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The Best Pre-Workout Supplements

The 5 Best Pre-Workout Supplements for Lean Muscle

In 1940, Sir Winston Churchill declared that Great Britain “shall fight on the seas, in the air, and on the fields.” A workout regimen for gaining lean muscles should capture the essence of this leader’s immortal pronouncement.

You should use a multipronged strategy. Embrace everything at your disposal. This may include weight training, cardio, dietary restrictions, and of course pre-workout supplements.

A pre-workout supplement is a product that someone can drink or eat before working out to boost their endurance and performance when exercising.

They work by either providing your body with reserve sources of energy or by increasing the blood flowing to your muscles.

Common ingredients that achieve this include beetroot juice, caffeine or creatine monohydrate. These products thus help in:

  • Increasing strength during workouts
  • Enhancing training endurance
  • Reducing fatigue as you exercise
  • Boosting blood flow
  • Minimizing muscle damage

You can transform workouts from instruments of torture to rewarding experiences by taking these supplements. As you keep doing so, your progress will come quicker and those lean muscles will become a reality.

In a study done to assess the effect of multi-ingredient pre-workout supplements, the researchers found that if athletes combined resistance training and pre-workout supplements, their body composition, especially lean muscles improved.

Now that you know the benefits of these supplements, you may then wonder which brands are ideal. I’ve picked out the best ones here:

The Best Pre-workout Supplements

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#5 Evlution Nutrition BCAA Energy

Why you should buy it

If you need endurance, muscle repair and energy for the day then Evlution Nutrition is just right.

Since it comes in powder form, you can use it in numerous ways. Pour in some water and stir, mix it in a shaker, or toss it into another mixture.

The product has no carbs, sugar or coffee, which may cause unwanted side effects. You will love the taste of the supplement because it comes in a variety of flavors. Many people do not experience jitteriness after use owing to its all-natural ingredients.

The supplement has such a high potency that users feel it even when they take it mid-workout. You can even control your energy levels in the workout by changing the number of scoops.

Why you shouldn’t buy it

Some people have trouble sleeping. It contains a substantial amount of fat (1.5mg per serving). For a sports drink, that is plenty. Some customers complain that the product only fills half the tub.

Rating: 9.0/10

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#4 RSP Aminolean

Why you should buy it

RSP aminolean has caffeine from tea extracts to boost energy without a corresponding crash. As someone trying to build lean muscles, you probably don’t want lots of carbs in your diet. This supplement contains no sugars, calories or carbs. But you don’t have to pinch your nose as you take it because it has several tasty flavors.

It is a multipurpose product. You, therefore, get to enjoy other benefits like appetite reduction in addition to lean muscle building.

Why you shouldn’t buy it

Some people who take lots of supplements feel that the caffeine is insufficient for pre-workout boosting.

Other users have trouble sleeping when they take the product later in the day. It has an artificial food dye, which undermines its all-natural ingredient claim.

Rating: 9.2/10

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#3 Organic Muscle #1 Rated Organic Pre-workout Powder


Why you should buy it

Organic Muscle’s supplements are organic so you don’t have to worry about artificial ingredients or jitteriness after exercise. It has a myriad of flavors that are easy to ingest.

This product does not cause jitters or sleep disruptions. Many users claim that it works. They get the energy and focus they need for intense workouts. It also boosts endurance.

Why you shouldn’t buy it

A select group of buyers doesn’t like the taste. Others tend to lose sleep when they take it because of the caffeine.

Rating: 9.5/10

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#2 N.O. XT Nitric Oxide Supplement

Why you should buy it

Jacked Factory’s pre-workout supplement works by increasing blood flow and enhancing muscle fullness. It is easy to swallow as the product is a pill, not a powder. It enhances energy during the workout. Some people even report improved blood pressure as a bonus.

Why you shouldn’t buy

Not all who buy the product experience changes in energy or lean muscle. The recommended dose for its active ingredient to work is 1.5 grams, which would require almost 3 more servings.

Rating: 9.7/10

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#1 Havasu Nutrition Extra Strength L Arginine

Why you should buy it

The product contains L-Arginne, which is an amino acid that helps to promote blood flow and lean muscle gain as you train. It yields results and boosts energy without jitters.

Since the supplement has no preservatives or artificial ingredients, it is safe for your body. The pill has a manageable size and the dosage isn’t overwhelming.

Why you shouldn’t buy it

At face value, the product seems cheap for its packaging (1200mg) but the recommended serving size (400mg) is three times lower. A few clients report no changes because the Arginine isn’t potent enough.

Rating: 9.8/10

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What to Consider During Purchase

Energy improvement and lean muscle changes

Ensure that the supplement you are buying actually works. If several testimonials talk about enhanced endurance and improvements in lean muscle then take it.

Side effects

Some pre-workout supplements with caffeine cause sleeplessness. You may want to choose non caffeine options. Others enhance energy but make you jittery or lead to a crush. Pick those that have none of these contraindications.


These supplements come in powder or pill form. If you find it easier to swallow a pill, then choose that type. But if you prefer mixing and drinking your supplements then powders are best. Select products with flavor enhancements to make it easier to ingest

Organic Ingredients

Artificial ingredients cause unwanted effects. Pay attention to the ingredient list and make sure that the manufacturer uses the words ‘organic’, ‘all-natural’ or ‘no artificial additives’ if this quality matters to you.


Some products are effective after some time while others work almost instantly. Go for the latter so that you don’t have to plan excessively for your workouts.

Lean muscle is a result of the right exercise regimen, food consumption, and lifestyle changes. Pre-workout supplements enable you to work out better and build consistency in your routine.

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