How To Do Ez Bar Preacher Curl Properly

Ez bar preacher curl is weight-lifting exercise performed specifically on a wavy M-shaped barbell metal while seated on a preacher bench.

The preacher curl on an EZ bar is an isolation workout is aimed at you are sitting down while placing your arms in an inclined position facing you.

As a variation of the usual bicep curls, it focuses on the bicep and arm muscles giving the hypertrophy and overall muscle strength.

Practice this exercise by lifting in regulated motions a lift at a time for that perfect looking bicep.


  • Sit on a preacher bench with your armpits resting on the bench’s pad.
  • With your EZ bar at hand, grip at shoulder length close to you so that your palms are tilted slightly inward in a forward direction.
  • Your body should be inclined to the preacher bench before you raise the EZ bar to start this exercise.
  • Curl your elbows to activate your biceps ensuring that your wrists are almost in contact with your shoulders.
  • Hold this position by squeezing your biceps then slowly bring the EZ bar down until your upper arm is extended.
  • Remember to breathe out when lifting and inhaling when lowering the bar for the best results.
  • Repeat this exercise to the required number of reps.


The bicep brachii is the main elbow flexor consisting of the short and long head that is activated when you perform an EZ preacher curl. The short head is found on the central part while the long head is located on the sides.

The brachialis is found on the biceps of both our arms is worked every time we curl the elbow acting as the main flexor of your arm.

Another muscle worked is the brachioradialis found on the forearms and it stretches connecting the middle sections of your forearm and your upper arm.

These three muscles work together to lift and lower anytime you perform this workout making your biceps stronger and bigger in size. Your bicep width and thickness will grow as you work these muscles.



Unlike the bicep curl, the EZ preacher curl solely activates bicep muscle groups ensuring that there is no room for cheating that can come from swinging or moving your elbows unnecessarily.

With the right form this exercise offers the right set of workouts to the required muscles.


The main function of this exercise is muscle enhancement with regards to its strength and growth.

If done consistently, this workout fully stimulates your bicep muscles by focusing fully on them to result into a muscular output.


The fact that this workout is done on a preacher bench makes it more comfortable as opposed to doing it while standing.

This ensures that there is less strain making it a better place to start to exercising your biceps.



The standing dumbbell curl is a great alternative to the preacher curl as it works similar muscles. The best pro of this alternative is you can balance out your bicep muscles from both sides without having one bicep bigger than the other.

To perform this exercise, grab a pair of dumbbells while standing with your feet hip width apart. Isolate your upper arms and bend your elbows that are on your torso as high as you can.

Lower the dumbbells are repeat this workout till your desired sequences is complete.


This exercise is an upgrade to the preacher curl and it is performed on a cable machine. The progression is made possible by the fact that there is constant resistance that is maintained throughout this exercise.

First set up by attaching a handle on the cable machine and create a preacher curl area. Grab the handle and start curling without moving your elbows away from the preacher curl pad.

Stretch your arms fully so as to bring the handle downwards. Repeat.



Having bad form while performing this exercise will just prevent your bicep from getting all the intention and focus it needs for the best results. The main purpose of this exercise is to isolate your biceps with the target being specific muscle groups.

With incorrect form in play, the EZ preacher curl will be hindered from working your bicep muscles leading to less work done and sometimes injury caused on these muscles.


Although the pad on the preacher bench helps you stabilize the weight of the barbel, your elbows are bent to activate this workout making movement on your elbows very key. If you are struggling to raise and lower the EZ bar by constantly moving your elbows then reduce the weight.

A better approach would be to use a wider and firmer grip to really work those biceps while maintain a steady position.


This tension applied while carrying out this exercise should be on your biceps. Using momentum only makes your muscles do less work, losing its efficacy.

Ensure that you keep a controlled motion and pause when you curl your elbow and squeeze it as hard as you can to work the muscles before lowering them and starting all over again.


The benefits that come with doing preacher curls with an EZ bar are great.

If you can’t access a gym with neither this barbell or the preacher bench don’t worry as you can always choose to perform any of the alternatives aforementioned for almost the same effect.

In general, this workout will better isolate your biceps making it very effective and efficient. You are not given any chance to cheat while performing this exercise as it involves very intentional and rigorous motion.

With proper form and intent, a preacher bench and an EZ bar, nothing can stop you from including this exercise in your daily bicep training regimen.