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Apartment-friendly cardio workout

13-Minute Apartment-Friendly Cardio Workout for Fat Loss

Your workouts may be limited in a few ways if you live in an apartment. For one, you may not have enough space to perform various exercises. Secondly, you may avoid high-impact exercises because they’ll disturb your neighbors.

Well, you can still get in the best shape of your life while exercising in your apartment. In fact, I’ve stayed in shape over the last 5 years while exercising in apartments and without disturbing my neighbors (most of the time).

Today’s workout is fun because it has a wide variety of fat-burning exercise. Plus, the exercises are easy to learn, you don’t have to spend hours learning proper form.

Don’t limit yourself to apartment workouts. Feel free to perform this workout outdoors or on the road.

Watch the demonstrations below the video before doing the workout.

13-Minute Apartment-Friendly Cardio Workout

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Below are instructions on how to perform the exercises in the routine properly.

Low Lunge to High Kick

This exercise will challenge your cardiovascular endurance and build your leg muscles. It mainly targets your hamstrings and quadriceps. Other muscles activated include the glutes, lower back, and abs.

Note that kicking high will loosen your hamstrings and improve your balance.

How to do Low Lunge to High Kick


Did you know that punching is an extremely rewarding cardio exercise? Uppercut punches will activate your shoulder and ab muscles.

Make sure you tighten your ab and oblique muscles every time you punch. Perform this exercise as fast as possible.

How to do Uppercuts

Long Jump to Back Pedal

This may not seem like an apartment-friendly exercise but you won’t disturb your neighbors if you land on the balls of your feet. Doing small jumps will also reduce the impact.

How to do Long Jump to Back Pedal

Invisible Jump Rope

You probably know that jumping rope is an amazing exercise. Well, you can enjoy all the benefits without a jump rope.

Simply assume you’re holding a rope and then swing your arms as you jump up and down. Land on the balls of your feet and avoid jumping high.

How to do Invisible Jump Rope

Squat Side Punches

Combining squats with punches will activate your lower body muscles, obliques, abs, and lower back.

Keep your back straight while squatting and then punch sideways as you rise. Tighten your ab muscles as you punch.

How to Do Squat to Side Punch

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks burn lots of calories because they’re a full-body exercise. This exercise won’t disturb your neighbors as long as you land on the balls of your feet.

Tighten your abdominal muscles and keep your arms firm. Lastly, control your motion when lowering your arms, don’t just let them fall.

How to do How to do Jumping Jacks

Chest Openers

Anyone can perform this exercise since it requires little strength. Chest openers will help loosen your chest muscles.

Pull your arms back as far as possible every time you spread them. And keep your back straight as you bend forward.

How to do Chest Openers

Power Knees

Power knees are excellent for improving balance and building strength. Keep the supporting knee slightly bent and your ab muscles tight.

Perform this exercise as fast as possible while maintaining proper form.

How to do Power Knees 

Side Lunges

You’ve probably done side lunges before. This amazing exercise targets your quads, hamstrings, and glutes.

Avoid the common mistake of bending your torso, keep it upright throughout. Lastly, keep your strides wide.

side lunges

High Knees

This exercise will activate your core and lower body. It’ll even improve the flexibility of your hamstrings.

Land on the balls of your feet and raise the knee as high as possible on each rep.

How to do High Knees

Plank to Crouch

This plank variation will activate your shoulders, abs, and leg muscles. Firstly, make sure you don’t sink your hips when in the plank position. Secondly, perform the exercise slowly to fully activate the muscles.

Tightening your ab muscles also helps you get greater core activation.

How to do Crouching Hover Plank

Cross Mountain Climbers

Cross mountain climbers mainly target your ab and oblique muscles. This exercise also activates your shoulders, triceps, and leg muscles.

Perform this exercise fast and keep your back slightly curved. Avoid bouncing your hips up and down – keep them stable.

How to do Cross Mountain Climbers

Plank Arm Raises

This plank variation will build and strengthen your shoulders. Keep your feet a few inches apart to prevent your hips from swinging from side to side.

Lastly, tighten your ab and butt muscles to keep your shoulders, hips, and knees aligned in a straight line.

How to do Plank Arm Raises

Cobra Pose to Downward Dog

This popular yoga movement will strengthen your shoulder muscles and stretch your abdominal muscles.

Keep your back straight while in the downward dog position. And drop your hips as low as possible while in the cobra pose.

How to do Cobra Pose to Downward Dog

Seated Spinal Twist

This yoga pose will stretch your spine and leave you feeling refreshed. Twist your torso as much as possible but don’t push further if you start experiencing short pain.

How to Do Seated Spinal Twist

Pigeon Pose

If you have a desk job, chances are you have tight hip flexors. Well, this exercise will help loosen them and even stretch your quads.

How to Do Pigeon Pose

Don’t let a lack of gym membership stop you from exercising. You can get a full-body workout in your apartment. In fact, you can get in the best shape of your life while exercising in your apartment.

Just use this home workout sequence to build muscle and lose more than 15lbs (7kgs) in 28 days.

Discover the fat-burning home sequence.

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