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Everything You Need to Know About C4 Dynasty Pre-Workout

C4 Dynasty Pre-workout is a supplement athletes use to enhance their performance. However, as the name suggests, you should take it before exercising.

The blend of ingredients will give you a surge of energy and improve your focus.

For example, caffeine is a stimulant used to increase energy. Also, Beta-alanine is a common component in workout supplements to improve endurance.

Later, we will look into the active ingredients in the C4 Dynasty.

Cellucor, the brand that distributes this pre-workout, uses ten patented ingredients. In short, this is a high dose of active ingredients for the best results.

How Does C4 Dynasty Pre-Workout Work?

Whether you consistently work out or not, you have probably heard all the hype about pre-workouts.

Pre-workouts often boast about increasing energy, improving endurance, and enhancing focus.

How do they achieve this? First, caffeine is like a jolt of energy to your system. It helps you push for more reps for longer.

Additionally, creatine is another essential bodybuilding compound that increases muscle mass.

Studies show that creatine helps boost results from strength training. Additionally, it improves endurance in high-intensity exercise.

In combination, several compounds work to enhance athletic performance.

How Do You Take C4 Dynasty Pre-Workout?

This product comes in a single package of powder. There are various flavors, icy blue razz being a bit popular.

The dosage is simple. If you are a gym rat and have previously used pre-workout, you may take one scoop. Then, add it to one cup of water and mix.

In contrast, if you are starting with pre-workouts, you may want to start with half a scoop instead. This is thirty minutes before exercising to allow absorption to take place.

Note that if you use a spoon to stir, there may be particles that don’t dissolve. If possible, opt for a mixer instead.

C4 is safe for all men and women over eighteen except in particular circumstances.

Such a circumstance is pregnancy and breastfeeding. In addition, if you have been diagnosed with a medical condition or are under medication, avoid this product.

Benefits of Taking C4 Dynasty Pre-Workout

Similar to most pre-workouts, there are guaranteed benefits to taking this supplement. These are:

1. Increases Energy

Depending on the stimulant, the energy may be a huge rush or a dull pulse. This gives you the power to pull through your reps and some more.

2. Enhances focus

Because of caffeine, the mind stays sharp and focused hours after consumption.

3. Great Pumps

Nothing is as encouraging as seeing the physical benefits of exercising. With C4, ingredients push water into the muscles to increase their size. Consequently, you will have great pumps.

4. Enhances endurance

As a result of higher energy levels, stamina and endurance almost always follow.

5. Reduces muscle soreness

Apart from reducing muscle soreness, this product helps you recover faster. This makes it easier for you to get right back to your routine.

6. Improves your mood

This is just a bonus for anyone taking pre-workout. In addition to providing energy to carry out tasks, it boosts your mood.

Side Effects of C4 Dynasty Pre-Workout

First and foremost, C4 Dynasty isn’t by the FDA. Nevertheless, it makes use of researched ingredients. Some of which are even patented.

Here are some of the dangers of taking this pre-workout:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Cold sweats
  • Stomach ache

As you can see, gastrointestinal issues may arise with consumption. In case of any symptoms, cease consumption of this pre-workout. If these symptoms persist after you’ve stopped taking it, seek medical attention.

Customers Reviews on C4 Dynasty Pre-Workout

The product has an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon from about 300 reviews.

The positive reviews state:

  • It provides great value for money
  • Effective product
  • Great pumps
  • Boosts energy
  • Easy to swallow
  • Enables users to endure long workouts

Negative reviews state:

  • Bad taste
  • Tingling sensation
  • Very pricy
  • Caused feverish feeling during a workout
  • Headache after use
  • Nausea

In summary, this is an effective product but is very costly according to other market prices.

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Ingredients in C4 Dynasty Pre-Workout

Indeed, there are so many great ingredients in this supplement. Thus, we will only focus on the most important ones.

1. L-citrulline

L-citrulline is an amino acid. The body converts it into nitric oxide. Then, nitric oxide relaxes the inner walls of the blood vessels. This process is vasodilation.

Finally, there is increased blood flow through the body. As a result, you will have great pumps.

Similarly, citrulline malate and citrulline nitrate help with pumps and endurance.

2. Beta-alanine

Have you ever pushed your workout until you felt a burning sensation? Well, this compound can reduce that.

Beta-alanine increases carnosine levels, which reduces acidity in the body. So, you can push yourself for longer. That is improved endurance.

3. Creatine

Creatine is a popular compound among athletes. There is evidence suggesting that it causes increased energy levels in the body. Apart from that, it increases muscle mass through hydration.

Therefore, it improves athletic performance. Especially in high-intensity workouts.

Creatine nitrate, monohydrate, and hydrochloride are all forms of creatine

4. Taurine

As another amino acid in the body, it is abundant in all healthy adults. Hydration is the main reason it is an ingredient in this pre-workout.

Aside from that, it also assists in electrolyte balance and regulation of immune health.

5. Peak ATP

This is a clinically tested and patented form of ATP.

ATP is the primary source of energy used by body cells. Taking Peak ATP guarantees an increase in power to improve exercise performance.

6. N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine

NALT is a derivative of L-tyrosine. When your body processes it, it improves focus, cognition, and overall brain health.

Another compound that improves cognitive health is Alphasize-GPC.

7. Caffeine

You probably know this stimulant. It improves focus and boosts energy. Because of this, it is in most pre-workouts

Alternative to C4 Dynasty Pre-Workout

1. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard

C4 Dynasty Pre-Workout alternative: Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard

This product contains all the best ingredients you want in a pre-workout. These are creatine, caffeine and beta-alanine.

It is made to increase energy and endurance for a better workout experience. In addition, it is keto friendly.

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2. Gorilla Mode

C4 Dynasty Pre-Workout alternative: Gorilla Mode Pre Workout

Would you prefer a stimulant-free pre-workout? Luckily, this is an option for you.

Some people experience jitters or increased heart rates due to caffeine. Gorilla mode nitric allows you to get the pumps you desire without stimulants.

Still, if you prefer a stim for that extra energy, go for it.

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C4 Dynasty Pre-Workout alternative: NO-xplode

This is a product with overwhelmingly positive reviews. It aims to improve energy, focus, and endurance. But above all, it delivers on your expectations.

Like other pre-workouts, take one scoop in a cup of water half an hour before training.

Also, remember to take plenty of water.

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In conclusion, the C4 Dynasty pre-workout is a good buy. Most consumers find it effective. In contrast, some may find it dangerous for their gut health.

If your gut is already sensitive, maybe you should step away from this one. Otherwise, I don’t see why you would not give this product a try.

Additionally, this product contains dairy. Therefore, it’s not vegan-friendly. Be careful consuming it if you have dairy allergies.

This might be what you need to push your exercise routine further.

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