How To Do Rainbow Exercise Properly

Finding an exercise that works your glutes fully is hard enough, but the rainbow exercise does it for you.

Fitness enthusiasts describe it as total glutes move. Unlike any other exercise, this one targets all three gluteal muscle groups at once, allowing you to get more done in less time!

The goal is to work to burn – tone and strengthen it. You can try it for a lower-body burn. It’s a great move.

The butt and legs are the primary objectives of this powerful leg movement. Here is a guide on how you hack the rainbow exercise.

  • Get down on your hands and knees.
  • Put your feet flat on the floor and lift your butt.
  • Raise your left leg so that your toe touches the floor and lower it back to the starting position.
  • Form an arc with your leg and bring it over the opposite leg to your toes on the ground.
  • Do as many reps as possible.


Rainbow exercise is a fantastic butt workout that primarily works the glutes. Here are more details about this.


The glutes are a large group of muscles in your butt.

They are also the strongest muscles in your hip and butt.

The three gluteal muscle are, gluteus medius, gluteus minimus, and gluteus maximus. These three muscles work in tandem and assist you in performing motions such as lifting, turning and extending your legs.

In rainbow exercise, your glutes actively engage as most of the movement is in the hip area.

Other muscles that work passively include the triceps and shoulders.


Rainbow exercise is insignificant, but it is a pack full of advantages. They include the following.


Having solid glutes allows you to run faster, jump higher, and convert energy from the horizontal to the vertical in a matter of seconds.

Glute strength is critical for athletes of many different training backgrounds. Training your glutes helps your body develop the strength and power it needs to support your technical cues.

Strengthening the glutes improves sprinting mechanics to increase the power out of a squat’s bottom. For athletes, rainbow exercise is an important consideration.


Glute strength improves posture because your work the core in the process. Your core is responsible for supporting your trunk.

In addition, it enhances the appearance of your physique and aids in the development of your athletic abilities.


Strengthening your gluteal muscles is essential to preventing injury and maximizing your ability to move.


Training all your three gluteal muscles builds your body strength. In turn, this helps you lift heavier loads and perform better in sports.


You need not go to the gym to perform the rainbow exercise. With a bit of space in your house, you get to do the rainbows.


Any exercise that gives you burn in your glutes is as good as the rainbow exercise. And there are several fantastic alternatives to the rainbows.

They work your butt just as good. Here they are.


The banded hip thrust is the most effective exercise for developing the gluteal muscles. The gluteus maximus is the primary muscle involved in this hip extension exercise.

The gluteus medium, on the other hand, works halfway.


  • Make room for a cushioned bench on the ground.
  • Place your back against the cushion with your knees bent.
  • Place a band around your knees and spread your legs.
  • Put a barbell in the crease of your hips and lift it up and down.
  • You achieve full extension when your hips extend fully.
  • Concentrate on extending your knees.


The side plank with abduction is the best exercise for the gluteus medius since it requires your bodyweight only. Adding it to a home workout is a cinch because it requires no special equipment and is quick to learn.

As a matter of fact, this exercise stimulates more muscle activity than any other workout.


  • Lean to the left or right.
  • Keep your bottom leg firmly on the ground.
  • Your elbow and the side of your foot should lift you into a side plank.
  • Raise your top leg as high as you can.
  • Slowly lower it back to the ground.
  • Be sure to keep your torso in a straight line.
  • Keep your hips from sagging.


The side-lying abduction is similar to the side plank with abduction, with the exception that you do it on your side. But it is still a fantastic rainbow variation.

The removal of the plank makes this a fantastic workout.


  • Take a comfortable position on one side while lying down on the ground.
  • You can either put your head down or rest your elbow on your chest.
  • Straighten your bottom leg or bend forward in front of the body.
  • After lifting your top leg as high as possible, return to the starting position.
  • Throughout the exercise, make sure to keep your leading leg straight.
  • Use a band around the knees to add resistance.


Squatting on one leg enhances the effectiveness of the gluteus medius. These forces keep their hips from drooping and maintain control of the frontal plane.

A challenge with the single-leg squat is that it necessitates a lot of strength.


  • Use an elevated surface
  • Do an incline squat with one foot hanging over the side while the other leg remains stationary.
  • Go down as far as you can.
  • Make a full extension of your body.


While getting down on rainbow exercise, be cautious of your form. Avoid the following mistakes.

  • Twisting your knees interfere with the correct rainbow technique.
  • Failing to engage your core gives off a weak start to the exercise. It increases the risk of injury.
  • Moving your arms when lifting your leg.


There isn’t a good reason why you shouldn’t spice your workout with rainbow training. It is easy to learn and convenient because no special workout equipment is needed. Some space at home suffices to work your glutes.