10 Dangerous Vampire Breast Lift Side Effects You Should Know

In your beauty search, you should know possible complications that can happen in the process. You can augment your breasts with a vampire breast lift. Vampire breast lift side effects are something you should consider.

As a woman, beauty is something you would always want to preserve. Among all things, firm, healthy breasts are one asset you would maintain for as long as possible.

“A vampire breast lift does offer a wealth of overwhelmingly positive benefits for many women. It is nevertheless a major surgical procedure, and, as such, it is associated with potential vampire breast lift side effects.” Says Dr. Vishnu Rumalla of Tarrant Plastic Surgery.

Thus, if you’re thinking of having a breast lift, here are 10 dangerous vampire breast lift side effects you should know.

Vampire Breast Lift Side Effects You Should Know

Dr. Adams, 2021 president of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, notes that vampire breast lifts are not supported by evidence or science.

A vampire breast lift is a non-invasive procedure. He continues, “Since vampire breast lift involves only an organic injectable, you may experience some fullness and smoother skin for the first few days.”

“However, as your body begins to reabsorb the platelets, any effects will begin to wane, and your body will return to its normal state.” That means vampire breast lift side effects are temporary and will go away in a month.

Here are common vampire breast lift side effects;

#1. It Can Cause Redness

Redness following the non-surgical procedure is among possible vampire breast lift side effects.

During the process, your doctor will apply a dermal filler to the sunken areas of the breast. The doctor then injects Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) into the breast area.

The platelets encourage tissue regeneration and skin rejuvenation. With all the pressure of injections, your breast experiences pressure from such activities.

This causes the incision sites to become red or discolored following the procedure. However, after a few days, the redness goes away.

Additionally, the redness is brought about by your body’s response to healing—vascular dilation, where energetic healing takes place.

#2. It Can Cause Swelling

Among Vampire breast lift side effects is swelling due to pressure applied to the breasts during the procedure.

You might have slight swelling in your incision area after your operation. However, the swelling should settle soon after some days.

If the swelling does not settle, you should tell your doctor or nurse as quickly as possible. According to Dr. Aric Aghayan, founder of Après Plastic Surgery, “Most of the swelling will grow over the first three days.”

“You will notice a steady decrease in the amount of swelling you have over time. You will notice a significant difference between weeks two and three. The majority of your swelling ought to be gone by week six.”

#3. It Results in Visible Scarring

Visible scarring is among other possible vampire breast lift side effects. However, this depends on the technique used to perform the breast lift.

The vampire breast lift procedure involves a slight incision around your breast, forming a small scar(s) that are generally neat and slightly visible. The scar, however, may change over the first few days following the procedure.

The incision sites grow new skin as the wound heals, which will look different from the rest of the surrounding area where the incision was made.

#4. It May Result in Bruising

There may be bruising from the vampire breast procedure. The impact of the incision during the procedure will break your small blood vessels (capillaries).

The small blood vessels are located close to the surface of your breasts, which results in bruising after the incision.

In addition, the skin changes and becomes inflammatory. As a result, your breast bruises become redder and appear higher than the surrounding area.

Compared to the other vampire breast lift side effects, the bruising may last longer, up to 2 weeks. Dr. David Sharp explains that it can take up to 14 days, with deeper cuts taking even longer.

Bruising is more common in some people than in others. This could be because of underlying health issues that affect clotting, or it could just be how the body works naturally.

#5. It May Cause Mild to Moderate Pain

Your doctor will draw and inject you with PRP during the vampire breast lift procedure. In the process of drawing blood and injecting the platelets, you may feel some slight pain.

Moreover, you’ll experience pain, which is possible after breast lift surgery. The pain, however, can generally be managed with medication.

#6. It Causes Bleeding

A vampire beast lift can cause bleeding due to incisions. It is normal for the incisions to have some fluid and blood seepage for a short time after the procedure.

It is advisable always to wear a bra to help with the bleeding. You can always use a light dressing under your bra to help absorb the fluid and to keep your clothes dry.

#7. It May Cause Numbness

You’re injected with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) during a vampire breast lift into your breast tissues. The action puts your nerve endings under pressure inducing some numbness.

You will experience numbness or sensitivity loss. The numbness can take time to recover because the nerve endings take time to regenerate after surgery.

Dr. James D. McMahan says, “Partial numbness after breast surgery is usually temporary and generally goes away after a few months, but it can take up to two years for complete recovery.”

#8. It Causes Discomfort

Discomfort is another vampire breast lift side effect you’ll experience following the procedure. The discomfort is a result of swelling. You’ll feel a pulling or stretching feeling in your breast area.

#9. It Causes Itching

Itching is among other vampire breast lift side effects mainly caused by injections. The injection of the platelets can cause itching in the incision area.

The sensation is familiar, primarily when the body’s natural wound-healing process occurs in your incision area. The body will produce histamines as it heals.

Histamines set off a series of molecular events that lead to the nerve cells sending an itch signal to your brain and spinal cord. In addition, the itching is brought on by the resumption of nerve sensations in the treated area.

#10. It Causes Tenderness

Another vampire breast lift side effect you will experience after the procedure is tenderness. The tenderness occurs during the time spent when your breast is trying to absorb the growth factors.

However, your boobs will become firmer bit by bit and smoother in three to about a month. You can wear a double sports bra.

It will help with the tenderness and also helps to keep your boobs in place, and you can resume your daily activities.


Having looked at 10 vampire breast lift side effects, you might be wondering then, how safe is the procedure? Vampire breast lift is safer than implants.

The non-surgery has been proven viable. It’s an FDA-approved method. The method involves obtaining, concentrating, and injecting PRP for cleavage improvement.

Additionally, it involves using the body’s naturally occurring growth factors in the vampire breast lift procedure. This reduces the likelihood of adverse side effects.

Additionally, it indicates that PRP treatment does not involve any outside (foreign) materials or factors. Your doctor draws your blood and takes out the platelets.

The doctor then injects them back into your body during the non-surgical procedure.

However, it is of the utmost importance that anyone considering a vampire breast lift consults a licensed and certified provider and an experienced injector.

You can expect a relatively quick improvement in the overall quality and appearance of the skin on and between the breasts following the procedure.

The fatty tissue in the breasts becomes fuller and perkier due to continued collagen remodeling. As a result, you get skin with a more youthful appearance over time.

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