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Killer 7-Minute Full Body Workout

Killer 7-Minute Full Body Workout You Can Do Anywhere (No Equipment Needed)

You’ve probably noticed that I publish many full body workouts. Well, there’s a good reason for that. For short workouts to be effective, they have to target every muscle in your body.

It may take you months or years to see a difference in the mirror if you focus on isolation workouts. Therefore, make full body workouts a top priority if you want to transform your body fast without exercising for hours.

You only need a yoga mat or a soft surface and a little space to perform this extraordinary workout.

Some of the exercises in this routine will loosen your tight muscles. For instance, the crab marcher will loosen your biceps, which are probably tight if you have a desk job.

Remember to watch the demonstrations below the video to learn proper form for the exercises.

Killer 7-Minute Full Body Workout

Use this killer 7-minute full body workout to transform your body for good #full #Body #workout #flabfix

Crab Kicks – 30 Seconds

Crab Reaches – 30 Seconds

Crab Marcher 30 Seconds

Rest 20 Seconds

Toe Cross Crunches – 30 Seconds

Half-Seated Flutter Kicks – 30 Seconds

Knee Tuck Crunches – 30 Seconds

Rest 20 Seconds

Step Back Jacks – 40 Seconds

Inverse Plank Leg Raises – 40 Seconds

Plank Jump Ins – 40 Seconds

Rest 20 Seconds

Side Bends – 40 Seconds

Overhead Triceps Stretch – 20 Seconds (Each Side)

Crab Kicks

This excellent core exercise also builds your triceps muscles. Keep your butt off the floor and tighten your ab muscles throughout.

Gently rest your hand on the floor to avoid wrist or elbow injury. Lastly, kick as high as possible in each rep.

Crab Reaches

This unique exercise activates your core, arms, and shoulders. Reaching over your head also stretches your ab and oblique muscles.

How to do Crab Reaches

Crab Marcher

Many of us have tight biceps and chest muscles due to sitting for long hours. This exercise will loosen these muscles.

Lift your hips as high as possible and then tighten your butt muscles to keep the hips elevated. Perform the marches at a moderate pace to get the most out of this exercise.

How to do Crab Marcher

Toe Cross Crunches

This crunch variation is ideal for beginners. Note that placing your arms under your back helps reduce the pressure on your lower back.
Tighten your ab muscles throughout and lift your head off the floor to activate your neck muscles.

How to do Toe Cross Crunches

Half-Seated Flutter Kicks

This exercise will challenge your abdominal muscles and tone them rapidly. Don’t make the mistake of arching your back. Keep it slightly curved.

It’s also important to keep your legs straight and make sure they don’t touch the floor when you lower them.

How to do Half-Seated Flutter Kicks

Knee Tuck Crunches

Knee tuck crunches are excellent for targeting your lower ab muscles. Remember to slightly lean back every time you extend your feet forward.

How to Do Seated knee tucks

Step Back Jacks

This standing exercise will improve your coordination while strengthening your shoulders, legs, and core.

Perform step back jacks fast and avoid bending your torso forward as you step back. Keep it upright throughout.

How to do Step Back Jacks

Inverse Plank Leg Raises

Chances are you’ve never done this exercise before. Note that tightening your butt muscles will help keep your body aligned in a straight line.

Lift the foot as high as possible in each rep. I may also note that this exercise will loosen your biceps.

How to do Inverse Plank Leg Raises

Plank Jump Ins

Plank jump ins are quite challenging but very rewarding. They will tone your legs, arms, and abs. Kick your feet forward as close to your arms as possible. And avoid sinking your hips when you kick your feet back.

How to do Plank jump ins

Side Bends

Side bends stretch your oblique muscles. Keep your feet wide apart and one hand straight over your head. Then bend sideways until your oblique muscles and lats are fully stretched.

Stretch for 2 seconds, then bend to the opposite side, and keep alternating.

How to do Side Bends

Overhead Triceps Stretch

When was the last time you stretched your triceps? If you can’t remember, this stretch will get rid of any tightens you may have in that area.

triceps stretch

It’s totally possible to transform your body using short full body workouts. In fact, you can achieve a breathtaking transformation if you do your workouts in this sequence.

Learn more about the fat-blasting sequence

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