5 Surprising Over-Masturbation Side Effects on the Eyes

Masturbation is the act of touching yourself sexually for pleasure. Overdoing it may cause unintended side effects. Could there also be over-masturbation side effects on the eyes?

People of all genders and orientations can masturbate after puberty when they reach sexual maturity. Studies show that up to 40% of women and 65% of women masturbate every week.

Masturbation has no physical side effects, contrary to popular belief. However, over-masturbation can cause small side effects and mental health concerns.

Some people believe that over-masturbation side effects on the eyes include blindness, but this is a myth. Masturbation is not connected to optical health.  

Benefits of Masturbation

A self-stimulated sexual release can be very mentally and physically beneficial. While there is limited research on the benefits of masturbation, the benefits of sex and orgasms are well documented.

Studies show that married women who masturbated regularly got more orgasms, high self-esteem, increased libido, and a more satisfying sex life.

Masturbation can also reduce anxiety and symptoms of depression.

It can also help get better sleep, relieve stress, and release sexual tension.

However, over-masturbation has some negative effects on the body. This article will address five of those negative effects. Let’s get started.  

1. It Can Impact Your Sex Life 

Masturbation is normal behavior and s backed up by tons of studies. However, how you masturbate can affect your bedroom behavior toward your partner.  

Note that during masturbation, you use a technique that could be slightly or completely different from what you are used to. Similarly, you could last longer while masturbating than you do with your partner.

These differences can ruin your experience with your partner during real sex.  

Besides, it can make your partner feel they are doing or have done something wrong to ruin your sexual experience with them.

This can cause them to doubt themselves. If you are a compulsive masturbator, you should stop before you ruin your sexual relationship with your partner.  

2. It Might Trigger Shame and Guilt 

Compulsive masturbators tend to exhibit shame and guilt. Often, they enjoy the pleasure while masturbating but then begin regretting their actions after ejaculation.

At this point, you could start wondering if you are a good person. 

This feeling could be worse if you have a negative perception of masturbation. Similarly, those feelings could manifest if societal beliefs are against masturbation.

For this reason, it would be best to reduce your rate of masturbation. In the long run, it would restore your self-esteem and make you feel part of society again.  

3. It Causes Anxiety 

Regular masturbation does not pose problems to the body. It can make you comfortable when you don’t have a partner around.

However, in the presence of a partner, you will begin worrying about your size, stamina, and ability to help them reach orgasm. This will result in anxiety.  

Studies claim that anxiety related to sexual performance is common among over-masturbators. It applies to both male and female masturbators.  

Also, men and women prone to masturbating may experience exhaustion and recurring genital infections.  

Avoid these anxiety symptoms by practicing healthy masturbation and building high self-esteem. Besides, talking to your partner about sexual fantasies should help reduce your sex-related anxieties.  

4. It can cause Groin and Testicular Pain

Over-masturbation can result in a condition called Hernias. This condition can trigger pain around the groin and pelvis during and after masturbation. 

A hernia develops when an organ pulls through a tear in the muscle or tissue holding it in place. 

Masturbation, particularly while standing or hunched over, can aggravate a hernia if it causes strain or tension in the area. 

Depending on the type of hernia, you might also feel a bulge in your groin or pelvis when standing or straining. 

Reducing your masturbation habits should limit the occurrence of hernia. Consequently, it would reduce the pain and discomfort around the groin.  

5. It can cause headaches

Studies show that excessive masturbation can cause headaches in particular situations. This is one of the less common over-masturbation side effects.

Often, men experience an increase in blood pressure just before ejaculation. Consequently, it causes orgasm-induced headaches.  

Similarly, men tend to feel excited when aroused sexually. As a result, they may experience muscle contraction around the neck. The tension building around the neck might induce a headache. 

Therefore, it is necessary to reduce your frequency of masturbation to limit such headaches. Practice healthy masturbation to limit damaging your health.  

Tips to Avoid Over Masturbation

Having discussed the negative effects of over-masturbation, it is time to give you tips on avoiding it. I am not implying that masturbation is bad.

Studies suggest it improves sleep, reduces menstrual cramps, and increases sexual duration.  

However, there are no advantages to over-masturbation. Therefore, practice the following tips to reduce your rate of masturbation. 

1. Stay Active 

Finding something to keep you active during your free time would be best. This would reduce your urge to masturbate during that time.

Studies show that finding outlets to release energy can substitute your time to masturbate.  

Therefore, consider taking up a new hobby, like sports, to help you release the excess energy that could encourage you to masturbate.  

Also, you could develop new strategies that will help you refocus your energy on other activities. Eventually, you will learn to find satisfaction in those activities.  

2. Avoid Pornography

Often, the urge to masturbate grows as you expose yourself to pornographic materials. If you want to stop masturbating, avoid exposing yourself to pornography.  

Placing a boundary between you and pornographic content will help you break from the habit. 

If you think it is hard to limit your access to pornographic materials, you are wrong. Search engines have filters that block the content you don’t want to access. Therefore, make use of such features to avoid pornography.  

3. Spend more time with friends 

Studies show that being lonely could trigger an individual to masturbate. Hence, spending time with friends reduces the time you would be alone, thus reducing the urge to masturbate.

It will not only keep you occupied but also redirect your focus.  

4. Seek professional help 

If masturbation is taking a toll on your health, seeking professional help can help you get back on track. 

Also, considering that your masturbation addiction could be related to an obsessive-compulsive disorder, talking to a specialist could help.

It can help you work through the negative feelings and teach strategies to stop masturbation. 


Masturbation can be useful to you. However, over-masturbation will only harm you. It will expose you to anxiety, headaches, and groin and pelvic pain. Besides, it will interfere with your sex life and trigger guilt and shame.  

Also, it may have other side effects not covered in this article.  

If you are fond of masturbating multiple times daily, seek professional help to reduce your dependence on the act. Try out some of the tips covered in this article to reduce your frequency of masturbation.  

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