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Colon Broom vs Metamucil

Colon Broom vs Metamucil: Everything You Need to Know

A healthy gut is crucial to a properly functioning digestive system. It directly benefits your immune system, helps you manage weight, and improves sleep quality.

Nonetheless, your gut health can drop if you do not observe proper nutrition, take too much alcohol, or are stressed.

Subsequently, this can cause diarrhea, constipation, unintentional weight gain, and loss, or even stomach cramping and gas.

Thankfully, some supplements can help boost your gut health and alleviate most of the difficulties caused by poor gut health. Such as colon broom and Metamucil.

Here is all you need to know before you invest in either colon broom or Metamucil.

Colon Broom VS Metamucil

Colon Broom Vs Metamucil reviews

What is Colon Broom?

Colon broom is a fiber-based organic supplement that works to improve your gut health and clear your bowel.

It contains essential minerals, laxatives, and dietary fibers that help alleviate constipation and diarrhea.

It is manufactured by Max Health Nutrition based in Fermont, Nebraska. They mainly specialize in health and dietary supplement additives.

It is important to note that the FDA does not certify dietary supplements. Even so, Colon Broom is produced in an FDA-regulated facility that follows GMP guidelines.

Benefits of Colon Broom

In the battle of colon broom vs Metamucil. Colon broom provides your body with citric acid that generally improves your immune system by supplying vitamin C.

It contains psyllium husks, which promote weight loss and reduce fat absorption in your body. You can supplement this by engaging in weight loss workouts.

Colon broom helps to regulate your body’s glycemic response. It lowers your blood pressure, slowing down digestion which causes your blood sugar to go down.

It boosts your energy levels. The fiber found in the supplement lessens depression by reducing the harmful bacteria in your gut.

Side Effects of Colon Broom

Each tablespoon is 5.7 grams of one hundred percent natural formula. It has almost zero side effects.

Though, side effects can occur if you take an overdose on the supplement. Such as stomach ramblings and diarrhea.

How to Take Colon Broom

You are to take the supplement one hour before or after any meal.

Mix 5.7 grams of the supplement with 250 ml of water. Stir well and drink an extra glass of water  afterwards.

If it is your first time using colon broom. Take it only once a day for the first five days. From then on, you can increase it to two servings a day.

Colon Broom Reviews

It has a 3.9 rating out of 5 on amazon. This shows how highly preferred and effective it is.

“I love this product. It tastes great and works well. I do not usually get enough fiber in my diet and am constipated and bloated easily.

I have used colon broom for about a year my diverticulitis symptoms it completely alleviated. It does take about a week to get used to it.

Nevertheless, every morning like clockwork, I have a perfect bathroom experience and  feel great.”

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Now let’s talk about Metamucil in the comparison of colon broom vs Metamucil.

Metamucil is a fiber bulk-forming supplement laxative used to treat constipation or bowel irregularity.

The supplement Metamucil is produced by Procter and Gamble and has been in production since 1974.

Benefits of Metamucil

It helps promote digestive health. The psyllium fiber in the supplement helps maintain bowel regularity. Consequently, this boosts your mood.

It helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Metamucil forms a semi-solid gel that traps food sugars. They are slowly released and absorbed into your body. As a result, maintaining consistent healthy blood sugar levels.

It lowers your cholesterol levels which promotes heart health. The viscous gel formed traps bile acid that is in the small intestine. Hence the liver draws cholesterol from the blood to produce more bile.

Metamucil reduces your hunger levels in between meals. The psyllium gel formed by the supplement fills up your stomach for longer.

Side Effects of Metamucil

You may become bloated or experience stomach cramps.

Metamucil can cause digestive problems when you take it without following it with a glass of water.

Since the drug is a laxative, it may cause loose stool. Make sure that you stop taking it and stay well hydrated if this occurs.

How to Take Metamucil

Adults should take 6 grams of the powder and add it to 240 ml of water or any other safe fluid such as juice. Ensure you stir properly.

Drink the mixture and take another glass of water of about the same amount. Start with one dose a day to get your body used to it.

After a week of a consistent intake, you can move it up to two doses a day at least eight hours apart.

Metamucil Reviews

It is highly rated, Scoring a 4.6 out of 5 on amazon.

“I have always had a problem with my stomach and bowel movements, but once I started taking Metamucil, I saw an immediate improvement. My stomach pains and constipation are practically nil now.

My mood lifted followed by my daily productivity.”

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In this comparison of Colon Broom vs Metamucil, if none seems to suit you. Here are some alternatives

1. Zupoo

Advertised as gut support and colon cleanse supplement. It works by flashing your intestines of all your waste to relieve bloating and constipation.

It mainly contains sena leaf powder and cascara sagrada. That act as laxatives.

These ingredients are known to have adverse side effects. They include stomach cramping and diarrhoea.

The supplement is great if you only intend to use it short term.

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2. Benefiber

Benefiber is a prebiotic, plant-based fiber supplement.

It aids you by increasing the number of good gut bacteria. The main active ingredient in it is wheat dexin. It is not suitable for you if you are gluten intolerable.

An overdose of benefits can cause bloating, gas and constipation.

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3. Miralax

The producers market Miralax to be a gentle laxative.

It works by forming a thin layer of gel that traps water in the stool. Undoubtedly the stool then becomes softer and easier to pass. The main active ingredient is polyethylene glycol 3350.

The supplement has side effects as well. They include abdominal cramps, gas, bloating, and vomiting.

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In the comparison of Colon Broom vs Metamucil, both have shown to be highly effective.

Regardless all the supplements listed above help improve your overall gastrointestinal health. They ease your bowel movement, make you feel lighter, and brighten your mood.

Though be careful when choosing to buy a product. Ensure that you check the ingredients first to prevent any allergic reactions. It’s for you to decide which best suits you.

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