The 5 Best Weighted Vests for Calisthenics

“Jerry from the gym is such a showoff. Why did he have to wear that ridiculous vest today? Doesn’t he have anything better to do with his money?”

Of course, these are not actual remarks you made. Modesty and decorum demand that you keep your unflattering thoughts to yourself. But you surely wanted to voice them, didn’t you?

I hate to tell you this but I’m on Jerry’s side on this one. Weighted vests can rev up your calisthenics exercise routine considerably.

Calisthenics refers to exercises that target large muscle groups using your own body weight as resistance. They involve grasping, pushing, and pulling. You don’t need weights or complicated equipment to do them.

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Remember Jerry from the gym? Yes, the Jerry you love to hate? If he is into calisthenics, he probably personifies flexibility and strength. Well, it’s time to stop seething with envy and disdain.  Why don’t you give calisthenics a chance and see whether you can outmatch Jerry?

If you take up this challenge, weighted vests (vests loaded with weights and worn on the upper body) can enhance the outcomes of your home and gym workouts. Here the benefits of wearing weighted vests:

  • They increase your heart rate
  • They teach you how to breathe properly
  • You burn more calories without putting in too much work
  • They build strength by placing weight on your core
  • They enable greater weight-handling for anyone with a weak strength grip

Research also backs the above claims. In this study, the authors found that jumping power, agility and running speed among young men improved when they wore weighted vests for those activities.

It turns out the ‘combat gear’ Jerry was wearing can take your workouts from good to great. Defy gravity and power up your routine by choosing one of these weighted vest brands:

The Best Weighted Vest for Calisthenics

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#5 ZFOsports Weighted Vest 40lbs/60lbs/80lbs


ZFOsports vest is adjustable so you can fit into it regardless of your size. The manufacturer describes it as a one-size-fits-most.

Most people use it for various calisthenics like jumping, swings, squats and walking.  You can balance out the weights since it has 10 compartments in the front and back.


To some customers, the vest is slightly bulky. Short people cannot do squats with it because of its longer frame. The device initially causes pain on your shoulders until you get used it. Runners find that the jacket places too much pressure on their joints. If you need to carry additional things, you can’t because it has no pouches.

The product has no instructions manual yet it has separate parts that need assembly. It causes excessive sweating because of the nonabsorbent material used to make it

Rating: 8.9/10

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#4 Aduro Sport Weighted Vest Workout Equipment, 4lbs/6lbs/12lbs/20lbs/25lbs Body Weight Vest for Men, Women, Kids


This Aduro-made vest fits snugly and does not bounce around as you exercise. It is relatively lightweight for those that don’t need anything above 20 pounds. You can wear this vest inside your t-shirt and no one would notice.


Several customers have complained about a chemical or petroleum smell from the product. The fillers for the vest may not be tightly covered as some customers report leakages. This is a commentary on its sturdiness and durability.

If you are small-bodied and do plenty of floor work, you may find it difficult to keep the weights from moving. There is no room to add weights if your resilience improves.

Rating: 9.2/10

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#3 CROSS101 Adjustable Camouflage Weighted Vest (12LBS – 140LBS)


You will love the Cross101 jacket for its flexibility. The product comes with a series of weights that you can add or remove as you see fit. These weights are distributed evenly on the front and back. It is also relatively stable and does not move as you run owing to its double Velcro straps. The weights do not come in the way of training, so you can get on the treadmill, do squats or other workouts without feeling extremely uncomfortable.


A few buyers claim that the product has mildly bruised them. It needs shoulder pads to eliminate pain from heavier weights. This vest is quite bulky and may be inappropriate for anyone looking for a light-weight product. Some people complain of an unpleasant odor from the sandbags.

Rating: 9.5/10

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#2 RUNmax Pro Weighted Vest 12lbs/ 20lbs/ 40lbs/ 50lbs/ 60lbs with Shoulder Pads Option


RUNmax’s vest is ideal for running and other similar exercises. It does not move around as you work out and it is easier to wear. You can thank the sand pouches for that perk.

Most people like this product because of the additional weights they provide. This allows users to move the weights as they see fit. You can thus customize it to your needs. It mimics military-style jackets, which would be great for former veterans.


People with smaller frames would find the vest ill-fitting. It looks big on petite bodies and has no straps for adjustment. The vest needs an additional belt for the waist to keep it intact. The shoulder pads are thin too. Weight distribution is intense at the top, so the hips are unlikely to carry anything.

Rating: 9.9/10

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#1 Empower Weighted Vest for Women, Weight Vest for Running, Workout, Cardio, Walking, 4lb, 8lb, 16lb Adjustable Weight


The Empowered Weighted vest has an x-silhouette which is ideal for women’s body shapes. The sand sawn into the best is thus distributed evenly. You can carry your keys or small things like money on a back pocket. It is easy to adjust and can fit anyone with a waist size of 24”-48”. Unlike other brands, it does not have a chemical smell. It stays put and helps you to burn calories.


If you’d like to add weights, you can’t because they are sewn into the device. Some customers claim that only the minutest of phones can fit the pocket.

Rating: 10/10

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Factors to consider when buying


You want a product that fits you snuggly so that it does not bounce up and down when your exercise. If it has this quality then go for it.


Choose a product that can meet your weight and size. This is possible through adjustable straps and weights. Products with sewn-in weights do not give you this option.


You want a product that is not too bulky because it will make your workouts chunky and uncomfortable.


A number of buyers complain about chemical smells. Watch out for these comments and give it a pass if it has this quality.


Some weighted vests are ideal for women while others are more suitable for men. X-shaped or strap-only vests are best for women while military-style forms are better for men. Watch out for how well the product balances the weight because poor balancing can cause shoulder pain.

Borrow a leaf from jerry’s playbook by getting yourself a weighted vest. This extra feature could power up your calisthenics regimens and make your more flexible, agile and fit.