How to Do Side Lunges Exercise Properly

side lunges

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A great exercise that helps in toning your legs, especially the inner thighs.

Major Muscles Worked


Gluteal Muscles

Other Muscles Worked

Abductor muscles (inner thighs)

Side Lunges Guide

  1. Standing with feet together, place your hands on your hips and ensure your shoulders are rolled back. Maintain a straight back.
  2. Take one step out with your right foot and lean on it. As you do this your left leg will be diagonally straight while your right knee is almost in a 90 degrees angle.
  3. Come back up with your feet together and repeat the same position.
  4. Interchange the supporting leg once in a while depending on the number of sets that are required.

Trainer’s Tips

  • At beginner level do not lean much on the leg.
  • Ensure your feet are facing forward.

In this article, you will discover how to do the side lunges exercise properly to strengthen your legs and improve inner thigh flexibility #side #lunges #exercise #focusfitness

Benefits of Side Lunges

Tones the legs.

Also helps loosen tight hips and groin.

Easy to do as it does not require any gym equipment.