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How To Do Straight Leg Kickbacks Properly

Straight Leg Kickbacks are the mandatory type of workout in almost every woman’s training routine for a beautiful fit form.

From its target muscles, glutes, the workout is an effective and famous exercise for toning and curving the butt.

As easy as it may be, a few reps will have you feeling like the muscles are on fire because it contracts the glutes and facilitates growth and toning.

A very convenient workout and effective at the same time.


No equipment is needed and a mat is not mandatory since you will be on all fours.

How to do it:

How To Do Straight Leg Kickbacks


    • Position yourself by kneeling and placing your hands on the floor shoulder-width apart.
    • Straighten your back and make sure to engage your core so that your back does not take up a lot of tension and pressure. This is your starting position.
    • Exhale as you tighten your glutes and core then raise you right leg by kicking it back out behind you. Completely stretch out the leg with your toes pointed out.
    • Continue kicking the leg until it is higher than your glutes level. Your glutes and hamstring should feel the stretch and start contracting.
    • Inhale and flex at the knee bringing your leg back to your starting position but do not rest it on the floor. Repeat the movement without resting the knee on the floor until you finish your set.
    • Do 2 sets of 8-12 reps.

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Straight Leg Kickbacks is an isolation workout that targets the gluteal muscles and focuses on improving the shape and strength of the muscle.

Stronger glutes boosts your endurance and performance, especially for athletes or fitness guys. For women, it is the nice shape and curve for them. The toning and increasing the size of the rear area is an added advantage too.


Kicking back the leg does not only activate the glutes but also the hamstrings. The hamstring is engaged when stretching out the leg where the muscle stabilizes the leg by maintaining the locked knee.

You will know the muscle is activating when muscle contraction starts. It mostly feels like your muscles are on fire and painful. This guarantees muscle fat burning and muscle development at the back of the thigh.



Toning and defining the glutes muscles is quite a challenging exercise due to the fat deposited around the area. At first, it will be a painful workout but in the end, your glutes will stand out and look toned very well.

Especially for women that want to increase the muscle mass and shape of their butts, Straight Leg Kickbacks is the right place to start with.


The hamstrings and quadriceps being secondary muscles in this workout, contraction and activation is still present but not as effective as that of the primary muscles.

Through this exercise, the thighs still get to be strong and develop well enough to increase muscle endurance and performance.



You know how much of work you are about to do when you add weights to your squats.

How to do it:

  • Load a barbell with weights that best fit your muscle strength and place it between your traps and upper back. Hold the barbell firmly and stand with feet shoulder-width apart. This is your starting position.
  • Inhale and flex at the knees as you lower down with your back straight and glutes squeezed together. Push your hips further out and allow your torso to come forward.
  • Continue to go down low until your thighs are lower or at least parallel to the floor.
  • Exhale and push back up through your heels from the squat position back to your starting position.
  • Do 3 sets of 8-12 reps.


Barbell hip thrust is that workout that takes a lot of your energy and transforms it to great results of toned and defined muscles.

You can place a pad or towel between your hips and the barbell to make the movement easier and more comfortable.

How to do it:

  • Load up a barbell with weights that best match your fitness strength. Place it on the ground next you.
  • Lean your upper back on a workout bench while sitting on the floor with stretched-out legs. Roll the barbell to you so that it is above your hips and you are between the weights.
  • Hold the barbell firmly and bend your knees while pushing your body up and extending your hips.
  • The movement raises the barbell and rests your upper back on the workout bench. You will be facing up. This is your starting position.
  • Exhale and lower your butt until it is a few inches above the floor then inhale as you thrust your hips upwards to your starting position.
  • Tighten your glutes as you push your hips upwards and extend them. Engage your core to stabilize your thrusting motion.
  • Repeat the movement and make sure your butt does not touch the floor until you finish a set.
  • Do 2 sets of 8-12 reps.



Rounding your back will put a strain or pressure on your back since the kickbacks will require you to stretch out the legs and glutes muscles. Maintain a straight back to help you focus more on activating the glute muscles.

A neutral spine helps avoid backaches and shift your straight and healthy form.


Kicking back too fast only means the kick momentum is coming from the legs instead of from your glutes muscles.

Utilizing the glutes muscles is the whole point of the workout and with squeezing the glutes, the kickback will not be fast but will feel and look controlled since muscle contraction is happening.


Straight Leg Kickbacks is a great glutes exercise that helps to grow and strengthen the glutes muscles same as help strengthen the thigh muscles too.

With some variations under its sleeve, you can mix up the glutes workout variations to come up with great results in a favorable amount of time than when doing just one variation.

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