SCULPSURE If you are looking for a relatively fast non surgical fat removal from stomach technique then this intervention could be just what you need.

Is Non Surgical Fat Removal from Stomach Safe?

You might be one of those people who are really diligent about weight loss. You may have followed all the rules on fat burning and could have experienced some significant weight loss.

However, sometimes certain spots may prove to be resistant to diet and exercise. In such circumstances, you may need a little something extra to get you that ideal body shape.

Non surgical fat removal from the stomach is an ideal way of getting rid of that stubborn belly fat.

Surgical procedures often cause injuries, wounds and bruising because of the incisions and stitches involved. These procedures are painful, thus necessitating anaesthesia; they take a long recovery time and even lead to complications.

Non-surgical fat removal rarely has side effects and is not painful. It lasts a relatively short time and will definitely cost you less.

You should, however, realize that noninvasive fat removal is not a magic bullet. This procedure is intended for those that have already achieved their weight loss goals and only need their belly fat or other fat trouble spots removed.

You have to exercise patience after undergoing non surgical fat removal from the stomach because it hardly produces immediate results.


Is Non Surgical Fat Removal from Stomach Safe?


This is a temperature-based non surgical fat removal from stomach procedure. It entails freezing the fat in the stomach or whatever part of the body you are targeting.


Once the freeing is done, the frozen cells will die and be removed from the body permanently.


You may start to see results after approximately two treatments, which can occur within about a month. However, it usually takes 12 weeks to complete the intervention.


One of the major downsides to this procedure is that it often means freezing a real part of one’s body and that can cause discomfort and minor bruising the next day as stated here.


Just like CoolSculpting, this is another temperature-controlled form of non surgical fat removal from the stomach. However, while CoolSculpting relies on cold temperatures, this one relies on hot ones.

The technology involves using radiofrequency to melt fat cells in the targeted area. When the temperature in a cell goes to 45 0C, the cell often becomes denatured as shown in this study.

After the denaturation, the body will excrete those dead cells from your body permanently.

The intervention may be applied in larger body sections than some other procedures. You may, however, need to do multiple sessions like 5-10 within just one week.

When you go for the interventions, a panelled applicator is used for the job.

It is passed over the stomach without really being in contact with it. The Magnetic waves reach your belly and start to work on fat cells.

You will feel a degree of warmth when it is activated, but there will be no pain.


If you are looking for a relatively fast non surgical fat removal from stomach technique, then this intervention could be just what you need.

It involves the use of laser heat to dissolve away fat cells. Therefore, it works in the same way as Vanquish except that this one uses laser treatment while Vanquish uses radiofrequency.

To carry out this non surgical fat removal from stomach procedure, you need to wear a strap device. It is placed on the stomach, or whichever part of the body needs changing, and it is turned on.

The heat works on your bell then it is turned down for the body fat tissue to absorb it. Afterwards, it is turned back up again for some time.

In other words, it alternates between these two heat settings. You may do it for about 25 minutes.

This procedure is only conducted once and may manifest results after 1.5 months to 3 months.

Some patients may experience soreness, tingling and bruising during the procedure. After it is completed, they may have reddened skin, temporary numbness and swelling.


Some of the brand names recognized under these procedures include Liposonix or UltraShape.

As the name implies, this non surgical fat removal from the stomach procedure entails using ultrasound technology. In other words, you subject the fat cells in your belly to sonic waves from an ultrasound transducer.

If you are thinking about getting the procedure done, you need to know that a doctor will establish the area that needs to be reduced and mark it.

Another medical technician will come to apply the gel over your belly. The ultrasound then has a head which is moved over your belly where the markings and gel were placed.

The treatment is so precise that it targets only the intended fat cells, leaving no bruises or swells. Furthermore, because there is an application of a gel, the ultrasound that comes from it is almost painless.

However, you do need multiple treatments (like 3 or so) in the space of 2 weeks to see results. These may occur after about 4 months.


This is a chemical-based intervention involving Kybella. The latter refers to the term that is given to a synthetic version of deoxycholic acid.

According to this research, deoxycholic acid is a molecule found in the gastrointestinal tract that works to metabolize fat.

When you use Kybella, it destroys fat cells in a trouble spot.

This procedure is legally recognized for the chin area, especially for those that have a double chin. However, some plastic surgeons use it for body contouring and non surgical fat removal from stomach procedures.


This is sometimes known by the brand name UltraSlim. The procedure works through the use of wavelengths from red light.

These rays are directed towards your stomach for fat cell shrinkage.

You may require about 3 treatments to get to your goal.


There is no straight answer to this question because most of the procedures are generally safe. Compared to belly fat removal surgery, it may be stated that these treatments will not lead to any adverse reactions.

On the other hand, there may be some that have a few side effects. Take the example of the procedures that involve heat or those that entail excessive cold.

You may experience discomfort as the intervention is administered and could even react a little a few days later.

Therefore, when choosing the safest procedure, you want to go for the one that will not lead to unwanted outcomes.

On top of the above, you only want to do non-invasive surgery for flat stomach procedures that the FDA approves. Kybella may be FDA approved but only for chin procedures.

You would thus not be protected if you used it on other body parts.

Given the above considerations, the safest procedure would be ultrasound fat removal. This does not cause as much discomfort as the others or is legally acknowledged as an intervention for stomach fat.


Non surgical fat removal from stomach procedures are relatively safe because they do not involve incisions. Therefore, you will not need medication for pain and easily get on with your life after the intervention.

However, when unsure of which procedure to use, always go for the ones that have been approved for that purpose and have virtually no discomfort. Check out this fat-blasting workout sequence that works just as well.

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