How To Do Plank Toe Touches Properly

Plank toe touches are a pretty simple exercise that works so many muscles all at once.

Most people regard it a low-impact calisthenics exercise that in but a few movements, can engage many of your important muscle groups.

What they really are, if we are being practical as possible, are planks that incorporate toe touches.

There are people who treat it as an exercise on its own, and then there are those who consider it a warm-up or a leeway to harder exercises.

Whether you do this exercise as a warm-up or as a stand-alone exercise, what is for sure is that your core will get a good working from it.

If you have been in the fitness scene for a mere five minutes then you understand by now that planks are the go-to full-body exercise and that they all but take the core easy.

To do plank toe touches, you are required to get into a high plank position and then bend your torso to touch the toes of your leg with an opposite hand.

How To Do Plank Toe Touches

  • Drop into a high plank position, or simple get on the ground, support yourself on your hands and toes. Shift your weight to your hands while your legs stretch behind you.
  •  Raise your hips up high, taking care to lift no other part of your body. Meanwhile, stretch your right hand to touch the toes of your left leg. Ensure your back remains straight as you do this.
  • Hold this position for one second and then return to the starting position. Do the same with the left hand as you also bend your hips, and repeat the whole routine.
  • Get back to the initial position. Count this as one rep.


This exercise is such a great way to improve both upper and lower body strength.


Core muscles play a major part in most of the routines. A strong core means a healthy life and improved athletic performance.

Away from athletic performance, a strong core is critical to your everyday life in terms of giving you balance, stability and ensuring a good posture.

People do the plank and its variations mainly to get an enviable six pack. The rectus abdominis is actually the muscle that makes up the six pack.

When you work it to the point that it becomes visible through the skin, that there is your pack.

You need to shed off fat around the belly area and tone it in order to get to the point that this muscle is actually visible.


Two muscles make up the obliques, that is, the internal and external obliques. They lie on the sides of the abs.



This exercise strengthens multiple muscles in both the upper and lower body.

It is a bodyweight exercise, and to an extent, bodyweight exercises can be considered resistance training because your body is acting against its own weight.


The motions of this exercise involved touching your toes from a high plank position, which is very good for flexibility. Not only does it flexibility of the back, but also of the hip flexors.


Talk about an exercise you can bring with you anywhere! Have a few minutes to burn in your office? Drop down and do a plank toe touches.

Can’t find a gym within your hotel’s vicinity while on vacation? Do 10 reps of this exercise.

Bored in the house and have no equipment for more complex routines? Here is an exercise that requires no sophisticated equipment.


This exercise mainly targets the core, which is closely tied to the back muscles. Making the core strong in return strengthens the back muscles, which goes a long way in alleviating or preventing back pain.


By improving the flexibility of the back, these muscles contribute to the overall body posture.

The correct form for doing this exercise demands you to maintain a straight back and align your whole body. It helps distribute your weight and prevent slouching.



The right form in this case means the hands should remain shoulder-width apart while the feet are placed hip-width apart. Do not flare your elbows, tuck them directly under the shoulders.

The back remains straight while the head is forward. Deviating from this form will in one way or the other take away from the exercise.


The lower body should remain static throughout this exercise, while the upper body does the bulk of the work and supports your weight. Keep the rest of the body still even as you move to touch the teas. Do not let the hips sag or let the head, shoulders, and waist move.


While plank toe touches are considered relatively low-impact, this does not negate the possibility of injury if the muscles around your shoulders, back, and knees are weak. Just to be on the safer side, do warm-ups or incorporate exercises that build strength around these areas.

If the weakness in this area results from injuries, ask a trainer to take you through exercise or suggest even lower impact exercises.


If you have ever experienced lower back pain, then you would want to do anything not to go through that again. If you haven’t yet, trust me when I say you should do everything in your power to prevent that misery from befalling you.

A strong core, thankfully, will contribute to a stronger back which is less prone to back pains. One way of building that strong back is by performing plank toe touches.

You might need to incorporate other High Impact Interval Training exercises if your goal is to shed fat and lose weight.  But as far as getting a six-pack is concerned, this exercise has it all figured out for you.

Just remember to maintain the right form and you will be good to go!

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