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How to Do Wall Crunch gif

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Main muscles worked

  • Abs

Other muscles worked

  • Upper back

Wall crunch guide

  • Lie on your back on a mat with your glutes fully against the wall, position both of your hands at the back of the head and stretch your legs up straight against the wall
  • Lift your torso slowly to squeeze the abs and pause for 2 seconds
  • Lower your torso slowly to the initial position and do at least 15 repetitions to achieve a full set

Trainer’s tips

  • Maintain your head , neck and shoulders relaxed when doing a wall crunch exercise
  • Maintain your chin up and away from your chest as you keep your elbows open
  • Exhale while squeezing your abs and inhale while lowering your torso back to the initial position.

How to do Wall Crunch

Wall crunch benefits

  • A wall crunch exercise is useful in shaping and toning abs
  • A wall crunch exercise works out your abdominal wall and thus is good for alternating with regular crunches
  • Builds and strengthens your abs.
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