How To Do Criss Cross Jump Exercise Properly

The Criss cross jump exercise is a powerful intermediate stomach and oblique workout that helps with body awareness, posture, and spinal flexibility because of the raise and twisting movement.

The Criss cross jump exercise is ideal for building abdominal or hip flexor strength or as a warm-up exercise before running or participating in sports.

Although the obliques aid in posture stabilization, they primarily engage in spine flexion and rotation.

The only equipment that the Criss cross jump exercise requires is jump ropes.


  • Place yourself on a soft surface (preferably a rubber gym mat). On a hunk of concrete or another hard surface, do not perform because it can cause injuries to the body parts.
  • Hold a rope handle in each hand and situate your feet in front of the jump rope, with the rope lying behind your heels on the ground. Using a rope of more weight makes the exercise yield better physical results than the lighter ones.
  • Stretch your arms at arm’s length, tuck your elbows into your sides, and raise your hands to parallel your forearms with the ground. This is where you will begin.
  • Begin the workout by swinging the rope over your head, then jumping up off the ground with both feet as the rope approaches your feet.
  • Cross your elbows over each other in the middle of the rope after it passes under your feet and over your head.
  • Increase the momentum of the jumps slowly as you get accustomed to the exercise.
  • Jump through the rope, usually with your torso outstretched.
  • Repeat the process several times until the required time to do exercise is over.


The muscles worked in the Criss cross jump exercise are primary and secondary muscles.

The Criss cross jump rope is calisthenics, aerobic, and total-body workout that mainly focuses on the calves and, to a lesser degree, focuses on muscles of the chest, forearms, shoulders, biceps, quads, glutes, and calves.



Criss cross jump helps in burning calories in the body. From the research that has been done, it is claimed that this workout is the most efficient one when one wants to cut weight.

The efficiency of this exercise is such that its essence can highly be compared to participating in vigorous physical activities for the same purpose.

Criss cross jump is known for improving cardiovascular health by reducing your resting heart rate (RHR), lowering your blood pressure, reducing stress levels, reversing the effects of high cholesterol, and reducing your chances of developing cardiovascular disease.


Another of the numerous advantages of Criss cross jumping is strengthening your bones.

Impact on the ground provides a force on the bones that promotes development and strength in bone-strengthening exercises.

This is an example of an impact loading workout, according to Harvard Health, making it great for increasing bone density.


Criss cross exercise increases a person’s agility. If you play any sports that need you to shift directions fast, this feature of jumping rope makes it an excellent cross-training activity (boxing, hockey, basketball, or volleyball).

Maybe you want to improve your chasing skills with your kids. There are benefits of Criss cross jumping that might help you with that as well.


Criss cross jump demands a great deal of coordination, especially as you move beyond the initial leap.

While jumping, you must synchronize your eyes, feet, hands, arms, legs, and torso to maintain the rhythm of jump rope footwork skills.

This is one of the Criss cross jump benefits that will extend to many aspects of your life as you get more familiar with the workout.


When it comes to developing a long-term training program, having enjoyment is essential.

When it comes to exercise, we all know that consistency is vital. If you want to see long-term effects, you’ll need to be able to adhere to your regimen.

However, you must love doing something to be consistent with it.

While everyone’s definition of enjoyment is different, we believe the Crisscross jump rope is a pleasant workout for several reasons:

It allows you to carry your workouts with you on the move and avoid going to the gym. There will be no more looking at screens or walls.


Building balance and coordination go hand in hand. The combined motions maintain equilibrium since you must coordinate various locations while your entire body is in action.

Over time, you should find that balance becomes simpler with constant practice; this is achieved when participating in the Criss cross exercise.


The other similar exercises that resemble Criss cross jump and serve the same purpose include knee circles, jump rope, and z drill around cones.


Criss cross jump is an appropriate exercise one can get involved in due to the simplicity and benefits that it holds. The procedure to follow when performing this exercise should be followed perfectly.