7 Reasons You’re Losing Weight but Arms Still Fat (How to fix it)

How to Get Rid of Bat Wings Without Surgery

Bat wings are those unappealing loose flaps that dangle under the arms. They are more common in men than women and older people than young ones. 

Most people often think of surgical options to get rid of them. Before you commit to such an invasive procedure, consider making these low-risk changes fast.


How to Get Rid of Bat Wings Without Surgery

Every bat wing consists of nothing more than fat and loose skin. To know what causes it, you have to determine why you are more susceptible to fat accumulation and loose skin.

The first culprit is the weight. You may either have too much fat or could have recently lost weight and are now left with excess skin.

You would thus need to explore these exercise alternatives to get rid of bat wings after losing weight.

Alternatively, it could be that you are overweight. Bat wings are almost none existent among slim people, so you may want to address this. 

Other than weight, you could have failed to tone your muscles. When exercising, many people rarely do workouts that target such a hidden part of the body. 

Age has a lot to do with bat wings too. Women in their 40s and above are more likely to have bat wings than those in younger age groups.

As you get older, your body cells continue to sag. This is especially true for those body parts that have fat, like the face. 

In this study, it was shown that aging causes irreversible damage to the internal organs and skin. The result is lost elasticity, which culminates in skin sagging and wrinkling. 

Finally, bat wings are also hormonal. Women are more likely to have them than women because they have low testosterone levels. 

This predisposes women to more fat storage than men. 

When discovering how to get rid of bat wings, you want to engage in exercises that strengthen or tone the muscles in your arms. That way, the muscle definition will minimize flappy appearance. 



A plank is a great way of engaging your chest, arms, and shoulders. What you want is an exercise that will target your entire upper body.

To do the plank, you need a mat where you lie facing downward. Support yourself with your forearms.

Lift your hips and assume the same position that you would when doing a push-up. Only this time, you will not be moving about. 

Instead, you will hold that position for 30 seconds, then return to the floor and repeat.


For this exercise, you require a dumbbell or a water bottle with water in it.

Bend your arm at ninety degrees. Have your elbow pulled behind you and your hands facing your side. 

Extend your lower arm from the bent position to a straight position as you hold a weight. Return to the bent position.

Repeat this motion 10 times and do 4 sets.


While most people place a lot of emphasis on spot exercises, it is still imperative for you to deal with the problem’s source. 

Excess weight gain is one of them. It would help if you thus attempted to get rid of overall body fat before practicing particular exercises.

In this analysis, it was shown that one of the prevailing myths in sports is spot reduction. This is the belief that when you work in a specific area, you can reduce fat there.

When asking how to get rid of bat wings, you have to lose fat in your whole body.

However, you can tone your arms to improve their appearance.  


As stated earlier, you have flaps under your arms because you rarely get to engage that part of your body when exercising.

A shoulder role involves a movement that affects the entire arm. You will need small weights or dumbbells.

Stretch out your hands as you hold dumbbells. Both arms should be straight and parallel to your chest.

Rotate them in the clockwise direction for about 30 counts, then go in the reverse direction.

Repeat this for sets of 4.


Another way of how to get rid of bat wings is the tricep dip.

For this exercise, you will need a steady chair or table.

Stand in front of the supporting object and put your palms on the surface. Your arms ought to be behind you as you do this.

Lower your body, then dip your hips. Your arms will also bend at the elbow.

Repeat these movements several times while being careful not to put pressure on your knees.


If you attempt the triceps kicker regularly, you will no longer worry about getting rid of bat wings.

For this exercise, you need a dumbbell. It is perfect for targeting that stubborn back of the arm area.

Stand with your feet slightly apart and dumbbells in both hands. Bend your knees too.

Lean forward from your hips such that your chests seem as though it is parallel to the floor. Bend your arms and let your elbows be behind you. 

Keep the dumbbells near your chest as you start the exercise.

Then start to extend your arm backward until your arms are straight.

Return them to the original bent position and repeat. Do 20 repetitions.


This exercise requires you to be on your knees while holding one dumbbell.

As you kneel, you should be on all fours. Ensure that your back is straight.

Lift your hand, which presumably is the hand holding the dumbbell. Stretch it until it forms a straight line with your torso.

This means that your hand should be parallel to your chest.

Return it to the resting position and lift it again, counting 15 repetitions.

Once this is complete, do so on the opposite side.

Getting rid of bat wings is to repeat an exercise so that you constantly work that muscle. 

According to this report, to effectively tone your muscles, you should engage in progressive resistance training.

 The subjects involved in the intervention were required to do resistance training with varying repetitions and loads until they got to 80% of the maximum load.

Therefore, if you want to experience the same outcome, you may want to do the same thing.


Combining all the above exercises is how to get rid of bat wings effectively. Create a routine that starts with 30-45 minutes of cardio then no less than 5 of these exercises. 

As you do the exercises, try not to rest too long in between so that you can take the benefits from the previous exercise into the next one. 

Do the plank to strengthen your entire arm as well as your core. Back this with the reverse fly and tricep kickback for toning the muscles situated directly at the back of your arm.

The tricep dip and shoulder roll are other ways of engaging in varied hand motions, longitudinal and rotational. These workouts target parts of your arms previously overlooked.

Top off these exercises for bat wings with cardio, and remember to do this progressively. 

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