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Gaba Calm Review

Everything You Need to Know About Gaba Calm

There is so much to learn about Gaba Calm, but a good place to start is to give you a brief description of it.
This product is a manufactured version of GABA. GABA is a naturally occurring neurotransmitter that plays the role of calming down your central nervous system.

GABA, in full Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid, reduces a nerve cell’s ability to create, send or receive chemical signals from other nerve cells.

In other words, it blocks signals between your nerve cells.

By blocking these signals, GABA produces a calming effect, relieving stress, fear, and anxiety symptoms.

To replicate the effects of GABA, manufacturers have combined it with glycine, taurine, and N-acetyl l-tyrosine to create Gaba Calm. This powerful supplement produces similar effects.

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Is Gaba Calm good for you?

Is this product something you should try out? Good question. Let’s see if the benefits below will answer your question.

1. It could improve sleep quality

According to a small study conducted in 2018, taking a GABA supplement before bed can help you fall asleep faster and improve your sleep quality for as long as you take it.

This could help you catch some sleep if you struggle with constant bouts of insomnia or poor sleep quality.

2. It may reduce anxiety

Some studies suggest that low levels of GABA can raise the stress hormones in your brain, which then puts you at risk of experiencing anxiety.

Gaba Calm is closely modeled after natural GABA, which has a calming effect on your brain. If you are susceptible to panic or anxiety attacks, this supplement could help you reduce or prevent them.

However, there is still not much research that strongly links supplement forms of GABA to reduced anxiety in human beings.

3. It enhances cognitive performance

A small study conducted in 2011 which involved participants with chronic fatigue revealed that GABA supplements significantly reduce physical and psychological fatigue.

It also demonstrated that these supplements could positively influence your ability to perform certain mental tasks which require a significant amount of concentration.

4. It can help lower your blood pressure

Although limited, some research supports the claim that this supplement can have the effect of lowering your blood pressure.

These studies suggest that it helps blood vessels dilate better, lowering your blood pressure.

Gaba Calm Side Effects

There aren’t enough conclusive studies on the potential side effects of artificial forms of GABA, so it is not easy to know exactly what to expect.

However, some side effects that are commonly reported are headache, drowsiness, stomachache, and muscle fatigue.

This supplement has also been reported to cause shortness of breath and a burning feeling in the throat at high doses.

It is not advisable to use this supplement when driving or operating heavy machinery since it has a sedative effect and could make you drowsy.

Also, if you are expectant, be sure to talk to your doctor before you try it out just to be safe.

Should I take Gaba Calm at night?

Gaba Calm is marketed as a sleeping aid that should make it easier for you to sleep by slowing down brain activity.

There’s no particular reported harm in taking this supplement at night, especially if you want to get rid of insomnia or improve sleep quality.

If anything, some people swear by it, citing improved sleep when they take it before bed.

However, keep in mind that there still isn’t enough scientific evidence to support the effect of GABA supplements on sleep.

Gaba Calm Reviews

The general rating of this product on Amazon is 4.5 out of 5, with most customers vouching for its effectiveness.

One of the top positive reviews describes the lozenges as “amazing little anxiety squashers.”

The customer in this review mentions that they’ve helped ease her anxiety and panic attack symptoms.

She is particularly impressed by their affordability, great taste, and how fast they work.

Another happy customer says they make her less anxious and more outgoing. She recommends putting the lozenges under the tongue to allow them to take a bit more time to dissolve.

A few other customers mention that this product helps them fall asleep faster and stay asleep for the rest of the night.

In the critical reviews, however, one customer expresses her disappointment at the apparent change in taste of the lozenges.

She complains of being unable to get past the bitter taste, which, in her opinion, was not in the first two bottles she’d bought earlier.

The lozenges’ change in taste and “chalkiness” is a common complaint among most critical reviews.

Many customers within this category of reviews do not like the taste and the fact that the lozenges take a while to dissolve when placed under the tongue.

Some also complain that they did not experience much relief from the product, with others even mentioning that it did the exact opposite of the promised effects.

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Gaba Calm Alternatives

If you are unable or unwilling to use this product, here are some alternatives you could instead:

1. Frunutta Gaba

Frunutta Gaba comes in bottles containing 90 units of 100mg lozenges designed to be administered sublingually (under the tongue).

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2. Pharma Gaba

A product of Peak Performance company, Pharma Gaba prides itself in being a vegan, natural form of GABA that is easily absorbable into the body.

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3. L-Theanine Calm-Plex

L-Theanine Calm-Plex

L-Theanine Calm Plex is a product of ProHealth company.

It is gluten-free and comes in a bottle with 60 capsules, each enriched with 275 mg of GABA to promote relaxation.
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If the reviews on Amazon are anything to go by, then Gaba Calm is a product to try.

Many customers praise its ability to relieve anxiety and insomnia symptoms by calming the brain.

At the same time, others have a few complaints about its taste and dissolution.

Keep in mind that there’s very limited research on how well GABA supplements can mimic the effects of GABA.

So before you try out this supplement, talk to your doctor. This way, you can find out all about its drug interactions. 

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