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The Best Indoor Cardio Exercises

12 Super-Effective Indoor Cardio Exercises in Bad Weather

At the mention of cardio or aerobic exercises, two things come to the minds of most people: outdoors or gym. Yet in truth, some of the most effective cardio workouts can be done right in your home.

The weather has a terrible way of throwing a dumper on your workout plans sometimes, by either being too hot or too cold. Nobody wants to go out running in the sweltering heat, and during the cold winter, it is so easy to let your workout go into hibernation.

With these indoor cardio workouts, you will need no fancy gym equipment but still, stay on track with your exercises.

What’s more, indoor cardio workouts are inexpensive, require minimum gear (no fancy gym wear here) and saves on time.

Indoor Cardio Exercises in Bad Weather

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1. Jump Squats

Jump squats are very high intensity, and the good news about high-intensity workouts is that you do not have to do them for long.

The few minutes you spend squat jumping go a long way in raising your heart rate, working on your legs and of course, getting rid of calories.

How to:

Get into a squat position and quickly jump.

Once you land, squat and then jump again.


Take care to land softly on your feet so your joints do not absorb the impact of the jump. To kick it up a notch higher, you can jump from side to side instead of landing in your mean position.

How to do Jump Squat

2. Jumping Rope

Jumping rope can be both high and low impact depending on the variations and speed. It makes for good cardio either way, and a good jump rope is all you need.

Ropes are so portable that you could fit them in your handbag or briefcase or rucksack. You will learn how to coordinate your body along the way, so don’t worry if you mess up in your first few tries.

How to:

Start with both legs on the ground

Swing the rope over your head with your wrists rather than your arms

Only jump high enough to pass the rope under your feet

3. Stationary Sprint

If you love running, you can still sprint indoors, only this time you won’t be going anywhere. On the plus side, you will not be wading through snow, or rain or hellish heat in the name of cardio. These can also double up as high-knees.

How to:

Start off with feet firmly planted in the ground and then raise one knee towards your chest

Lower the knee and then quickly raise the opposite one

Move your arms for more momentum

Land on the balls of your feet.

How to do Sprinting in Place

4. Jumping Jacks

You must remember jumping jacks from elementary school. While they might not have been your favorite then, they are a simple way of getting your heart rate high now.

If you keep up at them for 10 minutes, you will have burnt 100 calories, all this without needing any special equipment or skills

How to:

Stand with your both feet on the ground

Jump high with legs apart

Lift both hands as you jump

Get back to standing position with legs together. Repeat.

How to do How to do Jumping Jacks

5. Mountain Climbers

This is a relatively intense full-body cardio that thankfully only requires your willpower and enough space to lie down, nothing more.

How to:

Drop to a full plank position

Raise your body and support yourself on your hands

Bring your right knee towards your chest

As you take it down, bring your left knee towards your chest

Keep switching as you increase and decrease the tempo

How to do Mountain climbers

6. Burpees

Fair warning – burpees are intense! But it translates to more calories scorched.

These too need no special skills, but you will need to summon all your balance and take care not to hurt your wrists. Burpees are essentially a squat, jump and push-up combo.

How to:

Start out standing upright

Jump and drop to a squat

Kick your legs behind so that you end up in a plank

Push yourself up and jump. Repeat the motion

How to do Burpees

7. Toe Taps

Toe taps require great coordination and will have you sweating within minutes of the workout. You will need a stair platform, but if that is not available, the very last stair in your staircase will work just fine.

How to:

Start with your right forefoot just at the edge of stair/platform

Jump and alternate the right with the forefoot

Speed is the name of the game in this one, so rev it up

8. Butt Kicks

To achieve a butt kick, stand upright and bring your right foot towards your butt.

Put it down and bring the left one up.

Keep alternating.

How to do Standing Booty Kicks

9. Split Jump Lunges

Split jump lunges will not only increase your heart rate like all cardio workouts, but they will also strengthen your leg muscles and increase your flexibility.

How to:

Start with legs slightly apart

Jump high and land in a lunge, with both knees at 90-degree angles

Jump again from this position and land on the alternate knee

As you land, make sure the knee you land on does not come into contact with the ground to avoid injury

How to do Split Jump Squat

10. Kickboxing

Kickboxing, just as the name suggests, involves a series of kicks and boxing. The arm and leg movements involved will ensure you stretch both limbs, and this workout too can burn you 100 calories in just 10 minutes.

How to:

You need no equipment for this workout, so you can either punch/kick the air or a bag

You can customize your own moves

It will also rid you of any aggression.

11. Tuck Jumps

Tuck jumps hardly need any space to do. What you will need, however, is high ceilings because they involve jumping really high.

How to:

Jump as high as you can and as you do so, pull your knees towards your chest

Bring your hands to the top of the knees, do not them hang limply on the sides

Land softly with your feet slightly apart

How to Do Jump Tucks

12. Knee to Elbow Plank

This exercise will work on your core, legs and arms and back.

How to:

Drop to a plank

Pull your knee towards your chest

Touch your knee to the opposite elbow

Repeat the sequence.

How to do Forearm Spiderman Plank

Final Word

Cardio workouts increase your heart rate and make your heart pump blood faster, during which the body takes in more oxygen and many more calories are burnt.

They are very essential for weight loss and maintenance, increasing muscle mass and toning your body. If you find yourself stuck at home, away on a vacation or just unable to do your favorite outdoor cardio workout, feel free to fall back on the listed exercises!

Even better, add these 28 fat-burning home workouts to your daily routine.

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