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Sex is an important factor in a relationship. It plays a critical role in the stability of the relationship.

Unfortunately, there are a number of factors that can cause a man to underperform. They include:

Fortunately, there are a number of solutions that will enable you to manage the situation.

They include:

  • Exercising.
  • Taking a healthy diet
  • and using herbs.


Taking supplements such as VigorNow are good alternatives to remedy the condition. Moreover,  for critical cases such as erectile dysfunction, doctors recommend seeking specialized treatment.

Testosterone is responsible for a variety of physiological changes in men such as:

Is vigor now worth your money? Does it provide a long-term solution to a great sex life? What are the striking benefits? Are there any long-term side effects?

Well, here is what you need to know about Vigor Now supplement. Let’s dive in.

What is VigorNow?

VigorNow is a natural male performance supplement. This supplement is made up of a mixture of ingredients that improve the sexual performance of a man.

It works by stimulating an increase in testosterone hormone in the body.

  • Muscle growth
  • Deep voice.
  • Sexual stamina

    What are the benefits of vigorNow supplement?


    • Natural Erection.

    VigorNow is made up of natural and clinically tested ingredients. It causes a natural increase in blood flow to the penile shaft. This results in a natural and firm erection.

    • Subconsciously Increase your confidence levels.

    An increase in penis size, libido, and sex drive causes a subconscious increase in a man’s levels of confidence.

  •  Increases Muscle Mass.VigorNow supplement increases levels of testosterone hormone in the body.This causes an increase in energy levels in the body. Consequentially, fuelling you to hit the gym harder.Combining the VigorNow supplement with strength training exercises will guarantee better body results.


  • Subconsciously Increase your confidence levels.

An increase in penis size, libido, and sex drive causes a subconscious increase in a man’s levels of confidence.

What are the side effects of VigorNow?

There are no documented side effects of vigorNow. Some patients have reported having experienced mild headaches and dizziness.

  1. What are the ingredients of VigorNow?

    VigorNow ingredients include:

    1. Boron. – Boron is a natural mineral extracted from nuts, raisins, and avocados. This mineral converts DHEA hormone produced in the adrenal glands into testosterone. In addition, boron has properties that improve libido.
    2. Ginkgo Biloba Extract – This extract is obtained from the Ginkgo Biloba plant. It’s used to treat a number of ailments such as altitude sickness,  and glaucoma. In addition, it increases the levels of libido and testosterone. This results in an increasing the sexual drive of a man.
    3. Bioperine – This black pepper extract doesn’t directly boost Testosterone levels. Nonetheless, it improves the absorption of other nutrients. It enables the other ingredients to be absorbed quickly into the body.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Bioperine also fights cancer growth, regulates sugar levels, improves brain function, and reduces inflammation.
    4. Saw palmetto berry – This ingredient comprises a mixture of a variety of herbal berries which originate from California. Saw palmetto has a number of uses. They include:
        • Reduce inflammation.
        • Increase testosterone levels.
        • Treat prostate enlargement.

    Saw Palmetto Berry, generally, increases sex drive and levels of libido in men.

    Other ingredients include:

  1. Orchid extract.
  2. Tongkat

The two extracts increase testosterone levels, improve endurance, treat erectile dysfunction, and boost male fertility

It boosts levels of testosterone and endurance during sex.


Where can you buy VigorNow supplement?

VigorNow is sold by leading retailers globally such as amazon. It averages $59.95.

VigorNow customer reviews

VigorNow has a rating of 3.2 out of 5 on amazon. This is an average rating based on the reviews of different customers.

There are a variety of reviews from different customers who have used the supplement. They include:

Positive customer reviews

  1. It was effective as advertised.
  2. It was amazing.

Negative customer reviews

  1. It did not make any difference.
  2. It’s not good at all. It didn’t make any changes.
  3. The product does nothing.

The rating and reviews from a number of customers, show that vigorNow is not as effective as it claims to be.

What are the alternatives to vigorNow?

  • Vigor Blast.

This is a male supplement made up of ingredients that boosts testosterone and libido levels and increase sexual stamina and vitality.

You can order and buy vigorNow blast supplement from amazon at $59.95.

  • Massalong.

This supplement is formulated to increase levels of testosterone and libido, and increase sexual stamina. Maasalong has had a number of positive reviews from customers.

You can order and buy massalong supplements from amazon at $24.9

  • Vigor 360

This supplement has high concentrations of natural ingredients that are effective. The ingredients are known to improve testosterone levels in the body.

You can  order  and buy vigor 360 from amazon at $79.95


Sex is a fundamental part of any thriving relationship. It helps in building a strong bond between partners. Having an amazing sex life is crucial to building a long-lasting relationship.

Issues that cause underperformance can be tormenting. Nontheless, they are manageable. Taking a healthy diet, taking supplements, and working out are ways in which you can improve the condition.

Supplements can be a great alternative. Not all supplements are effective as potrayed by their manufactiring companies.

A number of customers have had a good experience with the supplement. Nontheless, reviews from customers indicate that vigorNow is an average product.

It’s important to do due diligence and seek professional advice.




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