How to burn the most calories on a treadmill running

12 Tips on How to Burn the Most Calories On A Treadmill Walking

If you want to get the most out of your treadmill workouts, this article will show you how to burn the most calories on a treadmill walking.

Using the treadmill is one of the best ways to get a cardiovascular workout.

It can also help you lose weight and increase muscle mass.

Treadmills are popular because they are easy to use.

If you don’t use the treadmill as much as you’d like to, here are a few benefits to consider:

  • It is safer than walking or running on uneven terrain
  • It has digital monitors to track your heart rate and calories burnt
  • You can use it even when the weather is bad
  • You can adjust the resistance to your fitness level

The treadmill on average helps you burn 230 calories if you run at 6mph for 20 minutes.

Additionally, you can use some tips and tricks to burn the most calories when walking on a treadmill.

How to Burn The Most Calories On A Treadmill Walking

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1. Increase your intensity

Increasing the intensity of your treadmill workout will help you burn more calories.

Intensity forces your muscles to work harder and you end up burning calories even as you recover.

Also, walking intensely helps improve your endurance by increasing your oxygen intake.

When walking on a treadmill, increase intensity by increasing the speed of the treadmill to a brisk walk or a power walk.

You can also increase the incline which will engage more muscle groups.

In fact, walking on an incline on a treadmill has many other benefits.

2. Increase your duration

In addition to increasing the intensity of your walks, you can walk for longer.

Exercising for longer will help you burn more calories and build your aerobic endurance.

Studies have also shown working out for about an hour helps boost the production of testosterone and reduces the levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

However, very long workouts can lead to cardio overtraining. Keep your workouts between 45 minutes to one hour.

3. Use intervals

Your walks can be extremely rewarding if you do short sprints after every few minutes.

If you have bursts of speed followed by moderate speed through your walk, you will burn more calories even after your workout.

Increase your speed for up to 60 seconds then resume walking for the next 2 minutes and keep repeating this.

Choose a speed you can retain for up to 5 minutes.

You don’t want to push yourself too much that you end up being tired instead of energized.

4. Do uphill workouts the smart way

Walking on an incline helps you burn more calories because you use more energy walking against the steepness.

On average, a 150-pound person burns an extra 10 calories for every 1% gradient raised.

When using the incline setting, pretend you’re on a normal road.

Don’t slouch or hold on to the handles for support.

I may also note that walking on an incline will boost your heart rate, build your stamina and even allow you to spend less time working out.

If you have a busy day, you can workout on an incline for half an hour rather walking on the flat treadmill for an hour.

5. Mix it up

Sticking to one routine won’t help you burn lots of calories.

To get maximum results, you need to add other exercises to your routine.

Make sure it has the perfect mix of stretches, endurance, and resistance training.

6. Don’t just walk

In addition to intervals and extending your workout, you shouldn’t just walk on the treadmill.

Since you are in a safe and controlled environment, you can afford to add a few exercises to your routine.

While walking, you should also do walking lunges and kickbacks.

This will engage your lower body and help you build a stronger foundation for walking or running.

You can also do walking planks. Position yourself to do a plank with your arms over the treadmill and your legs off the treadmill.

Walk on the treadmill with your hands. Set the speed of the treadmill to about 2mph.

This will help tone your abs and your arms.

You can do variations of this to help tone other body parts.

7. Increase your stride

Due to the momentum of the treadmill, you need to have an increased stride to engage more muscle groups.

This means to cover more ground with each step.

It will also help you burn more calories.

Lifting your knees high up will help you cover more ground.

Plus, it will activate your hamstrings, thighs, glutes, and your calves.

8. Insert arm movement

Apart from lifting your knees up, another movement that can help you burn more calories is moving your arms.

Relax your shoulders and keep your elbows bent at 90 degrees. Then swing your arms back and forth as you walk.

If you find yourself getting tired, you should stretch your arms out forward and make pumping motions.

This will get your blood pumping and even get your legs moving in the same direction.

Studies show that adding arm movement makes you spend 55% more energy than just regular walking.

9. Get the proper walking form

Making sure you have the proper form when walking on the treadmill.

Poor walking posture will make your body susceptible to injury and make your workout inefficient.

To maintain a good center of gravity keep your eyes parallel to the ground. Do not stare at the console or the ground.

Keep your chin even. Not tucked into your neck or raised too high.

Relax your shoulders. This will help prevent muscle spasms, neck pains, and fatigue. It will also help keep your chest open and free to expand as you breathe in and out heavier.

10. Be faster on your feet

To increase your speed, you should count the number of steps you make in 30 seconds. Double that to get the number of steps you make per minute. Double it again to get the number of steps for both feet.

The number you get is your stride frequency which is measured in steps per minute.

The next time you’re walking, take down the number of steps you take in 10 seconds.

Then multiply that number by 6 to note the number of steps you take per minute.

Try to increase your footwork by about 30-50 steps, this will help you burn more calories.

You can also use a song with a beat rate that matches your stride frequency so as to maintain your speed easier.

11. Train sideways

Use the treadmill while facing sideways.

Walking sideways helps you work your inner and outer thigh muscles and your butt.

It helps increase your exercise efficiency and strengthens your hips.

Ease into side shuffling by walking slowly while holding the handlebars.

Afterwards, you can slowly increase your speed while learning to balance without holding the handles.

Engage your core by bending your knees slightly and keeping your back straight.

12. Walk with weights

You can walk on the treadmill while pumping your arms and holding weights.

Hold dumbbells that your arms can handle.

Don’t go for heavier weights if you can’t handle them.

The longer you pump the more calories you burn. The heavier the weights the more calories you burn.

As you can see, there are many ways to burn more calories while walking on a treadmill. Unfortunately, walking on the treadmill alone can’t help you lose belly fat. You need to follow a step-by-step fat loss plan.

If you’re tired of losing weight and then regaining, this program will show you the fastest way to lose weight and keep it off.

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Do you know other tricks on how to burn the most calories on a treadmill walking?

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