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9-Minute Standing Core Workout for Beginners (without Weights)

Do you usually skip core workouts because you don’t want to lie on the floor? Well, this workout offers the perfect solution. It allows you to work your core muscles while standing.

Many of us only work the abs when trying to strengthen the core. However, you can’t have a strong core if you don’t activate your oblique, lower back, and glute muscles.

Luckily, this workout activates all the muscles I’ve mentioned above. It’ll also target your leg, arm, and shoulder muscles. In short, this is a full-body workout that mainly targets your core.

Strengthening your core is one of the best things you can do because it improves your posture, increases overall strength, and prevents falls.

I recommend watching the demonstrations below the video before doing the workout.

9-Minute Standing Core Workout 

If you want to strengthen your core, use this standing core workout for beginners without weights. #standing #core #workout #flabfix

Here are the exercises in the routine and how to perform them properly.

Standing Leg Raise Crunch – 40 Seconds

Squat to Side Leg Raise – 40 Seconds

Rest 20 Seconds

Wall Push-ups Rear Leg Raises – 40 Seconds

Standing Bicycles – 40 Seconds

High Knees with Lateral Arm Raises – 40 Seconds

Rest 20 Seconds

Reverse Lunge Twists – 40 Seconds

Sumo Squat Side Bends – 40 Seconds

Rest 20 Seconds

Plie Squat with Inner Kicks – 40 Seconds

Standing Rear Leg Kicks – 40 Seconds

Rest 20 Seconds

Standing Side Crunches – 40 Seconds

Side Lunge to Leg Raise – 40 Seconds

Standing Leg Raise Crunch

Doing this amazing exercise for a few seconds will give you a good full-body warm-up while activating your abs.

Maintain a wide range of motion by raising your hands over your head and then lower them until they almost touch your thighs. And raise your foot as high as possible.

Lastly, squeeze your abdominal muscles every time you raise your foot.

How to do Standing Leg Raise Crunch

Squat to Side Leg Raise

Did you know that squats strengthen your core? They do so by activating your lower back and butt muscles.

Side leg raises, on the other hand, will engage your outer thighs and oblique muscles. Raise your foot as high as flexibility allows on each rep.

How to do Squat with Side Kick

Wall Push-Ups Rear Leg Raises

For wall push-ups to activate your core, you must keep your ab and butt muscles tight throughout. Also, keep your leg straight when doing the rear leg raises.

If you find wall push-ups too easy, place your hands on an elevated surface such as a bench.

How to do Wall Push-Ups Rear Leg Raises

Standing Bicycles

Standing bicycles activate your ab and oblique muscles. However, this exercise is only effective when you keep your ab muscles tight and maintain a wide range of motion. Make sure your elbow touches the opposite knee on each rep.

How to Do Standing Cross Crunches gif

High Knees with Lateral Arm Raises

High knees activate your leg and ab muscles. And the lateral arm raises will tone your shoulders and trapezius.

It’s important to tighten your abs and raise your knees high. Lastly, keep your hands straight.

How to do High Knees with Lateral Arm Raises

Reverse Lunge Twists

Reverse lunges are an amazing lower body exercise, which also activates the lower back muscles. Adding a twist to this exercise will tone your oblique muscles.

Keep your back strides wide to allow your knees to bend at 90 degrees when in the lunge position.

How to do Reverse Lunge Twists

Sumo Squat Side Bends

The sumo squat is excellent for building your quadriceps. And when you add side bends to it it’ll activate your oblique muscles.

Keep your back straight and torso upright before you start doing the side bends.

How to do Sumo Side Crunch

Plie Squat with Inner Kicks

You’re probably wondering how this unique exercise will strengthen your core. Well, it works your pelvic floor muscles, which helps keep the core strong.

It’ll also improve your balance and consequently lower your risk of falls as you age.

How to do Plie Squat with Inner Kicks

Standing Rear Leg Kicks

This simple exercise works your glute and lower back muscles. Keep the leg you’re kicking back straight and kick it as far as possible.

Don’t perform the rear kicks too fast as speed makes this exercise less effective.

How to do Standing Rear Leg Kicks

Standing Side Crunches

You probably know that this exercise activates your oblique muscles. Therefore, keep your oblique muscles tight throughout to get the most out of it.

How to do Standing Side Crunches

Side Lunge to Leg Raise

I perform this exercise regularly because it builds all leg muscles and improves inner thigh flexibility.

Doing the side leg raise will engage your oblique muscles and hip flexors.

How to do Side Lunge to Leg Lifts

As you can see, you don’t have to lie on the floor to build killer core strength. However, don’t focus on the core alone. Do full-body workouts that target all muscle groups if you want to get lean and strong fast.

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