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The Plank Challenge

28-Day Plank Challenge for Killer Core Strength

Have you ever wondered why the plank is so popular? Well, this exercise strengthens the core, improves posture, improves overall strength, and shrinks your waistline.

Unfortunately, many of us don’t perform the plank regularly enough to enjoy these incredible benefits. And that’s why I’ve created this challenge to allow you to enjoy all the benefits of planking in just a few seconds a day.

Anyone can do this challenge no matter how busy they are since the longest exercise only takes two minutes. But that doesn’t mean the challenge is easy. You must push yourself day after day to complete it.

I may also note that the plank challenge will develop your self-discipline. As a result, you’ll be more consistent with your workouts in the future.

Why Should You Take on This Plank Challenge?

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You’re probably wondering what makes this challenge special since there are many other plank challenges out there.

Below are a few features you may not enjoy from other plank challenges.

Different Plank Variations

Most plank challenges only have one exercise. Unfortunately, doing the same exercise repeatedly gets boring very fast.

In the 28-day plank challenge, you’ll do a different plank variation every week. Not only that, the exercises will get harder week after week, allowing you to gain core strength rapidly.

The Challenge Isn’t Easy

A huge number of the plank challenges I’ve seen are too easy to build core strength. You’ll barely gain any strength planking for 10 seconds a day.

The plank duration in this challenge is long enough to challenge your core muscles. You and I can agree that holding the plank for two minutes will definitely strengthen the core.

Clear Instructions for Each Exercise

Proper form is vital if you want to get the most out of this challenge and avoid injuries. That’s why I’ve laid out clear instructions on how to perform each exercise. I’ve also made video demonstrations for each exercise.

Now, let’s look into the challenge before I show you how to perform the exercises in the challenge.

The 28-Day Plank Challenge

As I’ve mentioned, you’ll perform a different exercise every week. And you’re only allowed to rest once a week.

If you find the challenge too easy, do it twice a day. Preferably, in the morning and evening.

Avoid doing this challenge after a workout because doing various exercises weakens your core. If you’re doing other workouts, do the plank challenge first.

Below the infographic are instructions on how to perform each exercise properly.

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28-Day Plank Challenge Exercises

Don’t just watch the demonstrations, read the instructions to discover the common mistakes to avoid and how to get the most out of each exercise.

Elbow Plank

Surprisingly, most people don’t perform this popular plank variation properly. Many people make the deadly mistake of sinking the hips, which can trigger lower back pain.

Therefore, make sure your shoulders, hips, and knees are aligned in a straight line. Tightening your ab and butt muscles will help keep your body properly aligned.

You should also avoid retracting your shoulders (the shoulder blades “pinching” together towards the spine). Protract by pulling your shoulder blades away from your spine.

How to do elbow plank

Elbow Plank Toe Taps

Elbow plank toe taps challenge your ab muscle more because you’ll be supporting your body with one foot as you do the floor taps.

Remember to keep your body aligned in a straight line and your ab muscles tight. This exercise activates the rectus abdominis and oblique muscles.

How to Do Plank Toe Taps

Elbow Plank Leg Lifts

Did you know that activating your butt and lower back muscles strengthens your core? Well, this exercise activates your abs, lower back, and butt muscles.

Keep the supporting leg straight and avoid raising your hips as that makes the exercise less effective.

Lastly, keep your neck in its neutral position and squeeze your butt muscles every time you lift the leg.

How to do Elbow plank with leg lifts

Forearm Spiderman Plank

This plank variation is quite challenging but very rewarding. It mainly targets your oblique muscles.

Make sure your body is aligned in a straight line throughout and pull your knee until it touches your upper arm on each rep.

Lastly, bend the knee outwards and squeeze your oblique muscle for two seconds every time your knee touches your arm.

How to do Forearm Spiderman Plank

You’ll have killer core strength by the time you complete this challenge. And if your goal is to burn fat and build lean muscle, you should combine this challenge with the Fat Blaster Sequence.

I’ve designed this sequence to help you build lean muscle and burn fat while exercising for only 10 minutes a day without weights or any equipment.

Follow the Fat Blaster Sequence

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