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Benefits of Running A Mile A Day

12 Breathtaking Benefits of Running a Mile a Day

Running is a simple, convenient and effective way of exercising. Not only are you likely to reap physical health benefits, but you are also likely to improve your emotional and mental well-being.

On average, the American Heart Association recommends 20 minutes of exercise daily or 150 minutes a week. A typical runner can complete a mile in about 15 minutes. Therefore, doing a mile a day would be a safe bet.

If you have been struggling with your weight then running a mile a day could be the ultimate solution. For anyone trying to prevent lifestyle diseases, this simple workout regimen can be your perfect aid.

Likewise, in case you have low stamina, insomnia or low immunity, this form of exercise could assist. Here are some specific benefits of running consistently.

Benefits of Running a Mile Daily

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1. Could Improve Sleep Quality

In case you are battling insomnia, then running could be the perfect antidote. A person with chronic insomnia often has trouble sleeping and staying asleep. They wake up too early and are overly sensitive to sleep disturbances.

In this study, it was shown that the people who exercised by running tended to fall asleep quicker than before. They also reported better sleep quality and longer sleep durations.

Running has these benefits because it helps to realign the body’s circadian clock – it minimizes arousal and depression and regulates body heat to a level that is ideal for falling asleep.

2. It Helps You Lose Weight

Running can be an effective way of losing weight when you adhere to certain conditions. If you cover a mile a day, you get a calorie deficit of 100. This means that your body will have a higher chance of using its own internal reserves and thus shedding off some extra pounds.

However, you must resist the urge to overfeed after running. If you do low-intensity running, the fat reserves in your body become the source of energy for the exercise.

Even high-intensity running is beneficial because it keeps your metabolism elevated for hours after the workout. The overall effect is a dip in that weighing scale.

3. Can Relieve Stress

Stress is sometimes a hormonal issue. If your body lacks endorphins, which are the neurotransmitters responsible for feeling good, you are more likely to feel stressed.

Running creates a ‘high’ that keeps stress at bay. Additionally, it serves as a tension-reliever and energy-consumer that helps to keep your mind off other activities that may be stress-inducing.

Lastly, running daily is a great way to relax and thus boost your mood.

4. Minimizes the Risk of Cancer

The development of cancer is directly linked to living a sedentary lifestyle. When you run a mile a day, you reduce hormones like estrogen and insulin, which often progress to cancer.

You would also have less inflammation and your immune system would be strong. Running would also protect your gut from exposure to bile acids, which are carcinogens.

5. Can Rev Up Your Sex Life

Running can boost your sexual stamina and performance in various ways. It enhances your esteem thus making you feel good about your body. This extra boost of confidence has a positive impact on libido.

Additionally, running releases endorphins like dopamine and serotonin, which increase arousal and excitement.

When you run, your blood circulation improves, and this increases the blood supply to your sexual organs. As a result, men last longer and women enjoy better orgasms from running.

6. May Help to Fight Depression

Depression is a clinical condition that should be treated by a medical profession. However, simple habits like running can help to minimize it.

First, running stimulates the frontal cortex and other areas of the brain that control depression.

Additionally, running in groups or with a friend can help you connect with others and thus reduce depressive symptoms.

On top of these, the environment in which running takes place (outdoors) is ideal for optimizing brain functions. Sunlight and fresh air are good for the brain, and running often guarantees this.

Finally, this exercise helps to release nervous energy which often escalates into depression.

7. Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease

In this study, it was found that the mortality risk of cardiovascular illnesses was reduced significantly after running. The subjects in the study ran consistently for 15 years and did more than 51 minutes of running a week. It was found that their life expectancy increased by 3 years compared to the placebo.

Therefore, if you want to minimize the development of cardiovascular illnesses, put on those running shoes.

8. Could Strengthen Your Bones

Running is considered to be a high-impact activity. This means that as your body exerts itself, your bones are getting affected positively.

What you want is elevated bone mineral density. It so happens that this density increases with increases in impact. Usually, the sites that carry you during exercises are strengthened, and these include the thighs, legs, and feet.

9. May Give You Stronger Joints

Apart from just working on your bones, running is also helpful to your joints. If you are worried about knee problems, don’t, because the pain in the knees is a result of bad form, not actually running.

When you run properly, your cartilage, which is what supports your bones, will become stronger.

Furthermore, running reduces inflammation in the knees thus preventing the development of arthritis. This form of exercise also minimizes the accumulation of a matrix protein which is common in people with unhealthy knees.

10. Helps Improve Your Skin

If you’ve ever wondered why some people have better-looking skin than their age mates, it could be their exercise routine.

Running helps to increase the amount of blood flowing to your skin. This way, it gets the oxygen and nutrients it needs to function. This helps your skin to regenerate and to eliminate toxins. You are thus less likely to have acne, eczema and other skin conditions.

11. Is A Great Hobby

If you need a great way to spend some free time, running could be the answer. Since you spend most of your time outside, you would get to enjoy beautiful sceneries, breath in the fresh air and soak up the sun.

On top of this, you can join a running club and get inspiration from a group. Even if you choose to do it alone, you would still be developing great mental stamina by teaching yourself how to endure.

Running is a fun and healthy way to spend those extra 30 minutes you have to spare every day.

12. Could Protect You From Alzheimer’s

The older a person gets, the higher their chances of developing Alzheimer’s. However, you can minimize the risk of this disease by running.

In this study, it was found that people who ran over 7 miles a week had a 25% less chance of dying from Alzheimer’s.

Running helps to minimize the brain shrinkage that happens as people age. Therefore, if you want to preserve your brain volume and reduce death from Alzheimer’s, start running.

Final Word

Running creates a burst of positive outcomes in your body if you do it consistently. By running a mile a day, your hormones, mood, sexual stamina, and mental health are likely to improve.

Your physical appearance would get better through better blood circulation and weight reduction. This exercise would also subdue certain lifestyle illnesses like heart disease and cancer.

If you want to get in the best shape of your life, combine running with these stunningly simple fat-burning home workouts.

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