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How to do Jump Tucks

How to Do Jump Tucks Exercise Properly

How to Do Jump Tucks

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This plyometric exercise is great for beginning or intermediate exercise. It involves a lot of contrasting of the body as the name suggests in tuck.

Major Muscles Worked



Other Muscles Worked

Lower Back

Gluteal Muscles


Jump Tucks Guide

Stand in an upright position with your feet forward and hip-width apart.

Have your hands outstretched in front of you at chest level and back straight.

Jump as you fold your knees up towards your chest and land back softly with bended knees.

Do 20 reps of the exercise. You can do more reps as per your workout plan or at your own discretion.

Trainer’s Tips

Ensure to always keep your back straight and head neutral.

Ensure to land back softly to avoid spraining of ankle or knees.

Be cautious on not locking your knees to avoid causing pain to your joints.

How to do Jump Tucks

Benefits of the Jump Tucks Exercise

This exercise is great for fast increasing heart rate and burning calories.

It can be carried out anywhere and without the use of gym equipment.

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