10 Surprising Lifewave x39 Side Effects You Should Know

Lifewave X39 patch is a medical treatment that uses stem cell phototherapy to help the body heal. Lifewave X39 side effects are also an essential factor that will help you determine if it is for you.

Luckily, this article will help outline them.

Phototherapy is a medical procedure that uses both natural and artificial light. It increases the peptide GHK within your body.

It stimulates the growth of nerves, increases collagen and elastin production, and improves tissue repair.

Copper GHK in the body also aids in the growth of stem cells.

Elastin is a protein that enables organs that require it to stretch, such as your lungs, bladder, major blood vessels, muscles, and ligaments.

On the other hand, collagen provides support to your skin, muscles, connective tissue, and bones.

Sadly, the levels of collagen and elastin drop with age. By the time one hits 70, the activity of your stem cells also reduces.

How To Use Lifewave X39 Patch

Place one patch at the back of your neck and the other below your belly button. It depends on the support you wish to receive or which section of your body is in pain.

Similar to acupuncture, the point the patch is placed is essential to reduce inflammation and promote healing.

The maximum time to have a Lifewave patch is twelve hours or less. After which, you should remove and discard them.

Ensure before application that the area is clean and dry. It is to avoid any pimples forming as one of the Lifewave X39 side effects.

Can You Sleep With The Lifewave X39 Patch?

Yes, you can. Nevertheless, make sure when you wake up that the patch is removed. By chance, if the patches irritate you as you try to sleep, you can remove them just before bed and place a new one once you wake up.

As long as you keep in mind not to exceed the hours you are to have the patch on.

Here Is the Outline Of Lifewave X39 Side Effects to help you decide if you wish to invest in it:

Negative Lifewave X39 Side Effects

1. Allergic Reactions

Allergic reactions are one of the Lifewave X39 side effects raised due to improper usage and storage of the patch. It occurs when you are not adequately advised on how to use the patch.

It leads to increased pain symptoms due to a neurological flare-up. As a result, the medical dosage will be required to reduce and alleviate the pain.

Phototherapy patches are known to dehydrate the area in which they are placed. For this reason, you are advised to drink high amounts of water while the patch is on.

Due to dehydration, the area of the application can become irritated and cause the user to get rashes. Additionally, this can occur if you do not keep the point of the application clean.

3. Weaker Immune System

Studies show that high amounts of light therapy can suppress your immune system. Due to cytokine production and taking over some of the roles your immune system plays in aiding your body.

Such as helping to reduce inflammation.

The patches cause your immune system to take a backstep after your body becomes used to the help. As a result, your body is more prone to succumb to infection and disease.

4. Higher Eye Sensitivity

Skin phototherapy can make your eyes more sensitive to light. Not directly, but having your skin surface more exposed to UV and light can indirectly cause it.

It can later cause eye damage if you expose your pupils to direct sunlight or artificial light.

Phototherapy can also cause you to develop cataracts. It is a clouding of your eye lens as one of the Lifewave X39 side effects that cause your vision to decline.

Positive Lifewave X39 Side Effects

5. Greater Levels Of Energy

Exposing your body to sunlight jump-starts the production of vitamin D. Hence phototherapy increases magnesium and vitamin D levels.

Consequently, your insulin levels stay at a point that increases your energy capacity.

6. Improved Sleep

Studies that have been undertaken show better sleeping patterns for patients using the X39 patch. It could be a result of an increased number of stem cells that are stimulating the brain.

Light therapy also affects the chemicals melatonin and serotonin in your brain. It steadily increased their production. Its effect cause the user to have more content and an improvement in their sleep.

7. Anti-aging

An increase in copper GHK can lead to better skin health. This causes your skin to tighten in areas that have wrinkles. As a result, making you look younger while also making your skin more resilient.

8. Reduction In visible Scar Tissue

Increasing the number of stem cells causes your skin to become healthier and firmer. It, together with enhanced color, consequently causes your scars to fade.

9. Supports Wound Healing

As people age, their stem cells become less effective. Thus older people have more trouble with the natural healing process. It consequently becomes much slower.

It increases the risk of infection and other complications due to phototherapy. Stem cells of the user increase as a Lifewave X39 side effect. As a result, wound healing increases, helping to prevent infection.

10. Faster Recovery After Physical Activity

Due to a higher activity of the stem cells as one of the Lifewave X39 side effects improves both organ and muscle function. It allows the user to feel less drained and sore after an exercise.

How Much Does Lifewave X39 Patch Cost?

The website offers discounts if you buy them in bulk or on a subscription. Nonetheless, a thirty-day subscription will cost you one hundred and forty-nine dollars.

Is Lifewave X39 FDA-Approved?

Yes, it is. But the FDA explicitly warns users not to expect stem cell patches to heal all their ailments and to report any adverse side effects.


For many direct stem cell therapy is expensive. With the Lifewave X39 side effects, it is safe to say that these active stem cell patches reduce the cost and provide less risk than the direct method.

Many people think that Lifewave x39 could be a scam. However, some users report that they feel a difference within 24 hours of using it.

X39 activates stem cells within the body. It also makes your body more receptive to healing if you have a healthy diet and lifestyle. It also works best if you wear it while active and hydrated.

Another user shares that it boosts mental clarity, improves the speed of healing, and boosts energy for workouts.

A study of 50 people older than 63 was conducted to see the patch’s effectiveness. They wore the patch for 8-12 hours a day each day.

The results showed that the patch increased the production of eight amino acids. It also improved short-term memory. There was also an increase in vitality and an improvement in sleep quality.

This is because it increases neurotransmitter production and metabolism during the time while the patients were wearing the patch.

Further studies are needed to ensure these changes last. It’s important to note that the study was conducted by scientists under LifeWave’s payroll.

Experts also say the peptides in the patch only affect the cells in the skin under the patch. It doesn’t regenerate tissue. However, it reduces inflammation which is also done by aspirin.

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