10 Shocking Labiaplasty Surgery Side Effects

A lot of people in our today`s world have made surgical procedures very common and standard. Some procedures can have significant repercussions. This article will look at labiaplasty surgery side effects.

People do these procedures to correct different parts of their bodies like boobs, butt, and waist.

These surgeries aim to get a more appealing appearance. Some people do it for personal reasons, while others are influenced by society.

People should consider all risks and side effects before any procedure.

As much as these surgeries could give you a better appearance and confidence in your body, it is very important to be careful that the surgeons are qualified because if the procedures go wrong, it could lead to complications.

This brings us to our topic today about a procedure called Labiaplasty, performed on the labia and its side effects.

Labia are the folds that surround your vaginal opening.

Let us dig deeper into some facts about Labiaplasty surgery and, more so, labiaplasty surgery side effects.


What is Labiaplasty Surgery?

This is a procedure done to the labia. It involves modifying the outer lips(labia majora) or inner lips(labia minora) to achieve more appealing labia.

It is also commonly known as vaginal rejuvenation.

How is Labiaplasty Surgery Done?

This surgery is done using a general or local anesthetic with sedationone.

The procedure involves shortening or reshaping the vaginal lips.

How Does Labiaplasty Surgery Work?

The edges of the labia are cut from the center of the labia minora bringing the remaining skin together.

A tissue is cut off from the labia that is longer or with an undesired shape.

Another way is injecting fat or other filler material into the lip that is less fuller.

Techniques Used in Labiaplasty Surgery

  1. Deepithelialization

This procedure involves removing a small amount of tissue while preserving the labial contour.

  1. Composite reduction

This procedure is done to correct clitoral protrusion and could even lead to labia reduction.

  1. Wedge resection

It involves the reduction of the labia with a direct excision while preserving the labia contour.

  1. Direct excision

This is also known as volume reduction.

Tissue from the more extended labia is cut off to the desired size.

Benefits of Labiaplasty Surgery

Some of its benefits include the following;

  1. A good appearance of the shape of your labia is achieved.
  2. It reduces physical discomfort in the labia area.
  3. It helps restore the youthful look of the labia.
  4. Moreover, it helps reduce the excess labia that turn and twist to cause pain.
  5. It helps reduce pain and tearing due to distorted labia during sex.
  6. Finally, it helps reduce irritation around the labia area.

In a study on 48 women, their reviews after labiaplasty indicated that all these benefits were factual.

Shortfalls of Labiaplasty Surgery

Before you undergo this surgery, it is very important to know that;

  1. Not all surgeons are qualified to do it, and you should be careful to choose a specialized surgeon to avoid complications after the procedure.

Labiaplasty Surgery Side Effects

Some of the Labiaplasty surgery side effects include:

  1. Bleeding

Excessive bleeding could occur after the surgery if you strain your labia.

You can also tear your stitches if you have sex too early after the procedure, which could lead to bleeding.

According to a study conducted on women who underwent labiaplasty, some women experienced bleeding.

  1. Hematoma

This is the collection of blood that occurs in the surgical incision.

A study shows that hematoma complications are very rare but possible. Hence, risks and benefits should be discussed before surgery.

This may cause delayed healing, infections, or scarring.

  1. Infections

Labia has a function to protect the vaginal opening from infections.

If too much of it is removed, the vagina is more prone to infections like UTIs.

  1. Flab necrosis

This is one of the labiaplasty surgery side effects caused by a lack of blood and oxygen to tissue.

If it happens by the 2nd-4th day after surgery, it appears like a blood-stained blister.

In a study conducted on women who underwent the procedure, there were cases of swelling.

  1. Dehiscence

This is a partial or total separation of the wound edges. It happens when the scars don’t heal properly.

This occurs when tearing could occur at the incision for a no of reasons like straining or exercise.

  1. Deformed labia

Sometimes the surgery doesn’t go as planned, and other times, after healing, the labia might not form the desired shape.

In other cases, the surgeons might not do a good job, so you should be very careful to visit a specialist.

A study shows that some women complained about their clitorial hood after the surgery. Thus, it is very important to visit a specialist who will know what technique to use to avoid deformities.

  1. Decreased Vulvar Sensitivity

Another one of the labiaplasty surgery side effects is experiencing fewer sensations during sex after the surgery.

However, it is rare because more nerve endings are closed when some tissue is removed, hence more sensitivity.

A study conducted on the safety of Labiaplasty showed that the density of nerves after the surgery increases.

  1. Chronic dryness

Vaginal dryness occurs when the tissues in that area get dry, thinner, and not well moisturized. One of the more frequent labiaplasty surgery side effects is vaginal dryness.

Some women experience dryness within the first months of recovery after the procedure.

Furthermore, this leads to discomfort during sex. It can also lead to bigger complications during childbirth.

  1. Numbness

Some women experience a lot of numbness during the procedure or after because of the nerve endings in the vagina that have been tampered with.

This mostly happens right after the procedure. As the tissues heal, the nerves heal, and the numbness recedes.

As healing is happening, it can lead to feelings of itchiness, crawling, or electrical sensations.

  1. Scarring

Everyone has different healing processes because we all have different body types.

Well-done surgery results in minimal or no scarring. The cuts are usually minor, and the labia’s wrinkly appearance can hide any scarring.

However, the procedure can still lead to painful scars.

Scarring can also occur if you have painful sex after the procedure, leading to infections or complications.

Labiaplasty Surgery Side Effects: Reviews

The positive reviews include:

  1. It helps you achieve an attractive vagina.
  2. It helps you achieve more comfort.
  3. Also, it helps you to be more confident.
  4. Finally, it helps you enjoy sex more.

Some of the negative reviews include;

  1. It leads to swelling of the labia.
  2. Further, it leads to painful genital glands.
  3. It could lead to tearing after surgery.
  4. Finally, you could get botched cases if not done by a specialist.


A good number of women that have been through the knife have reviewed the procedure to be safe and very satisfying.

This is because of the aforementioned benefits like more confidence during sex, a physically attractive vagina, more comfort during sex, and even during exercise. Some women get more sensations during sex.

However, it is very important to go to the right specialist for the procedure to avoid labiaplasty surgery side effects.

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