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How to Lose Belly Fat with A Bad Back

12 Easy Ways to Lose Belly Fat with a Bad Back

Big belly, middle-age spread, tubby tummy, beer gut, bay window, or spare tire; whatever they call it, you have it.

Over the years, you have watched helplessly as inches pile on your waistline. Sometimes people mistake you for a 40-year-old, yet you are 25. Tunics and loose tops are the only things you can wear these days.

In certain situations, you mistakenly get favors because onlookers think you are pregnant. If you are a man, you’ve probably grown tired of that pufferfish silhouette. It is also getting annoying when people call you grandpa long before your time. If you have a bad back, you need nonstrenuous tactics to lose that stubborn abdominal fat.

Apart from looks, belly fat is riskier to your health than other types of body fat. This type of adipose tissue predisposes you to cardiovascular illnesses like stroke or high blood pressure. Diabetes, dementia, cancer and liver complications could occur when your waistline is heavily cushioned.

The problem with belly fat is its proximity to the liver and pancreas which can cause insulin resistance. Additionally, the fat can accumulate and surround vital organs like the heart and lungs.

For a trim midsection, consider these alternatives to reduce that bulging abdomen (the strategies work even if you have a bad back).

How To Lose Belly Fat with a Bad Back

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1. Maximize on Walking

Inactivity is probably the main reason you have excess belly fat. Instead of doing intense workouts right away, consider brisk walking as your first line of defense.

Unlike running or sprinting, walking has very little impact on your back and spine. Plus, it’s extremely effective at reducing belly fat, according to research.

For walking to reduce belly fat, you must be consistent and keep increasing your steps. Aim for at least 4 sessions a week. Try to walk for a longer duration after every session.

2. Combine Resistance Training with Aerobic Training

In this study, researchers analyzed a group of 30 obese women on the reduction of abdominal fat.

In the experimental group, subjects did both resistance training and aerobics. In the control group, only aerobic training was done. The analysis established that the group, which combined training methods, experienced greater waistline reduction than the one that only did aerobics.

Beware certain strength training exercises can worsen your back pain. Therefore, avoid any exercises causing your discomfort.

You should also incorporate these stretches into your routine to ease your back pain.

3. Use a Low-Carb, High-Saturated-Fat Diet

You probably know that you should maintain a calorie deficit to lose belly fat. However, do you know the best diet approach for shrinking your waistline?

Research shows that eating a low-carb diet, which is high in saturated fats can reduce abdominal fat. I know saturated fats have gotten a bad rep in the past but various studies have proven they’re not harmful. Saturated fat comes from chicken, fish, milk, and cheese.

Get your carbs from unprocessed sources such as sweet potatoes, legumes, veggies, corn, and so on.

4. Get Your Dose of Fiber

Fiber can help reduce your belly fat by regulating your appetite, preventing overeating, and improving your gut health. Therefore, consume fiber-rich food in every meal.

We get fiber from vegetables, fruits or whole grains. These may include apples, kale, lettuce, mango or anything that is fibrous in nature. Such foods will make you fuller for longer thus enabling you to lose more visceral fat.

5. Do Not Forget Proteins

Did you know that your body uses more energy to digest protein than any other macronutrient? On top of that, protein is the most filling macronutrient. These two factors, among many others, make protein vital for belly fat loss.

In fact, this study showed that protein can significantly reduce the risk of gaining belly fat over a period of 5 years. Another study shows that eating protein can regulate your appetite and consequently reduce your daily calorie intake by 441 calories.

Make sure your diet contains high-protein foods such as eggs, meat, nuts, legumes, fish, seafood, and high-quality supplements.

6. Strengthen Your Core with Planks

While spot reduction is a myth, certain exercises can tone your tummy effortlessly. Additionally, strengthening your core can help ease your back pain.

Planks are one of the best core-strengthening exercises that don’t put excess pressure on the spine. However, you have to perform them properly, otherwise, they’ll worsen your back pain.

The most important thing to remember while planking is to keep your body properly aligned. Tighten your butt and ab muscles to keep your shoulders, hips, and knees are aligned in a straight line. Stop planking if your hips start sinking.

Feel free to take on this amazing plank challenge.

7. Increase the Frequency of Exercise

As we have established previously, exercise is a critical component of abdominal fat reduction. How you train can determine how easily or laboriously the results come.

If you do strength-training at least 3 times a week, you could experience reductions in your midriff. In this study, it was established that women who trained 3 times a week for 25 weeks were successful in losing abdominal fat.

However, this doesn’t mean you have to make major changes in your schedule. You can enjoy all the benefits of strength training in 10 to 15 minutes only if you follow this simple workout sequence.

8. Try the Pilates 100

For people with stiff backs, stomach exercises can cause pain by extension. The Pilates 100 protects you from this by minimizing the movements made during the exercise.

It is done by lying on your back, lifting your thighs to a 90-degree angle and folding your legs adjacent to your thighs. Stretch your hands outside your thighs such that they are parallel to your legs. Move your hands up and down, rest and repeat.

9. Reduce your Calorie Intake

You and I know that maintaining a calorie deficit is the secret to losing weight. Unfortunately, most people use tiresome strategies such as counting calories when trying to maintain a deficit.

Well, you don’t have to go through the agony of counting calories or measuring portions to maintain a deficit. Simply get most of your calories from plant-based foods and eat veggies in every meal (eat them first).

You see, plant-based foods are surprisingly low in calories and they contain fiber, which we know increases fullness. Plant-based foods should make up at least 70 percent of your diet for optimal fat loss without counting calories.

10. Take up swimming

Swimming is the perfect exercise for people with back problems because it has less impact and supports you. That way, you get to lose a lot of weight without straining any part of your back.

Here’s how you can use swimming to lose belly fat.

11. Strike a Fine Balance when Losing Weight

Not all weight loss regimens are created equal. If you lose an excessive amount of weight in a short span of time, you are likely to lose subcutaneous fat (the fat you can pinch) rather than visceral fat.

This is according to a study that compared subjects who lost a modest amount of weight and those that lost a substantial amount. The latter group’s reduction in abdominal weight was much lower than the former group. You can thus assume that avoiding extremes is a virtue even when combating that middle-age spread.

12. Combine various approaches

No one strategy is adequate enough to cause significant belly fat loss. Create a cocktail of approaches to reap maximum rewards. Reduce the quantity of food you eat while still watching out for the quality of food you consume (fiber, protein and low carbs). Engage in cardio exercise but don’t forget resistance exercise.

A stiff back does not mean that you and your belly are stuck in limbo. You can lose belly fat with a bad back if you apply the above strategies.

Finally, it’s advisable to follow a progressive workout sequence instead of doing random workouts because you’ll end up transforming your body rapidly. Therefore, take advantage of this proven home workout sequence.

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