Lunge with Twist

How to Do Lunge with Twist Exercise Properly

Lunge with Twist

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This exercise helps build your lower body muscles and strengthens your core.

Major Muscles Worked



Other Muscles Worked

Oblique Muscles

Ab Muscles

Gluteal muscles

Lunge with Twist Guide

  1. Stand upright with feet slightly apart.
  2. Do a lunge by moving your foot forward and going into a kneeling position whereby your front leg and the leg that is back with make 90-degree angles.
  3. At that lunge position, twist your torso to the direction of the leg that is in front.
  4. Return to facing forward and go back up to the starting position.
  5. Do several reps on the while alternating legs after each rep. If you choose to maintain one side first the carry out two sets of about 10 reps.  

Trainor’s Tips

  • Ensure the abs are sucked in when doing the twist.
  • Go at a moderate pace to fully engage the muscles and avoid injury especially if you’re a beginner.
  • Feel free to hold a medicine ball out in front while doing this exercise.

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Benefits of the Lunge with Twist Exercise

Builds both upper and lower body strength.

Can be used as a prep exercise for other exercises.

Aids in hip and upper body movement.

Can be carried out in any environment with a good flat surface and with sufficient space.