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No one wants to suffer from pain at any point, especially when running. The only way to avoid tight calves while running is by strengthening your calf muscles. 

  12 Tips On How To Get Slim Legs Without Bulking Up Muscle

However much you may love your body, there those moments when you wish you got slim legs without bulking up muscle.

Those long, pretty legs that dancers show off while doing their thing on stage are so attractive

But building such lean legs takes time and effort, and you run the risk of bulking up muscle while at it.

Achieving these kinds of legs, however, is not as hard as you may imagine.

With a simple and straight-up routine, it is possible to attain the desired shape and size of your legs.

Unfortunately, the Internet has allowed all kinds of information to seep in with regard to getting slim legs.

Little wonder then, that many people have tried many methods of getting them but failed. You might even be one of those people. But worry no more.

However, this article explores to depth easy routines to help you get toned legs without putting your body under unnecessary strain.

Here are the 12 tips on how to get slim legs without bulking muscle.


  12 Tips On How To Get


Walking is the simplest form of exercise that can help you get lean legs.

While walking or performing moderate cardio, the body burns more glycogen which is carbohydrates stored in the body.

The body then burns fats and as you continue walking, more carbs and fats are burnt. This gives you lean legs and builds leg power.

With time, you walk longer. A 60-minute walk spread throughout the day is a sure bet.


Resistance training follows the low to moderate cardio exercise routine. Once the excess fat in your legs is burnt, resistance training comes into tone then up.

This training involves performing different exercises to strengthen the leg muscles.

They include donkey kicks, glute bridges, lying leg lifts, lateral leg lifts, leg extensions, and clams with open toes

Different stretches – chair pose, Chair 1, seated toe touches, and downward-facing dog – tone up your legs and builds strength.

However, caution must be applied when doing resistance training. If you have exercises out of what has been listed above, your legs will not slim.

Instead, they build muscle in your thighs front and making your legs bulk up.


One of the things that lead to those bulky legs that you want to slim is what you put inside your body.

Studies show that high-calorie foods lead to a massive build-up of fat in the body, and a huge chunk of it goes down our legs.

Women need fewer calories daily compared to men.

Females between the ages of 19 to 30 need just 2,200 calories while men in the same age bracket need 2,800 calories.

The American Heart Association adds that women of ages 31 to 50 need a much lower amount of calories in a day.

Therefore, in your ambition to have slim legs, staying off high-calorie foods does the trick.


Butt kicking skipping is whereby, your feet kick your butt while skipping.

It is recommended that you have 50 of these as often as you can. It burns more fat and tones the muscles in your legs.

Coupled with a 10-minute walk after skipping to slow down your heart rate, this is an effective way to get slim legs without bulking up muscle.


Whether you are cycling a stationary or road bike, the end result is impressive. Cycling burns calories and fat in your body and the leg area is not an exception.

More fat around your legs is burnt because of the leg power employed in cycling the bike.

The thing about cycling is that it is an enjoyable exercise. You can cycle to the grocery store or choose to kill time cycling around.

While doing a speed of 17.6 km/h, it is possible to burn between 275-450 calories in an hour.


While running remains a top model to lose weight, it is systematic when it comes to getting slim legs without bulking up muscle.

Just mere running will not tone your legs without bulking.

In order to get slim legs, long-distance running is the way to go because it burns more calories compared to sprinting or scaling the stairs.


Understanding your body type helps in knowing which steps to take in getting lean but not bulky legs.

There are three body types namely ectomorph, esomorph, and endomorph.

Ectomorph bodies are tall and slender and more often than not, their legs are skinny.

Esomorph bodies are average in size and never gain too much weight and lose it quickly but they put on muscle quickly.

Endomorphs are bigger but shorter and put muscle and fat fast. Losing weight for them is a big deal.

Once you understand your body type, you are able to pick the most appropriate action suited for your body to get slim legs without bulking up muscle.

In particular, endomorphs need more cardio and low amounts of carbs to achieve their plan.


This one should be easy and the first step that you take. If you really want the toned legs without bulking up muscle, you should watch your diet.

If you are a junk lover, fall back to whole grain foods because they have fewer calories.

Do low to moderate cardio (walking). Lastly, pick the right resistance training for optimal results.


Swimming is a form of cardio exercise which is effective when it comes to weight loss.

While swimming, your body burns a lot of calories and fats including in your legs which are the “paddles”.

The kicking motion against water which is light and has low resistance aggravates the burning of fat and the end result is toned legs without the bulk.


The secret behind achieving the desired results for your legs in weight training lies in the speed and amount of revs.

Like in cycling, swimming, and walking, the higher the revs, the better the chances of burning more fat and getting lean legs.

Weight training uses resistance machines such as leg extension or leg press which have an option for more revs.

A point to note is that you should always pick a resistance machine that you can adjust your weight and pick lighter weight.


Exercises that involve heavy lifting which involves the quads and hamstrings only build the leg muscle because they strain your legs.

Squats, burpees, and lunges are part of the exercises to avoid.


Yoga is under the category of exercises that make your legs bulk up. Yoga and barre do nothing much in making your legs lean.


If you are one of those people whose genetic structure did not give you lean and toned legs, you can still achieve this with smart planning and dedication.

The best plan for you to achieve all this should focus more on the things you have control of 100 percent such as diet and power walking without building up muscle.

The ball is now in your court and it is time to start if off.

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