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The best workout for flabby arms

The Best 7-Minute Flabby Arms Workout for Women and Men

You probably know that women carry excess fat on their upper arms more than men. But that doesn’t mean men can’t have flabby arms.

Most people suffer flabby arms due to a high body fat percentage. Surprisingly, some people have flabby arms even when they’re not overweight.

Whether you’re overweight or not, the workout below can help you get rid of flabby arms. In fact, it’ll build your upper body strength and help boost your metabolism.

Note that you have to maintain a calorie deficit to lower your body fat percentage. Therefore, reduce the intake of high-calorie foods and get most of your calories from high-fiber foods.

Watch the demonstrations below the video to learn how to perform the exercises properly.

7-Minute Flabby Arms Workout

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Here’s a breakdown of the workout and how to perform each exercise properly.

Speed Punches – 30 Seconds

Wall Push Offs – 30 Seconds

Rest 10 Seconds

Arm Circles – 30 Seconds

Lateral Arm Raises – 30 Seconds

Rest 10 Seconds

Knee Plank Shoulder Taps – 30 Seconds

Kneeling Hand Walkouts – 30 Seconds

Rest 10 Seconds

Single-Leg Floor Triceps Dips – 30 Seconds

Crab Pose – 30 Seconds

Rest 10 Seconds

Crossover Shoulder Stretch – 30 Seconds (Each Side)

Overhead Triceps Stretch – 30 Seconds (Each Side)

Speed Punches

This amazing warm-up exercise will activate your shoulder muscles. Keep your hands slightly above your head and perform the exercise as fast as possible.

You can make this exercise more effective by jogging on the spot as you do the speed punches.

How to do Speed Bag Punches gif

Wall Push Offs

This exercise will definitely tone your arms because it targets your triceps and shoulders. Standing further from the wall makes this exercise more challenging.

Try to perform as many reps as possible and maintain a full range of motion in each rep.

How to do Wall Push Offs

Arm Circles

Arm circles are very deceiving. You’ll be surprised by how challenging it is to perform them. Remember to alternate between the clockwise and counterclockwise movement.

Hold a pair of light dumbbells to give your arm muscles greater activation.

How to do Big Arm Circles

Lateral Arm Raises

Lateral arm raises target your shoulders and trapezius. You should control your motion by raising and lowering your arms slowly.

You can also hold light dumbbells to make this exercise more effective.

Knee Plank Shoulder Taps

Perform this exercise on a comfortable surface such as a yoga mat or a carpet. When in the knee plank position, make sure your shoulders, hips, and knees are aligned in a straight line.

Keep your palms directly below your shoulders and then perform the shoulder taps as fast as possible.

How to Do Knee Plank Shoulder Tap

Kneeling Hand Walkouts

This hand walkouts variation is ideal for beginners. It gets rid of flabby abs by building your triceps and shoulder muscles.

I may also note that this exercise builds your abdominal muscles. Make sure you walk out as far as possible on each rep.

How to Do Kneeling Hand Walkout

Single-Leg Floor Triceps Dips

Single leg floor triceps dips will tone your arms by targeting your triceps. Maintain a wide range of motion by lowering your butt until it almost touches the floor and then extend your arms until they’re straight.

How to do single leg triceps dips

Cross Over Shoulder Stretch

This is one of the best shoulder stretches, which also helps loosen your triceps. Avoid bringing your shoulder close to your head as you do the stretch. Simply stretch your arm without moving the shoulder.

Cross Over Shoulder Stretch

Overhead Triceps Stretch

As the same suggests, this exercise helps loosen your triceps. Make sure you pull your elbow back to fully stretch your triceps.

Some people may be tempted to do these stretches before the workout but that’s a bad idea. Doing static stretches without warming up can lead to painful injuries. Always do static stretches at the end of your workouts.

triceps stretch

It’s totally possible to activate your arm muscles in just 7 minutes. In fact, short workouts like this one can surprisingly transform your body, especially if you follow a progressive routine like the fat blaster sequence.

This sequence has unique exercises that allow you to burn fat in the shortest time humanly possible. And the workouts become harder as you get fitter, which means you’ll continue to see results day after day.

Discover how the fat blaster sequence works

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