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Woke AF Pre Workout Review: Read this before Buying

What is Woke AF? How does it work? Is it an effective supplement for pumps?

This article will answer these questions. Therefore, if you are considering this pre-workout, please read on.

What is Woke AF Pre Workout?

Woke AF pre workout is a supplement made by DAS labs.

It is the newest nutritional supplement, which solely contains organic components like caffeine, citrulline, and beta-alanine.

Woke AF reviews claim it is a pre-workout supplement created to promote intense workouts. Besides, it boosts energy and fosters tunnel vision focus.

What does Woke AF pre workout do?

Woke AF pre workout reviews claim that the supplement contains caffeine. Caffeine is known for its ability to energize the body.

Besides, the supplement also contains beta-alanine, improving your strength and endurance.

Contrary to other products that only contain stimulants, this pre-workout has ingredients that are intended to increase your general vigor and endurance.

Is Woke AF pre workout good for beginners?

Woke is inappropriate for newbies, novices, or curlers in the squat rack.

Only individuals with the highest tolerance levels should take this hefty dose.

Do not use this pre-workout to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.

Take one serving 15–30 minutes before your workout for improved hydration, focus, energy, and pump.

Woke AF will NOT end a fast or cause you to enter ketosis.


Citrulline Malate

Due to its role in enhancing blood flow and circulation, glycine is an amino acid frequently present in pre-workout supplements.


Beta-alanine has been associated with an increase in energy even though there is limited study on its effects.

But based on the study, the International Society of Sports Nutrition claims that the influence is minimal.

Caffeine Anhydrous

Compared to other high stimulant pre workouts, Woke AF has a sizable dose of caffeine anhydrous. (100 mg.)

Even though it will startle you, some users say it’s challenging to strike a balance between feeling focused and being jittery from working out.


The theory is that this could increase your attention by stimulating brain chemicals and receptors.

Note that it’s challenging to assess this claim because this pre-workout contains so much caffeine.

Similarly, no human subjects were used in any studies examining this impact. Therefore, the effectiveness of this ingredient is questionable.


Incorporating this ingredient is proof that Woke AF has a lot of energy.

Red Bull and Monster energy drinks, among others, typically contain taurine.

Since you’re receiving a lot of caffeine, it’s hard to say how well it works, but it’s one of the more exciting ingredients.

Vitamin B12

The B12 vitamin will help maintain your red blood cell count high, giving your muscles more energy and oxygen.

However, we have reservations regarding DAS Labs’ assertion of “eternal endurance.”

Benefits of Woke AF Pre Workout

The Woke AF pre-workout pill contains 6 grams of citrulline, which is suitable for pumps.

It has a scientific basis for increasing blood flow to muscles, which results in better pumps and increased energy delivery.

Woke AF pre-workout also contains vitamin B12, which may enhance your red blood cells.

Similarly, it improves the transport of oxygen and energy to your muscles.

These are the reasons it is superior to many other pre-workouts and energy drinks.

Side Effects of Woke AF Pre Workout

Woke AF contains high levels of stimulants. While this is good for boosting your energy levels, it can make you feel jittery.

Apart from causing a jittery feeling, it has other side effects, including heart abnormalities, skin rashes, and nausea.

It can also cause stomach irritations.

Woke AF pre workout reviews

This supplement has an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

The positive reviews state:

  • It mixes well with water, smoothies, and beverages.
  • The product has a pleasant taste.
  • It helps with pumps.

The negative reviews state:

  • It is less effective compared to C4 pre-workouts.
  • The product has misleading ads.
  • It can induce sleep.

Order Woke AF on Amazon.

Alternatives to Woke AF Pre Workout

1. Bucked Up Pre-Workout

Bucked Up Pre Workout

Bucked Up Pre-Workout is a supplement that gives users sustained energy, mental clarity, strength, and endurance.

It contains ample doses of beta-alanine and caffeine and thus can achieve those functions.

Although sufficient amounts of caffeine and creatine make it a stimulant, its primary purpose is to boost energy and endurance.

Furthermore, its manufacturer advertises it as a product that will elevate your workout.

Note that it does not incorporate any proprietary blends.

These are exceptional properties.

Therefore, this supplement is suitable for bodybuilders, athletes, and people looking for massive pumps.

Order Bucked Up Pre-Workout on Amazon.

2. Ghost Legend Pre Workout

Woke AF Pre Workout alternative: GHOST LEGEND® PRE WORKOUT

It contains ingredients that improve energy and focus and a premium pump.

Ghost Legend’s stimulants are not as potent as other pre-workout supplements containing 250 mg to 1000 mg of taurine.

It is best to take Ghost Pre-Workout shortly before the activity because it starts working quickly.

Besides, it has caffeine, an ingredient found in cocoa and coffee. Since the supplement has a moderate element, it will not give you jitters.

Furthermore, it has Theobromine. Caffeine and Theobromine have comparable effects.

Additionally, it doesn’t make you jittery, making it an effective pre-workout supplement.

Order Ghost Legend Pre-Workout on Amazon.

3. Wrecked Pre Workout

Woke Af Pre Workout Review alternative: Huge Supplements Wrecked Pre-Workout Powder

Another effective alternative to Woke AF is Wrecked Pre-Workout.

As advertised, it is one of the most vigorous pre-workouts in the market.

The manufacturer of this product designed it to help users gain more performance and intensity during workouts.

Its manufacturer claims it is the strongest pre-workout because of its ingredients. Specifically, it contains 17 ingredients with scientifically proven benefits.

Therefore, this product is great if you work out often.

Order Wrecked Pre-Workout on Amazon.


Woke AF, like other pre-workouts, will help you with your workouts.

Its ingredients, which are natural stimulants, will boost your performance and increase your focus.

Besides, it has other benefits, such as enhancing the transportation of oxygen in the body.

It does not have many side effects.

Therefore, it is a highly recommended product.

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