How to Burn 2000 Calories a Day for Fast Weight Loss

How to Burn 2000 Calories a Day for Fast Weight Loss

The change in lifestyles has had a detrimental impact on people’s health. Decreased sleep hours, fast food, zero workout hours, physical and emotional stress, etc., resulted in weight issues.

How to burn 2,000 calories a day is the dietician’s most commonly asked question these days. For those who hear these digits for the first time, it might seem like a daunting job.

But according to the doctors, burning about 1800-3000 calories a day is very feasible, particularly when one is young.

Having your metabolism on fire, so you burn 2,000 calories a day, is very feasible, particularly if you are a moderately active, healthy adult.

Your body uses calories for essential biological functions, such as breathing and blood circulation.

Include the calories needed to work in your everyday life and any exercise you do, and there’s a fair chance that your metabolism can surpass the 2,000-calorie mark.

Burning 2,000 calories a day is not an easy job since it involves preparation and exercise reserved for athletes. It is advisable to consult your doctor before initiating such an exercise program.

Are you curious about how to burn 2,000 calories a day from your body?

How to Burn 2000 Calories a Day for Fast Weight Loss


Cycling is the smartest way to get successful cardio exercise and burn 2000 calories a day for weight loss. Up to 850 calories will burn an hour of vigorous cycling.

Isn’t that a good excuse to buy a bike right away? However, if you live in the city, it’s better to buy a stationary bike.

You can use it at home as many times as you want and drink enough water at intervals to keep yourself hydrated. You can tag a friend along and have a wonderful time working out together.


HIIT is also known as High-Intensity Interval Training and a great way to burn 2000 calories a day.

It consists of fast, simple routines with 20-second rests where you work quickly and then relax.

It raises your heart rate, tones your muscles, and trains your body. You’ll burn between 250-400 calories in 30 minutes.


This is good news for all the water babies out there to burn 2000 calories a day. You don’t have to sweat it out at the gym. Dive into the waters of your swimming pool and swim for an hour.

You’re going to burn up to 700 calories.


Aerobics is an enjoyable, dynamic, and hassle-free way on how to burn 2000 calories a day for fast weight loss.

It might be a little intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it, aerobics will be your favourite exercise.

Some of the best fitness coaches recommend aerobic workouts as they shape and tone the body. In 60 minutes, you can burn between 500-600 calories.


Rope jumping is one of the best activities that can be a way on how to burn 2000 calories a day and has many health benefits. One hour of rope jumping will burn between 700 and 800 calories.

But the intensity is all that matters.


Running on a treadmill is one of the best ways on how to burn 2000 calories a day. You will lose up to 600 calories in an hour and have the best workout of your life.

Set your favourite playlist when you work out to keep you motivated all the time. But remember to shake your arms and hang on to the handles when you’re working out.

This is going to work for the muscle groups and ensure quick results.


Running has been known to be one of the hardest and best workouts of all time. It decreases stress and depression, making you feel alive.

It can burn about 600 calories in an hour or more if you step up your workout.


The 1200-calorie diet plan is a healthy way to balance your meal and include all necessary macro and micronutrients.

This is not a fad diet but a traditional meal plan that allows you to have 50 per cent starch, 20 per cent protein, and 30 per cent fat. There is no easy way of losing stubborn fat.

As a result, daily exercise and a modified lifestyle are required to accelerate the weight loss process.

Anyone can adopt this diet plan. However, the amount of weight you lose depends on factors such as current weight, age, medical history, and genes.

Consult your doctor or dietitian to find out which diet plan is right for you. A good way to lose weight is to have a deficit of 500-600 calories per day.

This strategy will help you lose 500 g per week or 4 kg per month, depending on your health and activity.


Burning 1,000 calories a day will lead to a weight loss within a week. You could lose up to two pounds if you burn 1,000 calories in 7 days.

However, you need to adhere to a fitness routine and adopt a balanced diet for long-term weight loss. A pound is around 3,500 calories.

Burning 1,000 calories for seven days would consume 7,000 calories, equivalent to two pounds. This implies that you’re eating the same number of calories every day.

If you overeat, you would need to lose more calories to compensate for the extra calories you consume.

If you choose to commit to consuming 1,000 calories per day, you can make physical activity choices to help you reach up to 2-pound a week of weight loss.


According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (2015-2020), 2000 calories are sufficient to fulfil regular requirements and to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Adult women need 1600-2400 calories, and adult men need 2000-3000 calories per day, which may vary based on age and physical activity.

But if you lead a sedentary lifestyle and eat more calories than your body needs, you can accumulate weight and be at risk of developing obesity-related diseases.

A 2000-calorie diet of six balanced, tasty meals and light exercise reduces calories, improves metabolism, and kick off weight loss.

You can adopt the 2000-calorie diet and lose weight if you’re: overweight and not active in your teens, in the mid-20s, average height, not active, and have a desk job.

Sedentary, overweight, and not fit in your 30s; average height in your 50s, slightly overweight; average height and light active in your 60s.

Average height, fit, within your range of weight, but you need to tone up a little or keep your body weight.


Burning 2,000 calories a day is physically taxing and can cause injury if your endurance is not athletic. Instead, consider burning 2,000 calories a week. It’s safe, enjoyable, and effective.

Give yourself a couple of weeks. With a good diet and rest, in no time, you can lose your flab.