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How to Slim down Muscular Thighs

12 Simple Steps to Slim Down Muscular Thighs

If you have muscular legs, chances are you want to get rid of them because they are bulky and thick. Or because they are disproportionate to the rest of your body.

Luckily, the process of reducing this body part is quite simple.

Most strategies to slim down muscular thighs involve either stopping what caused the bulkiness in the first place or trying new exercises and regimens. Here are some proven techniques you can use.

Steps to Slim Down Muscular Thighs

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1. Try long-distance running

If you have been doing indoor exercises or sprints, chances are that they thickened your muscles. Long-distance running reverses this pattern by changing the structure of your legs.

If you compare short distance to long-distance runners, you’ll notice that short distance runners tend to have thicker bodies and muscles. Conversely, long-distance runners have leaner legs for greater endurance.

Simply start with short runs and then increase the distance after every run. Use these strategies to run longer distances without stopping.

2. Reduce intense leg exercises

You’re more likely to have muscular thighs if your training mainly focuses on lower body exercises.

Training your legs less and training the upper body more could lead to a more balanced look.

Consider doing rowing, dancing or swimming. Not only are these exercises more versatile, but they require more upper-body effort. That way, you will slim down muscular thighs.

3. Try Yoga

Yoga is a great way for lengthening the bulky muscles which have been contracting through exercise.

Some of the exercises you can do during yoga target the inner thighs and open up the hips. These include the squat pose, the seated forward bend pose, the natarajasana, and chair pose.

Also, remember to stretch after doing any form of exercise. Stretching ensures that you lengthen muscles and improves the look of your thighs.

4. Consider steady-state exercises

Steady-state exercise refers to the kind that doesn’t strain you. These exercises tend to last longer and they have very little resistance.

Ensure that you are able to maintain a conversation as you exercise because that would mean less muscle strain and slimmer thighs. And do the exercises for at least 30 minutes.

This indoor walking workout is a good example of a steady-state workout.

5. Try Pilates

This low impact and low intense form of training ideal for people who want to slim down muscular thighs.

The numerous moves involved can boost flexibility, posture and burn calories. You would have to make it a regular part of your workouts to reap its rewards.

6. Say goodbye to quad exercises

The first thing a person should do when they are in a hole is to stop digging. Lifting heaving weights or doing leg exercise is what made your thighs muscular, to begin with. So, you need to stop digging that hole by avoiding leg exercises.

These include squats, lunges, and leg presses. You may also want to stop doing deadlifts or machine work involving your legs. Basically, all the stuff you did during leg days has got to end.

This tip does not in any way mean that you should stop strength training. Keep doing strength training but switch to workouts that make you leaner and stronger.

7. Change your diet

You probably know that protein is vital for muscle growth. Therefore, maintaining a moderate protein intake will make it easier to slim down muscular thighs.

Reduce your protein intake. Replace it with fat and minimize your carbs as well.

In this study, it was explained that if a person is not eating sufficient protein, the muscle damage that happens after exercise cannot be repaired. If you do not repair them then your muscles may start to decrease.

However, you should not remove protein completely from your meals. Reduce its amount and substitute it with healthy fat from avocado and seeds.

8. Maintain a bigger calorie deficit

In addition to eating less protein, increasing your calorie deficit heightens your chances of having thinner thighs.

In this study, it was shown that weight loss induced by diet reduces muscle mass without necessarily affecting muscle strength.

Reduce your daily caloric intake by cutting back on processed snacks and sugary drinks.

9. Don’t try spot reduction

Spot reduction is a myth that has plagued the fitness industry for decades. You see it every time people perform ab exercises, butt exercises or arm exercises.

Most of these workouts simply tone or build muscle in those specific areas but they do not reduce the overall size.

Your body has a natural affinity for where it stores muscle or fat. This is usually determined by your genes.

To lessen the appearance of a certain body part, try losing weight all over your body and not overworking that muscle group too much.

10. Exercise in a fasted state

Most endurance athletes rely on a fasted state. This is because it increases the oxidative capacity of the body. Muscles tend to produce more energy when they are in a fasted state.

You can take advantage of this strategy by simply exercising in the morning before breakfast. This will not only slim down muscular thighs but also keep you energetic all day long.

11. Try power walking

To slim down muscular thighs, you must avoid exercises with a lot of resistance. Such exercises cause your lower muscles to bulk up.

Instead, use less intense exercises like power walking. In this study, it was shown that walking is effective in causing weight loss. Usually, the weight loss is from bulky areas.

Power walking allows you to go for longer, build endurance and use your glycogen and fat reserves. It also allows you to use your legs without building bigger leg muscles as you would with cycling.

12. Know your body type and adjust accordingly

People respond to exercise differently. It’s much easier for some build muscles than it is for others.

If you’re an easy gainer, avoid lower-body resistance exercises. Do light cardio and upper body resistance training.

For instance, using this 28-day home routine will allow you to slim down muscular thighs even if you’re an easy gainer.

The Bottom Line

Muscular thighs stem from intense leg workouts and high-calorie intake. Therefore, avoid intense leg exercises and cut back on your calorie intake.

When choosing workouts, move away from leg-centered workouts. Explore new regimens that work the upper body to effectively slim down muscular thighs.

If you prefer to exercise from home for only 10 to 15 minutes, start doing these simple home exercises to make you leaner and stronger.

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