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Chupa Panza Tea Reviews

Chupa Panza Tea Reviews: Everything You Need to Know

Chupa Panza Tea is one of the forms of Chupa Panza supplements.

It is a herbal blend of tea products formulated to help with weight loss, skin tone, cleansing of the colon, and release of toxins.

Other forms of Chupa Panza supplements include capsules and gels.

The vital components of the Chupa Panza are pineapple, tejocote, and ginger as the main ingredient.

Chupa Panza Tea, also known as Gut Slimmer, is a delicious all-natural formula that boosts your metabolism, helps detoxify, hydrate, and tone skin, and eliminates bloating.

You should take one cup of this herbal tea every day before bedtime.

For your first time, you can start with half a cup.

Chupa Panza Tea Reviews and benefits

Who makes Chupa Panza Tea?

It is formulated by a Mexican company, Grupo Nutrivida GN + Vida. Its direct distributor is Innovacion Natural.

Chupa Panza Tea Ingredients

This detox diet tea contains pineapple fruit pulp, ginger root, cinnamon bark, and flax seed.

The pineapple is likely added for flavor and detox.

Ginger is for facilitating weight loss. A study has shown that it is a fat burner and can considerably lower body weight.

Flaxseed is also believed to help with weight loss. Since it is rich in fiber, it can suppress appetite and facilitate food moving through the intestines.

It plays a part in the colon cleansing effects of herbal tea.

Cinnamon may be used to enhance and for treating gastrointestinal and other ailments. It also reduces blood glucose, weight, and waist circumference.

Chupa Panza Tea Benefits

Some of the benefits of the tea include:

  1. As an antioxidant, it is a natural way of controlling weight and fighting off free radicals.
  2. Contains tannins that help regulate blood sugar levels, heal wounds and boost the immune system.
  3. It has less caffeine and can be used as an alternative to coffee or tea.
  4. Contains folate, magnesium, and calcium, which are beneficial to your teeth and bones.
  5. Helps to maintain the ongoing metabolism naturally.
  6. Helps in digestion.
  7. It detoxifies your body from all harmful chemicals.
  8. Helps in skin hydration and toning.
  9. Reduces cellulite and stretch marks.
  10. It is easy to make and take.
  11. Helpful in igniting the process of burning fat.
  12. It is delicious.

Chupa Panza Tea Shortfalls

Some of the shortfalls of this herbal drink include:

  1. It is not FDA-approved as a formula for weight loss.
  2. Pregnant or lactating women cannot take it because it contains flax seeds.
  3. The results vary from person to person.
  4. It is incapable of treating or preventing any specific disease.
  5. You may be required to go to the bathroom at inconvenient times.
  6. It isn’t easy to get any information online regarding its manufacturing company.

Side Effects of Chupa Panza Tea

Some of the side effects that some people experience include:

  1. Vomiting and Diarrhea.
  2. Nausea and Skin rashes.
  3. Gas and Bloating.
  4. Intestinal irritation and Stomach.

Chupa Panza Tea Reviews

Currently, it has a 4.3 rating out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Most of the Chupa Panza Tea reviews positively report that the tea helped them lose weight and cleanse their colons.

Some of the positive Chupa Panza Tea Reviews include:

  1. Compared to other detox teas, this one has no stomach pain.
  2. The taste is not bad at all.
  3. It is a real detox tea as it cleanses you.
  4. It works right away.
  5. Helps with bloating.
  6. It is gentle enough to consume daily.
  7. Visible weight loss.
  8. It is worth the money.
  9. It is cheap.

Some of the negative Chupa Panza Tea Reviews include:

  1. Brings about a lot of cramping, sweats, diarrhea, and nausea.
  2. Works on different people differently.
  3. You need to take a lot of bathroom breaks where you stay forever.
  4. False advertising.
  5. Expensive on Amazon.
  6. Has a powerful smell.
  7. It does not help you lose weight as you’re only losing water weight. Once you stop using the product, you will gain the weight you just lost.
  8. Causes bloating and water retention.
  9. Not eligible for refund or return

Order Chupa Panza on Amazon

Where to Buy and Cost of Chupa Panza Tea

You can buy Chupa Panza Tea from websites or retailers like Walmart and Amazon. The standard price is $12.95 for a pack of 30 teabags.

Chupa Panza Tea Alternatives

There are other detox teas from reputable brands on the market that help with losing weight. They include:

1. Uncle Lees Dieters Detox Tea

This slimming herbal tea is made from Malva Verticellata and Senna Leaf. It is natural, delicious, and safe with no caffeine.

It is based on a Chinese medicine guide and has been used for centuries.

Notably, it is still one of the best weight loss teas. It might be because of its laxative properties which assist in digestion and bowel movements.

Order Uncle Lees Dieters Detox Tea on Amazon

2. Pinalim Tea

Its unique formula makes it one of the strongest and safest pineapple tea on the market.

This caffeine-free herbal tea contains Pineapple with Flax Seed, Green Tea, Red Tea, and White Tea.

This blend produces natural weight loss results faster. It also assists in weight control by feeling full and satisfied.

The tea ingredients also are high in antioxidants and increase metabolism thus, helps in burning and removing excess fat.

In addition, it promotes a healthy and functioning digestive system.

Order Pinalim Tea on Amazon

3. Tava Vacia Detox Tea

This tea contains Cassia Angustifolia, Matricaria Chamomilla, Soluble Fiber Dextrin, and Carica Papaya Extract.

It works to gently and effectively cleanse your body of toxins, increase your energy and support healthy weight management goals.

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Who should not drink Chupa Panza tea?

Pregnant women should not consume it, people with high blood pressure, or those who are allergic to caffeine.

It is because it contains caffeine, which can cause problems during pregnancy. It also contains tannin, which can affect blood pressure.


Generally, the Chupa Panza Tea Reviews suggest that it is an excellent product on your weight loss journey.

It will help you maintain weight while promoting other health benefits. However, ensure that you consult your doctor before consuming the herbal tea.

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