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Top 5 Affordable Exercise Bikes for Home Use

‘I will exercise when I get time. I will lose weight if the program is right. I will get in shape when my schedule allows.’ Admit it, you have thought about or said these words at least once in your life.

In all fairness, they have a tinge of truth. Work schedules have become less and less flexible. It seems like a pipe dream to have 30 extra minutes for exercise.

With that said it is up to you to create time for the things that matter. In your to-do list, exercise should be right up there with food.

However, you need not compromise on other priorities. If you choose the right equipment, you can still work out while doing other things. Exercise bikes can make this possible.

Some advantages of the bikes include:

  • They enable daily cardio workouts, which burn calories and cause weight loss
  • They strengthen muscles and build joint strength
  • You can multitask- watch TV, catch up on your email or read
  • Bikes have extra features to suit your exercise capacity

Bikes are convenient because you can install them in your office or at home. These machines are even helpful to patients who have mobility concerns as seen in this study.

Since price could be an impediment, here are affordable exercise bikes you can invest in.

Top 5 Affordable Exercise Bikes

If you want to get fit at home, this article will show you the top 5 affordable exercise bikes to use at home #exercise #bikes #affordable #flabfix

#5 Exerpeutic ExerWorK 1000 Fully Adjustable Desk Folding Exercise Bike with Pulse


Exerpeutic’s stationary bike is adjustable, so you can save on space when not using it. It is quiet and sturdy. The product has sufficient space to hold stationary and a laptop.

For those who love multitasking, this would be ideal. It has a solid design and seems strong. It can cause weight loss albeit after a long time.


The product is not suitable for short people who ran the risk of straining their hands to reach the computer.

Some users report clanking, creaking noises after use. Others find the seat uncomfortable. When you encounter these difficulties, customer service may not help. Almost 30% of the reviewers had this problem, so you should take it seriously.

Rating: 8.5/10

Check it out on Amazon

#4 Harvil Foldable Magnetic Exercise Bike with 10-Level Adjustable Magnetic Resistance and Pulse Rate Sensors  


Harvil’s exercise bike is relatively easy to assemble. You may fold it and put it aside when not in use. It contains a display screen to monitor and assess your exercise information.

Since the bike is light, you can move it around easily. It makes no noise and the seat is comfortable.


The display monitor only contains basic information; that is distance and time. Some customers have reported poorly-installed pedals.

The sturdiness of the product is questionable. You have to strike a compromise between sturdiness and portability. It has only minimal space for gadgets and things one needs to read. Short people struggle to sit comfortably on it.

Rating: 8.7/10

Check it out on Amazon

#3 YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary


YOUSUDA’s stationary bike is quiet and easy to assemble. You can adjust the seat or handle based on your stature. Because of its small size, you can fit it anywhere.

It has a digital screen to display your data. You will use it comfortably even if you are 6’ tall. The product is easy to assemble.


A number of customers have reported several defects like pedals coming off. It is a small, basic bike with a few bonus features. The attached foot latch is of low quality. Its back support is a little problematic.

Rating: 8.8/10

Check it out on Amazon

#2 XTERRA Fitness FB150 Folding Exercise Bike, Silver  


XTERRA’s exercise is an adjustable product that you would move using wheels and fold for storage. It has adjustable seats and a comfortable cushion.

You will also find an LCD screen with data for distance, speed, calories, and pulse. The parts are easy to assemble following the directions. The product is quiet and private.


The product can only handle a person who weighs 225lbs and below. People taller than 5’10” find it hard to use. You might struggle to adjust the bike if you use high resistance settings.

The digital monitor is inaccurate. Some glitches often arise after people use the product like the heartbeat monitor not working or the pedal becoming lose.

The angle of the machine does not engage the core during exercise. Some people have problems with the seat’s shape which make it uncomfortable.

Rating: 9.2/10

Check it out on Amazon

#1 Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-709


This exercise bike has several resistance levels. If you would like to simulate a rough terrain or an intermediate one, it is possible with this device.

The seats provide comfortable support and the pedals have straps. It displays exercise data on an LCD screen. It is sturdy and flexible enough to accommodate 6’4” or 450-pound users.

Lastly, the bike does not make noise when in use.


It does not have additional features like a gym bike. But for a 130-dollar budget, what the bike offers is sufficient. Tall users may be a little uncomfortable with the seat position or the pedal.

The calorie counting is inaccurate and the bike’s computer only has basic information. Adjusting the bike for a second user is hard.

Some people report clicking sounds caused by loose parts, which are hard to fix.

Rating: 9.5/10

Check it out on Amazon

Factors to Consider When Buying


A good bike should have a solid design. No parts should come apart or move faultily.

Seat comfort

Since you will be spending a lot of time on the gadget, it is best to choose well-cushioned, properly installed seats.


Go for bikes that can be folded and adjusted either for size or exercise requirements. Some products have only a limited range of resistance adjustments. Choose those devices that are ideal for both tall and short people since these have a wide height range.

Weight limit

The product should carry your weight. Find out from the manufacturer the maximum amount before you buy it.


If the product has defects (over 20%), this is a sign of low quality. The company’s customer service can sometimes make up for this flaw.

Ease of Assembly

Choose bikes that come with simple instructions.

You thought that nothing in the market could let you work and exercise. Well, think again. Bikes give you the best of both worlds. Just make sure it is for your height, weight, comfort level, and resistance needs.

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