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Happy Saffron

Everything You Need to Know About Happy Saffron

When you are feeling low in mood and focus, certain supplements can help you gain happiness.

Happiness, for most people, can be attributed to a variety of factors and sources.

A study carried out to determine the perceived sources of happiness established a variety of sources. Some of them include:

  • Work achievement.
  • Good health.
  • Successful interpersonal and extra personal relationships.
  • The living environment.
  • happiness can also come from a sense of self-control and self-actualization.

Our overall happiness in life contributes significantly to our mood and how it changes from time to time.

Some people may need psychiatric care to look into their moods.

However, if you need a supplement to help boost your mood, improve concentration and relieve anxiety, Happy Saffron may be the product for you.

What is Happy Saffron?

This is a mood-boosting supplement made from two herbs traditionally referred to as “happiness herbals” – saffron flower extract and curcumin from the turmeric root.

The supplement active ingredients are all-natural and plant-based.

It has no dangerous additives. In addition, it’s corn-free, sugar-free, and contains no allergens apart from soy.

The supplement is made from three ingredients obtained from the “happiness herbs.” The three ingredients include:

1. Affron Saffron, 30mg

Saffron is a plant whose flowers are used to make spices, food colors and medical treatments.

Affron saffron is a highly concentrated and standardized saffron extract.

Saffron is very expensive. However, its extract has been used to manage menstrual cramps, premenstrual syndrome, and Alzheimer’s.

Moreover, saffron was used in traditional medicine to help manage anxiety and depression.

The extract also significantly improves mood and anxiety for both adults and adolescents.

2. Longvida, 400mg

This is a turmeric root extract.

It’s been used to boost mood for as long as saffron. It’s also rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Additionally, curcumin potentially boosts the production of dopamine and serotonin. These are hormones that directly affect your mood.

3. Zinc, 20mg

This is a vital mineral for your health.

Zinc deficiency has been linked to depression and other mood disorders.

Supplementing zinc can help manage anxiety and depression.

However, it’s important to note that zinc supplements used together with antidepressants are what have helped treat depression for most patients.

Other ingredients include:

  • cellulose
  • soy
  • magnesium stearate
  • ascorbyl palmitate
  • silicon dioxide
  • maltodextrin.

Benefits of Happy Saffron.

1. Improving your mood.

The supplement is a natural mood enhancer. It also provides support for a calm and positive mood.

Saffron in the supplement increases dopamine levels in the brain without altering the levels of other essential mood hormones.

Dopamine plays a crucial role in several body functions, such as:

  • Pleasurable reward and motivation.
  • Behavior and cognition.
  • Mood
  • Attention
  • Sleep and arousal
  • Learning
  • Lactation

Dopamine is a “feel good” hormone because it gives you a sense of joy. Moreover, an increase in this hormone in the brain and eventually in the whole body elevates your mood.

2. Calms Anxiety

Being in a bad mood often induces anxiety. However, the ingredients present in Happy Saffron have a calming effect on troubled minds.

Preclinical studies on the ingredients show the supplement has neuroprotective effects on the nervous system. Therefore, this helps relieve stress.

3. Attaining Concentration and focus.

A negative state of mind decreases your mental proactiveness.

The product improves memory and increases attention span in adults. The supplement also boosts energy and resilience to daily natural stress.

Saffron contains crocetin, crocin and safranal. Moreover, these chemicals help in improving memory and learning ability.

4. Rich in Antioxidants

Both saffron and curcumin from turmeric contain numerous antioxidant chemicals.

They are essential in fighting cell damage and preventing lethal diseases such as cancer.

Furthermore, studies established that antioxidant chemicals could help protect the brain from damage.

The product also reduces the risk of heart disease.

Side Effects of Happy Saffron

You should only take this supplement after approval by your medical doctor.

There are a few side effects of taking this supplement. They include:

  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Bloody diarrhea – on rare occasions.
  • The product can also cause allergic reactions due to its soy content.
  • It may require starting with one saffron capsule at a time if you have a sensitive stomach.

Additionally, seek medical advice if these conditions persist after you stop taking the supplement.

Happy Saffron Customer reviews.

Happy Saffron has an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Positive reviews state:

  • The product worked.

There are no written negative reviews on Amazon. However, there have been noted side effects.

Other users have stated that Happy Saffron enables them to eliminate chemical antidepressants. However, you should only do this under the supervision of your doctor.

It is available on Amazon at an average price of $49.95.

Order Happy Saffron on Amazon.

Happy Saffron Alternatives

There are other alternatives you can use.

They include:

1. Nuzena: Saffron Super Spice+

Happy Saffron Alternative: Nuzena Saffron Super Spice

Nuzena provides an effective saffron extract supplement that offers several benefits.

They include:

  • Boosting your mood.
  • It supports cognitive functions such as memory
  • It helps regulate stress.
  • Also, improves inflammation.

Additionally, this product can help regulate your appetite and prevent over-eating. The products are also gluten-free.

Order Nuzena Saffron Super Spice on Amazon.

2. Be Happy Saffron Supplements for Adults

Happy Saffron Alternative: Be Happy Saffron

Be happy supplement is a dietary supplement that consists of extracts of Saffron, vitamins D, B6, B12, folic acid, and zinc.

This product helps improve mood. Additionally, you can decrease stress, anger, and fatigue.

It also supports concentration, memory, and mental performance.

You can also use this supplement to improve your sleep routine.

Order Be Happy on Amazon.

3. BE Grounded Stress Relief Supplement

Happy Saffron Alternative: Be Grounded

This stress relief supplement contains lemon, lavender, amino acids, and magnesium.

Altogether, these ingredients help you remain calm and soothe your senses. Additionally, this product also helps ensure your happy hormones remain balanced.

It’s fast-acting. You can feel the effects after half an hour.

Moreover, it’s vegan-friendly.

Order BE Grounded Stress Relief Supplement on Amazon.


Happy Saffron has its benefits and shortfalls. However, preclinical trials indicate that the supplement is effective in its functions as a mood-boosting supplement.

It’s highly recommended that you seek professional medical advice before using it.

Combining mind and body fitness will help you a great deal in improving your mood. Finally, in the long term, your happiness and quality of life.

Physical exercises such as full body workouts are a great start to having a fit body and mind.






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