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Home workout to beat belly bloat for good

7-Minute Super-Sweaty Home Workout to Beat Belly Bloat

Don’t make the deadly mistake of staying inactive when you’re bloated. It can actually worsen the symptoms.

Conversely, being active can get rid of bloating. Especially if you do an intense short home workout.

Today’s workout is specifically designed to help you beat bloating. It’ll get rid of the excess water in your body by sweating and push the gas out of your belly.

Other than exercising, you should also drink water because it reduces water retention and eases digestion problems.

Not bloated? This workout can still give you breathtaking results. It will tone your upper and lower body muscles and keep your metabolism on overdrive.

Remember to watch the demonstrations below the video to learn proper form for each exercise.

7-Minute Home Workout to Beat Belly Bloat

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Ankle Hops – 30 Seconds

Beginner Burpees – 30 Seconds

Sumo Squat Side Bends – 30 Seconds

Rest 30 Seconds

Ski Squat Jump and Lift – 30 Seconds

Reverse Lunge to Knee Tuck – 30 Seconds (Each Side)

Rest 30 Seconds

Plank Hand Walkouts – 30 Seconds

Plank Toe Taps – 30 Seconds

Rest 20 Seconds

Reach Through Crunches – 30 Seconds

Jackknife – 30 Seconds

Lying Leg Thrusts – 30 Seconds

Ankle Hops

Ankle hops are an excellent warm-up exercise. They will increase circulation in your muscles, joints, and ligaments, reducing the risk of injury.

As you can see, I’m landing on the balls of my feet. Proper landing reduces the impact on the ankles and knees.

How to Do Ankle Hops

Beginner Burpees

Do you usually avoid burpees because they’re too challenging? Well, this variation is doable and it can give you the strength you need to perform regular burpees.

Remember to gently place your hands on the floor to avoid wrist, elbow, or shoulder injuries. I recommend you take on this amazing burpee challenge if you want massive muscle and strength gains.

How to Do Beginner Burpees

Sumo Squat Side Bends

This extraordinary exercise will get rid of bloating by squeezing your belly. It mainly targets your oblique muscles. Additionally, holding the sumo squat pose will build your leg muscles.

For this exercise to be effective, you must squeeze your oblique muscles every time you bend sideways.

How to do Sumo Side Crunch

Ski Squat Jump and Lift

There are many reasons to love this exercise other than its fat-burning abilities. For one, it engages all the muscles in your body. It also improves coordination.

Keep your back straight and look forward. Also, land on the balls your feet. Lastly, raise your leg sideways as high as flexibility allows.

How to Do Ski Squat Jump and Lift

Reverse Lunge to Knee Tuck

This exercise may feel challenging the first time you attempt it but it’ll get easier after a few reps.

It’s okay to hold on to a wall for support if you lack balance. And if you want to make it more challenging, hold a pair of dumbbells or wear ankle weights.

How to do reverse lunges to high knee

Plank Hand Walkouts

Plank hand walkouts build your arms, abs, and shoulder muscles. Make sure you tighten your butt to prevent your hips from sinking.

How to do plank walkouts

Plank Toe Taps

We can agree that planks are one of the best isometric core exercises. However, doing the same variation repeatedly gets boring.

Simply lift the leg sideways and then tap the floor with your toes and return the leg to starting position. Remember to keep your body aligned in a straight line throughout.

How to Do Plank Toe Taps

Reach Through Crunches

If you’re struggling with gas, this exercise will be handy. It’ll also build your rectus abdominis muscles.

Maintain a full range of motion by lifting your upper back off the floor on each rep and slowly lower it to the floor.

How to Do Reach Through Crunches


Jackknife activates your upper and lower abs. Avoid resting your feet on the floor when you extend them – keep them off the floor throughout.

You can add resistance to this exercise by holding one dumbbell with both hands.

How to do Jackknife

Lying Leg Thrusts

This is one of the best ab exercises you’ll ever do. It’ll tone your abs without putting pressure on your spine.

Control your motion when lowering your hips to fully engage your abs.

How to do Lying Leg Thrusts

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