are those you can wear for 15-20 minutes. And others you can wear the whole day. They sometimes feature vibrating mode and wearers can adjust the speed of vibration.

Waist trimmer enthusiasts say these belts can shrink the waist, melt belly fat, ease lower back pain, improve posture, and make people eat less.

Unfortunately, there is no research to back these claims. In one study, researchers were unable to determine whether the belts are effective because the participants couldn’t bear the pain of wearing them every day.

That’s right! Waist trimmers are no walk in the park. They are uncomfortable to wear and sometimes painful because they squeeze your organs too tight.

I’m willing to bet that discomfort will be the least of your worries once you read the severe side effects of wearing waist trimmers all day, below.

Side effects of wearing a waist trimmer all day

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1. May cause dehydration

Wearing a waist trimmer will make you sweat a lot. Your waist might even become smaller because of water loss.

However, this doesn’t mean that you have lost belly fat. Your belly will expand back to its normal size once you drink water and other clean drinks.

Losing water through sweating increases the risk of dehydration. If you don’t drink enough water while wearing a waist trimmer you may experience headaches, dizziness, fatigue and other symptoms of severe dehydration.

2. Waist trimmers may harm your organs

Wearing waist trimmers for a long period can displace your organs and damage them. These belts put a lot of pressure on the colon, liver, small intestines, and diaphragm.

The excess pressure waist trimmers exert on your stomach can hinder blood and oxygen circulation to certain organs.

A paper published by a French doctor, Ludovic O’ Followell, exposed the dangers of wearing tight belly trainers. He used x-ray technology to show smashed ribs and displaced organs.

effects of wearing a waist trimmer

Source: the science of eating

3. Breathing difficulties

Forget about deep belly breathing if you plan to wear a waist trimmer all day. This device restricts the movement of the diaphragm and the abdomen, making it impossible to breathe properly.

Shallow breathing can worsen anxiety and asthma symptoms.

4. May cause skin infections

Waist trimmers create a breeding ground for bacteria. The sweat trapped between your body and this shapewear may lead to folliculitis and other bacterial infections.

Using these belts for a prolonged period can also cause burns, redness, or serious skin irritation. Keep in mind that overweight people, diabetics, and those who sweat excessively have higher risks of infections.

5. No peace of mind

As I said earlier, these belts are uncomfortable. I doubt you will be comfortable when your organs are squeezed tightly, you are sweating excessively, and your belly is itching.

Wearing a waist trimmer every day can turn you into a cranky person. Would you rather do jumping jacks for 10 minutes or stay uncomfortable the whole day?

6. May cause electric shock

You have to be careful when wearing vibrating waist trimmers. Touching water while wearing these belts can cause electric shock or burn injuries.

It is important to keep your hands and feet dry while wearing these belts. Note that you may experience tiny electrical shocks on your midsection while wearing waist trimmers.

7. May cause bowel inconsistencies

If you struggle with irregular bowel movement, wearing a waist trimmer all day can worsen the problem. The belts put pressure on the abdomen, which could result in bowel inconsistencies.

Additionally, those who wear these belts are reluctant to use the bathroom since it means taking off the belt. As a result, they hold their urine and stool longer than they should. This can cause digestive disorders and pain.

8. Numbness and blood clots

Sitting while wearing a waist trimmer could compress the peripheral nerve in your thigh. This may result in numbness, tingling, and pain in your legs. Think of it as putting a rubber band at the top of your thighs.

The poor circulation caused by these belts may lead to blood clots and swollen feet and ankles.

9. May lead to a weak core

Those who wear waist trimmers are only concerned with shape, so they end up ignoring core exercises. This is a big mistake because a strong core can literally make your life easier. We use the core while climbing stairs, running, lifting things, exercising and so on.

Core strength will help reduce back pain and improve your posture. Do these core-strengthening exercises regularly.

10. May lead to electrolyte imbalance

You and I need electrolytes to survive. Electrolytes regulate muscle and nerve function, balance blood acidity, rebuild damaged tissues and hydrate the blood. Common electrolytes include potassium, sodium, and calcium.

The excessive sweating caused by waist trimmers leads to loss of electrolytes. Low electrolyte levels in your body can cause muscle cramps, weakness, twitching, and irregular heartbeats.

11. You may pass out

Wearing a waist trimmer all day can make you faint. The tightness of these belts may cause shortness of breath, which may lead to fainting.

I recently read a story about a woman who fainted at a mall while wearing a waist trainer. Note that the displacement of organs can also make you faint.

12. Your waistline may become smaller

Waist trimmers can make your waistline smaller for a few hours. The same way a rubber band may shrink your finger for a few minutes.

Your belly will eventually expand back to its normal size. Waist trimmers won’t give you long-term results. Instead of using belts, follow the advice in this article to lose belly fat and keep it off.

13. Increased body temperatures

Waist trimmers are made of neoprene material, which traps heat in your body and makes you sweat.

High body temperatures may spell disaster for those who sleep while wearing waist trimmers. It’s almost impossible to sleep deeply if your body is warm. In fact, one of the secrets to having quality deep sleep is keeping the bedroom cold.

I can’t forget to mention that wearing a waist trimmer all day during summer can turn your body into an oven.

14. May cause abdominal pain

Those who train while wearing waist trimmers tend to experience sharp pain in the upper and lower belly. This pain usually disappears after they finish working out.

Final word

As you can see, wearing a waist trimmer all day does more harm than good. Avoid these belts and work on changing your habits. Even small things like cooking with less cooking oil can give you better results than using a waist trimmer.

Do you know other side effects of wearing a waist trimmer all day?

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