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The Amazing 8-Minute Standing HIIT Workout to Flatten Your Belly

Have you been led to believe that exercise can’t flatten your belly? Well, that’s a big fat lie. With the right workout routine, you can shrink your belly day after day.

However, your diet has to be on point. Surprisingly, maintaining a healthy diet is much easier than you may think. You don’t have to go through the pain of counting calories or avoiding all carbs. Just follow these simple weight loss strategies.

This workout is astonishingly effective because it burns lots of calories during and after the workout. It also activates all muscle groups, which means you’ll gain lean muscle rapidly.

As the title suggests, you’ll perform all the exercises while standing. As a result, you’ll enjoy benefits you wouldn’t otherwise enjoy while lying on the floor such as improving your balance.

It’s very important to maintain proper form. Therefore, read the instructions below the video before doing the workout.

8-Minute Standing HIIT Workout

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Below is a breakdown of the standing HIIT workout and how to perform the exercises properly.

Seal Jacks – 40 Seconds

Lunge and Punch – 40 Seconds (Each Side)

Rest 20 Seconds

Wall Push Offs – 40 Seconds

Squat Reaches – 40 Seconds

Rest 20 Seconds

Walking Lunge to Back Pedal – 40 Seconds

Hand Walkouts – 40 Seconds

Rest 20 Seconds

Windmills – 40 Seconds

Burpees without Push-Ups – 40 Seconds

Seal Jacks

Doing this exercise will give you a full-body workout and improve your coordination. Perform the first few reps slowly and then gradually increase your pace.

Keep your abs tight and land on the balls of your feet after you jump.

How to do Seal Jacks

Lunge and Punch

While lunges are extremely rewarding, you can make them more effective by throwing a punch on each rep.

Simply lunge forward and then punch. This exercise will activate your lower body, shoulders, abs, and oblique muscles.

How to Do Lunge Punches

Wall Push Offs

Are regular push-ups too challenging for you? Doing wall push-offs will build the arm and core strength you need to perform regular push-ups.

Now, don’t assume this exercise is easy. It’ll leave you breathing heavily within a few seconds.

How to do Wall Push Offs

Squat Reaches

This unique exercise will activate your leg and glute muscles. It’ll also help loosen your oblique muscles.

Squat until your thighs are parallel to the floor before rising. And keep your back straight as you squat.

Walking Lunge to Back Pedal

Many of us have done walking lunges but are not familiar with this variation. You’ll notice that I’m only taking two steps before doing the backpedal. That’s only because of limited space. Feel free to do up to 4 lunges if you have enough space.

Remember to keep your torso upright while doing the lunges. And keep the strides wide to allow your knee to bend at 90 degrees.

How to do Walking Lunge to Back Pedal

Hand Walkouts

Every time I recommend this exercise to someone, they complain it’s too challenging. But don’t let its difficulty stop you. It’s one of the best upper body exercises you can do.

It builds your triceps, shoulders, and ab muscles. Keep your ab muscles tight as you do the walkouts to prevent your hips from sinking.

How to do hand walkouts


Windmills are quite simple and they’re excellent for stretching your hamstrings. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart. A stance that’s wider than shoulder-width makes the exercise easier.

How to do Windmills

Burpees without Push-Ups

You probably think that burpees are for fitness junkies and athletes but anyone can greatly benefit from this exercise.

Burpees will give you a full-body workout and boost your cardiovascular endurance. I may also note that this variation is very doable because it doesn’t involve push-ups.

How to do Burpees without Push-Ups

The truth is short workouts can transform your body in a short period when done properly. If you don’t have time to exercise for one hour every day, join the fat blaster sequence.

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