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Can You get Abs from Running Long Distances

Can You get Abs from Running Long Distances

Running is, without a doubt a great exercise, but can you get abs from running long distances?

Running long distance requires endurance and determination, and those efforts pay off when you’re looking to get a leaner body.

Most people resort to running because it is a good form of cardio. It is well known for stripping body fat from the whole body. Better still, it would be best if you had no equipment for it. But can you get abs from running long distances?

Simply put, yes, you can.

While most people do not admit to wanting an enviable six-pack, many people do, which makes the question, can you get abs from running long distances, a very pertinent one.

Can You get Abs from Running Long Distances

In fact, some studies speculate that humans are genetically predisposed’ to want abs. Why wouldn’t they anyway, it is as a sign of good health and reproductive fitness?

It doesn’t take much for your body to start storing fat in our mid-section, so most people look for ways to reduce their tummies. However, having great abs will do a lot more for a runner other than helping you snatch that waist.

Those abs will give you stability in your hips, pelvis and knees while improving your performance as you run. The risk of injuries also reduces.

Core exercises like planks are giants in the core business, but sometimes you may not have the energy, time or drive to commit to that. Distance running may be the exercise you prefer.

Did you know that distance running can still do the same?

Long-distance running trains the body to use its fat reserves for energy. The whole body gets a nice trim as your body fat is torched down to ashes.

To get those banging abs, your body percentage has to drop to certain levels. Body fat percentage is the proportion of fat in comparison to lean tissues, your bones organs and body water, etc.

With just a few of your dimensions, this body calculator may help you understand where you lie.

Men need a 6 to 13 per cent body fat percentage to see some abs. Women require 14 to 20 per cent body fat in their body for some killer six-pack abs.


Can you get abs from running long distances? If you do what most long distance runners do, you just could.

A lot of long-distance runners add sprints to their running regiment.

Long-distance runners have used Hill sprints to engage the muscles fibres that are dormant when you run.

This training is what gives them that final burst of energy before the finish line.

Sprints work as a high-intensity training session, and the abdominal muscles will be engaged automatically. When you do this, your core will get stronger.

This is beneficial but be careful not to overdo it. 1 to 2 times a week is beneficial if you’re active.

The term abs are made in the kitchen may be hard to hear sometimes, and talks about diets can wear you down.

However, long-distance running requires healthy eating habits. Distance runners usually take care of this.

This doesn’t mean you need to completely cut off your calories because a diet rich in protein helps with muscle recovery and growth. Some of the best protein sources for killer abs include eggs and oily fish.

Proteins are also fat-burning foods that improve your metabolism.

Running also strengthens your bones. When your backbone and bones get stronger, the way you do physical activities change.

You’ll be able to feel more stable. That stability helps you whenever you engage your core.

Running long distance will also give your body increased circulation, which burns that fat in your midsection fast. It also targets all the muscles simultaneously, giving you that ab definition you’re looking for.

People who run are also active. When you’re active, your six-pack draws closer to you.

Long-distance runners also usually have a stable posture that helps them run efficiently. That posture comes from the muscles connecting your spine to the pelvis.

These muscles in your back and your abs are the most important muscles for that stability. If your posture isn’t right, those muscles get lazy and take the path of least resistance.

This means all your effort is being lost. Instead of your muscles getting used to the tension, your body will not adjust to your exercise properly.

Long-distance runners also love their water. Hydration is a key chapter in running and increased the rate that fat burns in the body.

When you drink water, those hunger pangs that have us reaching for snacks during the day may reduce.

They will change terrain, often leading them to trails and inclined roads. There will be resistance as you run, and this is a form of weight training.

Weight training is muscles best friend.


Can you get abs from running? While answering yes gives you the answer you need, knowing what to expect will help you on that journey.

This answer is meant to be considered individually. Your body builds, shape, and genetics have to be a factor when calculating for results.

Women require a bit more fat than men because of the estrogen hormone needed for female body roles. On the other hand, men have lean muscle tissues naturally, so they drop their weight faster.

Your diet needs to be a focus also as you run. Otherwise, you may enjoy the benefits of running as a sport, but those abs will only be a rumour.

To get those defined abs, your body will have to become athletic. Your body isn’t able to lose weight in one body area only.

That means, women need to reduce their body fat to 14 to 20% and the men 6 to 13% to see some abs.

Are you committed to answering the question, ‘can you get abs from running’?

The safest and achievable rate is to lose 1 to 2 per cent of body fat in a month.

A 30 percentage of body fat will take men, 10 months to 2 years and women, 1 to 2 years to get those abs. This bracket usually falls under obese.

Women around 20% body fat will take 1 to 3 months and men, 3 to 6 months.

If your body fat is 15%, men should need 4 to 6 weeks while women in this bracket may have their absence showing. It may need a few weeks if you can’t see a definition.

Having good nutrition and exercise is key.


Can you get abs from running long distances if you flex your abs all the way?

Holding on to your core for a long-distance may cause more damage than good. As you run, your body is already doing most of the work for you.

Flexing our abs intermittently, however, will result in a firm flat stomach. To get those six-pack abs when you run, you need to have good form to correctly engage your core.

The posture you have while flexing is everything. Sometimes we find ourselves inclining forward, and that won’t help.

It’s natural to lean forward slightly, but some runners tend to tilt forward too much. It would be best if you held your head up.

As your run continues, you will start feeling some fatigue. This is the best time to tighten your core.

This is a good technique to help define those abs even more.

If you can, try focusing on lifting your legs with your core. After that, when your core is tight, your limbs have more power giving your stomach a nice side definition.

Holding your core tight means to hold your belly button into your spine. Don’t hold your breath when you do this.

When your circulation is limited due to short breaths, your running will be painful and ineffective. Think about your breathing and aim to breathe deeply.

You can practice deep breathing when you’re not running. This is also good for reducing stress.


The good thing about long-distance running is that your physical and mental health will improve while your body changes.

Running on a treadmill also does good things for your body and mind. However, you engage different muscles when you run outside so the benefits will not be the same.

So, can you get abs from running long distances?

It involves discipline and a commitment to clean healthy eating. This, combined with your exercise, will have you seeing the results you want.

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