Benefits of a Manual Treadmill

12 Mind-Blowing Benefits of a Manual Treadmill

If you like to work out from home, you might need to purchase a treadmill. When you get to the store, there are usually two options – the manual or the automatic treadmill.

Automatic treadmills are those that are connected to a power supply. They move on their own and require you to press a button to turn them off.

Manual treadmills do not require an electrical connection to work. They are powered by the runner and come in two forms – the flat belt or curved belt manual treadmill.

Curved belt treadmills have longer belts, are studier and ideal for running or walking while flat belt treadmills are less sturdy and most suitable for walking.

Here are some reasons why investing in a manual treadmill would be a good idea.

Benefits of a Manual Treadmill

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1. Manual Treadmills Are Affordable

One of the reasons why you should choose a manual treadmill is its price. Because these types of exercise equipment do not have a lot of features, they are quite pocket-friendly.

A flat belt treadmill goes for at least ten times less than the automatic version. However, if you want a curved belt treadmill, you may have to pay a significant amount – sometimes as much as the motorized version. We recommend this manual treadmill for walking.

2. They Burn More Calories

As you train, it is always a good idea for you to choose exercise options that make you put in more effort. Since the manual treadmill is powered by your own movement, you would have to put in more work to get it moving.

In this study, it was shown that the energy expended by runners on a manual treadmill was 30% more than the energy expended on an automatic treadmill for the same speed. You would thus burn more calories or fat and lose more weight.

However, there is a compromise for novice runners since they prefer to move slowly. If you are running on a curved belt treadmill, you can become conscious of this tendency and deliberately pace yourself. Start slow then progress upward and end with a sprint.

3. The Equipment is Light

When buying equipment, you always want to know how heavy it is so that you can plan for transportation. Sometimes, you may need to move house or could be vacationing in a different part of the country. If you care about staying in shape, you may consider carrying some exercise equipment with you.

Alternatively, if you have little space in your house and have to fold and unfold your equipment, then manual treadmills are better. You would find it easy to store it and can move it to any part of the house.

4. It Is Low Maintenance

For you to truly understand this benefit, find out from someone who owns an automatic treadmill how regularly they do their maintenance. You will be surprised to hear that sometimes even 6 months is too long. This is because of the motor powering the machine. Conversely, manual treadmills do not require as much adjustment.

5. Safer Than the Motorized Version

The danger with treadmills is that sometimes a person may slip. The casualties would be more severe if you slipped and fell on a motorized treadmill. This is because the manual treadmill stops moving when you stop moving.

The motorized treadmill, however, would still keep moving at the same high pace it was on, and this could hurt you badly.

A person may get friction injuries, bruises, and other related wounds. Manual treadmills are so safe that even children, under strict adult supervision, can train on them.

6. Gives You Control

Have you ever watched people on electric treadmills trying to keep up with the machine? Most of them look like they are uncomfortable and winded.

Manual treadmills don’t have this problem since you are the supply of energy for the machine, it moves at your pace. That way, you would not have to struggle to adjust to an external moving part.

You can alter the incline or tension manually as you go. In training, it is only the runner that is the best judge of how far they want to go.

7. Good for Slow Runners or Non-runners

Some people cannot run too fast or run at all because of health reasons. They may have problems with their joints or their fitness levels may simply be too low.

If you belong to these categories, you may still want to exercise and reap maximum benefits from your sessions. The flat belt manual treadmill allows you to walk comfortably while exercising.

Unlike regular walking on a pavement, walking on the manual treadmill requires more effort. Because of the intensity needed, you would be getting the maximum output from a simple exercise like walking.

8. Does Not Need Electricity

The beauty about manual treadmills is that they are not electric-powered. As a result, you can take them outside, use them in a corner with no electric plugs or move them anywhere without restriction.

These machines are great for places that experience power surges since they work on their own. Even if you have a regular electric supply, the treadmill would save you a lot in terms of electricity payments.

Environmentally – conscious trainers also appreciate this feature.

9. Great for Interval Workouts

Interval workouts are a good idea for people who want to increase their fitness levels. This is because you exert your body at different rates as shown in this study.

Athletic trainers would find the curved belt treadmill ideal because it has a provision for both moderate and intense workouts. Some people use the product for interval training. This often leads to pleasant results.

10. Easy to Store

If you have space limitations in your house, you would find the manual treadmill exemplary. It can usually be folded and placed under a bed or some other piece of furniture.

The bulkiness of the automatic treadmill is usually the reason why people have to designate selected rooms for their use. Non-motorized treadmills are thus a splendid option for people with space restrictions.

11. Protects Your Joints Through Curved Treadmills

A number of concerns have been raised about the effect of the flat belt treadmill on the joints. Manufactures responded to these concerns by making the curved-belt treadmill.

If you use this product, the horizontal and vertical contours of your stride move the belts away from the direction of your stride. This makes the session less strenuous on your joints and much safer.

12. Gives You a Natural Experience

A lot of research has been done on how the legs and body moves as you run. According to this study when individuals run, they do not do it at a constant pace. More often than not, we adjust our speed based on a series of factors.

The manual treadmill is sensitive to these changes and will move as naturally as you do. In contrast, the automatic treadmill is always at a constant speed, which is quite unnatural.

Final Word

If you are in search of a treadmill that will get you more intensity at a given speed then the manual treadmill would be perfect. For budget conscious and space-constricted individuals, this machine would also be suitable. Buy the manual treadmill if you want to run in a more natural way and to protect yourself from injury as you exercise.

If you want to burn fat and tone muscles fast, combine manual treadmill workouts with these fat-blasting 10-minute workouts.

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