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Treadmill Challenge for weight loss

The 30-Day Treadmill Challenge for Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight while walking or running on the treadmill, then you must try this 30-day treadmill challenge for weight loss.

The treadmill is one of the best equipment for indoor cardio workouts. It burns fat and tones leg and core muscles.

Truth is exercising outdoors is far more rewarding than exercising indoors. Outdoor runs or walks burn more calories because of the dynamic terrain and wind resistance. Plus, the air is fresh, unlike a stuffy workout room.

However, sometimes you may not be able to exercise outdoors because of bad weather or an injury. Or maybe you’re the kind of person who prefers indoor workouts.

Whatever your reasons are for exercising indoors, you can greatly benefit from exercising on the treadmill. If you don’t already have one, consider investing in a treadmill with an incline.

Your treadmill must have the incline feature for you to get the most out of this challenge. Setting the treadmill on an incline is similar to walking on a hill – it helps burn more calories and builds leg muscles.

Observe the simple rules below to lose weight fast with this 30-day treadmill challenge for weight loss.

30-Day Treadmill Challenge Rules­­

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1. Walk or Run

You can do this as a walking or running challenge depending on your fitness level. If you’re an out-of-shape beginner, walk. If you’re already in shape, run.

Alternatively, you can combine running with walking. For instance, you can walk for the first 15 days and then run for the rest of the challenge.

2. Speed is Vital

I’ve not included speed in the challenge because of our different fitness levels. Instead of walking or running at a specific pace, move as fast as possible.

Moving at a maximum pace burns more calories and improves heart health. But make sure you’re moving at a pace you can maintain throughout the workout.

3. Stay consistent

Workout challenges are amazing because they help build workout consistency. But you may not enjoy this benefit if you don’t strictly follow this challenge.

Do the workouts every day for the next 30 days. Stick to the recommended duration and be sure to use the incline button.

4. Maintain Proper Form

You burn more calories and enjoy your workouts more when you maintain proper form. Poor form, on the other hand, makes the workout more challenging and causes injuries.

Maintain an upright posture and look forward when running or walking.

5. Avoid Holding the Rails

It’s okay to hold the rails if you’re an unfit beginner. But you must keep your hands off the rails as you get fitter since it reduces your calorie burn.

6. Feel Free to Hold Weights

Holding light dumbbells while walking or running will tone your arm muscles and increase your calorie burn.

However, avoid doing this if you’re not used to using the treadmill. Only hold weights if you can comfortably walk on the treadmill while keeping your hands off the rails.

Make sure the weights you’re holding are light. Heavy weights can cause injuries.

Benefits of the 30-Day Treadmill Challenge

The benefits of this challenge go beyond weight loss, below are some of the amazing benefits you’ll enjoy after taking on the challenge.

1. You’ll Gain Lean Muscle

Building muscle should be a top priority for anyone who wants to lose weight after 30.

We start losing muscle after 30 and this slows down metabolism. The only way you can prevent muscle loss is through strength training and exercises like incline treadmill walking.

Unfortunately, the muscle gain you’ll achieve from this challenge is minimal. Therefore, combine it with these 15-minute home workouts for rapid muscle growth.

2. You’ll Avoid Injuries

You’re more likely to get injured outdoors because of the dynamic terrain. Walking or running on the treadmill dramatically reduces the risk of injury.

Setting the treadmill on an incline also reduces the impact of your steps, lowering the risk of injury.

3. You’re Less Likely to Skip Workouts

Bad weather or a tight work schedule can keep us from exercising outdoors.

This treadmill challenge will allow you to exercise even when the weather is bad. Plus, you don’t have to waste time dressing up for your workout – you can exercise in your pajamas.

4. Your Bones Will Become Stronger

We need strong bones as we age to prevent bone conditions and lower the risk of fractures.

In fact, this challenge is ideal for arthritis patients because the workouts are low impact.

The 30-Day Treadmill Challenge for Weight Loss

Keep in mind that your pace is vital. Walk or run as fast as possible to burn more calories.

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The Bottom Line

This treadmill challenge can help you lose weight if you follow it strictly. And if you follow all the treadmill challenge rules above, you’ll be amazed by how quickly fat will fly off your body.

If you want to lose weight faster, combine this treadmill challenge with these 28 fat-blasting home workouts.

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