10 Shocking Bay Leaf and Cinnamon Tea Side Effects

A question I often come across when in company of regular tea drinkers is, “what are Bay Leaf and Cinnamon Tea side effects?”

It’s a good idea for tea drinkers to be aware of how various teas might influence or enhance their bodies’ natural functions and general well-being.

The more teas you try, the more you’ll learn about your personal taste preferences as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each variety.

Bay leaf and cinnamon tea is one beverage you can encounter and wish to learn more about. Similarly, you could be curious to know some bay leaf and cinnamon tea side effects.

Here is a brief summary of the negative effects of cinnamon and bay leaf tea.

Bay Leaf and Cinnamon Tea Overview

Bay leaf and Cinnamon Tea is a popular beverage. Its dietary makeup is good for weight loss and preventing inflammation. It contains two primary ingredients, that is bay leaf and cinnamon.

Both bay leaf and cinnamon have similar properties, which makes them favor weight loss, among other health benefits.

Besides, both have to purify and diuretic properties, thus making them good for weight loss. Additionally, those properties are beneficial to preventing weight gain.

Even though Bay leaf and Cinnamon tea aid in weight loss, it is not the best for that purpose. Hence, if you are using it to promote weight loss, there are better alternatives out there.

What are the Benefits of taking a bay leaf and cinnamon tea?

Bay leaf and cinnamon, the primary ingredients present in the bay leaf and cinnamon tea, are natural ingredients. Hence, they contain tonnes of benefits for your health. Some of those benefits include:

  1. Promoting cardiovascular health.
  2. Controlling blood sugar.
  3. Boosting the immune system.
  4. Improving hair quality.
  5. Lowering stress levels.

What are some bay leaf and cinnamon tea side effects?

Since bay leaf and cinnamon are natural herbs, you might assume that they are entirely safe. However, this is not the case.

Both herbs have their downsides and can hurt your health massively. In some cases, they can worsen your condition, especially if you have heart, liver, or kidney problems.

Below are some side effects associated with the beverage:

1.      It might cause liver damage

Bay leaf and Cinnamon tea contain a chemical known as coumarin. This chemical is healthy when taken in trace amounts. By trace amounts, I mean 0.1mg/kg of your body weight. In other words, if you are approximately 60kgs, you should consume 5mg of that chemical.

However, one teaspoon of Bay Leaf and Cinnamon Tea can contain up to 2.5g of the chemical. Meaning, just one tablespoon of Bay leaf and cinnamon can overdose you with coumarin. This chemical can cause serious liver damage.

2.      It may increase your chances of contracting cancer

Another Bay leaf and Cinnamon side effect, which also relates to coumarin, is: It can expose you to cancer. A study conducted by Healthline on animal health shows that consuming too much coumarin can increase the risk of suffering certain cancers.

For instance, the study shows that consuming coumarin can increase cancer tumors in the kidney, lungs, and liver.

The literature also states that coumarin can damage your DNA, thereby exposing you to the risk of cancer. However, this claim lacks scientific evidence and needs more research.

All in all, regulate your intake of Bay Leaf and Cinnamon tea to lower your chances of contracting cancer.

3.      It might cause mouth sores

The presence of Cinnamon in Bay leaf and Cinnamon tea presents another risk, that is mouth sores. According to existing literature Cinnamon has cinnamaldehyde, a compound that often causes allergic reactions, when taken in large amounts.

4.      It can cause drowsiness and sleepiness

Another side effect associated with Bay leaf and cinnamon tea is drowsiness. It does this especially when taken with sedatives.

Since those sedatives tend to calm you and induce sleep, this effect will transfer to the Bay leaf and cinnamon tea, thus contributing to drowsiness.

5.      It might cause breathing problems

During the manufacture of Bay Leaf and Cinnamon tea, ground cinnamon and bay leaf are mixed together. This is not a problem if the mixture is proportionate.

However, if there is too much cinnamon in the mix, it can cause breathing problems. According to Healthline, taking too much cinnamon in a single sitting can cause breathing problems.

6.      It can increase your blood sugar levels

According to recent studies, excessive consumption of Bay Leaf can cause your sugar levels to crash drastically. As a result, it can make you experience elevated blood sugar levels. Also, it can cause hypoglycemia among diabetics.

7.      It can cause intoxication

Some research claim that Bay leaf and Cinnamon tea can cause intoxication, especially when consumed in large quantities. Hence, they advise controlled usage of the beverage to benefit from it.

8.      It can make you gain weight

I stated earlier that Bay leaf and cinnamon tea is good for weight loss. However, this depends on some factors. For instance, if you take the beverage while maintaining a poor diet, it will gain you some weight instead. Hence, to prevent this, ensure you combine it with a balanced diet.

9.      You might experience some allergic reactions

Bay leaf and cinnamon tea are good for skin health, but only if used topically. This is because it boasts some antioxidant properties.

If you take the tea uncontrollably, it can induce some undesirable reactions in your skin. In extreme cases, it can produce dermatitis. Therefore, take the right amount of tea to prevent this from happening.

10.  It can induce nausea and vomiting

Another common Bay leaf and the cinnamon tea side effect is nausea and vomiting. Most users of the beverage often complain about feeling nauseated after taking the tea.

This problem is more pronounced in people with gastric ulcers. Hence, if you are suffering from a similar condition, consult your doctor before taking the beverage.

Contraindications with medications

If you are taking any medication and would like to take Bay leaf and cinnamon tea, it is advisable to seek your doctor’s opinion first.

Primarily, people taking diabetes medication and tranquilizers should consult their medics before taking the beverage. This is because Bay leaves do not react well with some medications.


Pregnant mothers breastfeed mothers and people on certain medications should not take Bay leaf and cinnamon tea.


In summary, Bay leaf and cinnamon tea are fantastic for several reasons. For instance, it is an immune booster and has antioxidant properties that are good for detoxifying the body.

However, some of its side effects cannot be ignored. They can be dire to your system if you are not careful. Watch out for your usage of the beverage to avoid those harmful side effects.

Also, should you suffer from any contraindications, seek professional help immediately.


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