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How to Lose Weight but Keep Boobs

10 Tips on How to Lose Weight but Keep Boobs

If you want to lose weight without dropping a bra size, this article will show you how to lose weight but keep boobs.

Most women are proud of their beautiful breasts and will do anything to protect them from shrinking or pointing south. However, losing weight means you are going to shed fat in every part of your body, and your breasts hold a substantial amount of fat.

Since it is inevitable to lose weight from your breasts, the question is how do you minimize the amount of fat lost from your boobs?

This often requires working the pectoral (chest) muscles to keep your breasts in their normal size and shape. Maintaining a healthy diet can also prevent your boobs from being smaller and saggy. Here are different ways to lose weight but keep your breasts.

How to lose weight but keep boobs

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1. Avoid crash diets

Losing 10 or 20 pounds in 2 weeks is not good for your twins. We lose a significant amount of muscle when we lose weight fast and muscle loss can make your breasts saggy.

Additionally, most people who lose weight drastically end up regaining it, triggering a yoyo-dieting cycle, which causes loss of skin elasticity. As you may know, loss of skin elasticity makes the breasts saggy.

If you want to lose weight but keep boobs, stay away from crash diets and don’t eat less than 1,000 calories a day.

2. Eat collagen-rich foods

Collagen is a body protein that helps keep your skin healthy and firm. When your body doesn’t have enough collagen the skin loses elasticity and becomes saggy.

I may note that we start to lose collagen in our mid-20s. Therefore, it’s important to increase the intake of this nutrient as you grow older.

Good sources of collagen include dark green veggies, bone broth, aloe vera juice, ginseng and vitamin C-rich foods.

3. Do pushups

Pushups are one of the best exercises for building arm, chest and shoulder muscles. Do them regularly to prevent your breasts from becoming smaller while losing weight.

The good thing is you don’t need to do hundreds of pushups, all you have to do is make them part of your strength training routine. If you’re not strong enough to do regular pushups, start with incline pushups.

To perform incline pushups, place your hands on a chair or table. Make two strides backwards, keep your body aligned in a straight line and then do pushups from that position.

4. Do bench/ Dumbbell press             

I don’t usually recommend weight exercises but bench press can come in handy when trying to prevent breast loss.

Bench presses not only work your chest region, but also great for your triceps. You don’t even need a bench to perform this exercise. Place your upper back on a stability ball or a chair and make sure to leave enough moving space for your shoulders. Do different types of dumbbell press to develop fullness in the chest area and make your boobs firmer and perkier.

5. Pike pushups

Pike pushups build the arms, shoulders, and chest muscles. Unlike the regular pushups, this exercise targets the upper chest muscles. Strengthening the upper chest muscles is important for making your breasts appear fuller.

6. Medicine ball slams             

Hold the medicine ball with both hands. While keeping your feet away from each other at hip width and knees slightly bent, lift the medicine ball above your head. Then slam the ball into the floor as hard as you can. Pick it up and do 20 reps of 3 sets.

7. Do upper body cardio

Do cardio exercises that work the upper body. Cardiovascular workouts for the upper body include swimming, hand walkouts, rowing, elliptical training, and aerobic boxing.

Be sure to perform cardio at moderate intensity for a maximum of 45 minutes, and 3-4 nonconsecutive days per week, as this will reduce chances of overtraining. Avoid cardio exercises that involve jumping because they can make the breasts saggy.

8. Stop eating junk food

If you want to lose weight, you have to stay away from processed foods loaded with refined sugar, unhealthy fats, and chemical additives.

Eating these foods will undo the benefits of your workouts as you won’t be losing any weight or may even start adding more pounds. What you eat determines how much weight you will lose, so make sure most of your calories come from unprocessed foods.

9. Be careful what you restrict

You need to be careful when restricting certain foods in your diet if your aim is to lose weight but keep boobs.

A carb-restricted diet may promote extreme loss of water weight, which may increase the loss of your breast mass. Instead of cutting back on a whole food group, just avoid empty-calorie foods such as sweets, sodas, alcohol, and energy drinks.

10. Wear a good sports bra

You also need a well-fitting sports bra that can provide adequate support for your breasts during workouts.

Slack bras that don’t offer enough support for your boobs can make your breast ligaments to stretch, leading to sagging boobs.

If you don’t have a supportive sports bra, it’s better to avoid workouts that involve a lot of bouncing such as jogging.

Final word

Trying to lose weight will inevitably lead to loss of your breasts because your body is not selective when it comes to shedding fat.

However, you can minimize the amount of shrinkage in your boobs with these tips.

Do you know other ways to lose weight but keep boobs?  

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