How to do Stutter Steps

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Main muscles worked

  • Abs

Other muscles worked

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  • Legs
  • Back
  • Arms

Stutter steps guide

  • Stand upright facing forward and with your feet apart at shoulder width
  • Stretch back your right leg as you lift up your arms straight towards the ceiling
  • Bring your right knee up as you lower your arms and let your right knee and your right elbow crunch
  • Repeat alternating sides and do at least 10 repetitions on each side to achieve a complete set

Trainer’s tips

  • When doing stutter steps keep your knees aligned with your feet and hips
  • Engage your abs, glutes, obliques and back muscles
  • Align your head, relax your neck and maintain a neutral spine
  • Exhale while crunching.

How to do Stutter Steps

Stutter steps benefits

  • Stutter steps exercise is a work out that engages most body muscles and thus strengthens the whole body
  • The movements made when doing stutter steps makes you more flexible
  • Acts as your metabolism booster and improves the heart rate.