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12 Effective Alternatives To Burpees At Home

You may have developed a dislike for burpees in the recent past due to a number of reasons among them injury but it is time you considered alternatives to burpees.

Burpees are exercises that capitalize on resistance from muscles. They also incorporate cardio movements.

Their simplicity makes them an ideal exercise at home. With a plank or a jump, squat or push up, you are sure of having a complete burpee session.

Burpees are loved because of their solid nature. They are the perfect bodyweight exercises that gets your body worked out in less time and less space.

They don’t require any type of specialized equipment yet they workout each muscle group.

However, they are not everyone’s cup of tea. Many who have tried them either give up on exercising or try other forms of exercises.


12 Effective Alternatives To Burpees At Home

Before you even think of alternatives to burpees, you can flirt with the idea of modifying them.

It is true that burpees are hard to crack, intense and highly uncomfortable. However, you can have them if you make slow moves or move less explosively to reduce the strain.

According to Bentley Garton, a fitness and nutrition coach, the quick or explosive moves you make when doing burpees pile a lot of pressure on the joints.

Too much joint pressure will eventually lead to aches as stress builds up. The best burpee modifications include incline bench burpees which largely work the shoulders, calves, glutes, legs and core.

The other burpee exercises variation is the step back burpee targeting the glutes, shoulders, core and legs.


No one will judge you for looking the other way; alternatives to burpees.

The complex nature of burpees is a major turn off for many people because you make a lot of blunders during workout. Before long, fatigue kicks in because of making wrong moves or posture.

In extreme cases, this ends up in nursing injuries.

Secondly your hate for burpees could be etched on not mastering the correct form of the three major forms of burpees which are flexibility, coordination and mobility.

These are paramount in any body weight exercise. In burpees though, they become demanding that they hasten the thought of falling back to alternatives to burpees.

Finally, the feeling that they are some old styles is likely to spur your “hate affair” for burpees.



Murpees pass off as the modified version of burpees since the edge common in burpees is not present. In terms of speed, they are slower and do not put much strain to the back and knees.

You slowly push your legs backwards and do a push-up then o your feet and make a jump. The speed is moderate.


With your hands on the floor and in squatting position, move the legs backward to get a plank position. Once you achieve it, bring the legs forward and the squat to the original position.

Repeat this for at least 10 times. They are great full body workouts.


The 18-degree burpeee tops the list of alternatives to burpees. You jump like in a normal burpee but make a 180-degree turn. Change the direction of the turn to gain more stability.


The difference with this one is that the jump is extensive. You jump as high as you can. Always make sure that you are not doing it in on muddy or very wet grass because traction is reduced.


You may have seen or heard of jumping jacks. They are the easiest alternatives to burpees.

You stand straight with the legs together and hands pressed against your sides. Bend the knees to 45 degree and jump while spreading the legs shoulder-width apart. Raise your hands above the head and get back to the original position.


Also known as Russian lunges, you move forward with one leg then jump and get back on a lunge. Repeat this with the other leg, striding forward, jump and get back on a lunge. You can have these session with a weight plate to build more resistance.


Plank push-ups are widely practiced alternatives to burpees. They combine the initial plank hold and push-ups for the original burpee exercise.

You can try them by staying in a plank position. With one hand on the ground, lift yourself up while still maintaining the plank position.

Ensure the back is straight and the core is tight. Repeat this movement with the other arm.


Like the name suggest, this option starts while sitting on the ground. Usually, the legs are straight, knees together and hands on the sides touching the ground.

You then push yourself from the ground with the hands and bring your knees forward and jump them go back to the original position.


A kettle bell in hand while standing with the legs apart, you swing it and bring the knees to the front while you lift it to chest level and back. More reps on this one are recommended to match the quality output of burpees.

For one burpee, you are required to take three swings meaning, the reps are higher but you enjoy it too.


Easy to make at home and get your alternatives to burpees working. Stuff a bag with sand and raise it to the right shoulder level then bring it to the ground.

Raise it from the ground to the left shoulder level and bring it to the ground and repeat this with each shoulder. Sandbag shouldering requires proper posture to avoid spine injury. You can also raise it with both hands above the head.


It is the beneficial model of skipping. It is has been widely incorporated into high-level endurance training programs such as running, swimming, boxing, kickboxing and wrestling.

Jumping rope requires some level of astuteness while jumping to avoid instances where your foot or feet get trapped by the rope as you jump. This could lead to fatal injury.


What would alternatives to burpees be without shoulder tap planks? They mimic everything about a plank only that the shoulders are more active on this one.

In a plank position, straighten your arms with the hands flat and the rest of the body straight. In this position, tap your right shoulder with the left hand and place it gently on the ground.

Lift the right hand and tap the left shoulder. Alternate these taps. You realize that the trunk muscles become stronger.


It is easy to give up on burpees due to their complex nature. The fatigue and high risk on injury puts you off.

Nonetheless, alternatives to burpees allow you to push on with your training and ultimately achieve your goals. They are easy routines which you can perform at the comfort of your living room or even backyard. They don’t require a lot of space to nail them.