How to do Abdominal Bridge

How to Do Abdominal bridge Exercise Gif

How to do Abdominal bridge gif

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This exercise may not seem impressive because it doesn’t have a lot of movement, yet it’s very effective at activating your ab muscles.

Main muscles worked

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  • Ab Muscles

Other muscles worked

  • Lower back
  • Obliques

Abdominal bridge guide

  • Lie on your belly on a mat with your legs stretched fully and your forearms on the surface
  • Use your core to help raise your hips
  • Hold on for at least 2 seconds and resume to the original staring position
  • Repeat the procedure to achieve a full set

Trainer’s tips

  • Make sure your elbows are directly beneath your shoulders
  • The back of your shoulders and your knees should be in a static position
  • Your hips should be lifted almost to the height of your shoulder and with the core tightened
  • When resuming to your starting position after the pause one should breathe in slowly

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Abdominal bridge benefits

Strengthens pelvic muscles, obliques and back muscles

Abdominal bridge exercise acts as a booster for stability and a strong core

Boosts sexual health and reduces the chances of incontinence.