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How to Avoid Saggy Breasts After Losing Weight

12 Brilliant Ways to Avoid Saggy Breasts after Losing Weight

For you to prevent saggy breasts, you need to understand the anatomy of this body part. Breasts are made of fats and ligaments. Therefore, when you lose weight, the skin your breasts were in no longer has as much fat to support it as before, research shows.

Additionally, some forms of exercise like running tend to weaken the ligaments. You would thus not have a good support system to keep your torso firm. The end result is drooping, limp-looking and flaccid breasts.

When trying to maintain firm breasts, it is critical to have realistic expectations. Weight loss has its pros and cons, and one disadvantage is loose skin. You may not get your breasts to where they were but with the right diet, exercise and lifestyle habits, you can definitely improve their appearance.

Here are some alternatives you can attempt.

How to Avoid Saggy Breasts After Losing Weight

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1. Wear the right bra

In this study, it was shown that big-busted women had low physical activity because of their breasts. They often felt pain when engaging in a vigorous activity because they did not have the right bra.

Apart from just embarrassment from excessive breast movement, a bad bra can subject your breasts to too much tension. This means that your ligaments would be permanently damaged and loose.

Make sure that you purchase the right sports bra for high-impact activities like running or skipping. That way, your ligaments stay intact even after weight loss.

2. Watch your rate of weight loss

When you lose weight very quickly, especially through yo-yo dieting, you will also lose a lot of fat really fast. This means the skin holding your breasts will no longer have the same content to support, so it will remain stretched. As a result, you would have a lot of extra skin that looks droopy.

Give your body time to adjust to your weight loss by carefully managing the weight loss process.

3. Try the bench press

Sometimes increasing the muscle mass in your breasts can help in making them appear full.

In this study, it was shown that the bench chest press activates pectoral muscles (the muscles from the shoulder to breast bone).

Start by lying upward on a bench while holding dumbbells. Your hands should be parallel to the floor at the beginning. Lift the dumbbells until the highest point. Here your hands are 90 degrees to the floor and the weights on each hand are touching one another. Go back to the starting position and repeat. 15 reps for 5 sets are sufficient.

Sometimes you can replace the bench with a stability ball for a broader motion range.

4. Incorporate the dumbbell pullover in resistance training

This type of exercise is essential for naturally lifting breasts. It works by making two diametrically opposed muscles; that is, the back and chest muscles, work simultaneously.

Start by lying down with your knees bent. Hold some dumbbells with your arms stretched backward. The weights should be parallel to your body and above your head. Lift those dumbbells from the floor to a position above your chest. Repeat 20 times in 3 sets.

5. Don’t forget the shoulder press – elbow squeeze

This is an excellent way for you to work your whole upper body while you engage your chest too. You should stand with feet slightly apart and arms spread across at 90 degrees to your body. Then fold them from the elbow while holding weights. Move your arms in wards until the forearms almost touch each other. Then go back to the starting position, and lift your hands vertically then go back down.

Combine the elbow squeeze and shoulder press in that order until you complete 12 reps.

6. Always finish with push ups

Push-ups are a fantastic way of toning your chest. These help to keep the breasts firmer. Start with knee push-ups if your fitness level is low. Get on your fours and then move your entire upper body upward and downward as your hands support you. You can graduate to full push-ups involving the entire body later when your fitness improves.

Use this guide to get better at push-ups.

7. Improve your normal, everyday posture

Sometimes we accelerate the formation of drooping breasts by standing and sitting poorly. If you always sit at work or in school learn how to do it straight with your chest up.

The same applies to standing. Ensure that your shoulders and head are straight and your stomach is tacked in. When you use the right posture constantly, you subject your joints and tissues to less stress. That way, they are less likely to sag.

8. Eat the right foods

Your outer appearance is a reflection of your inner condition. Therefore, make wise choices when buying food. Consume lean meats as they are rich in protein, which helps to build breast muscles. Green vegetables are rich in phytoestrogens. These are essential in breast tissue growth.

Nuts and seeds also contain the same compound. So, make sesame seeds, cashews, walnuts and anise seeds a staple in your diet.

9. Consider massaging them

A breast massage doesn’t take more than 15 minutes of your day, yet it can dramatically improve your appearance if done consistently. You need to combine kneading, open palming and finger massages.

Press each breast lightly in a kneading motion for a couple of repetitions. Then open your palm and rub it against the breast in an upward motion. Finally, use your fingers and twirl them around each breast. Ensure you are cupping each one as you twirl your fingers.

Apply a little oil for lubrication and avoid putting heavy pressure on them. Keep the touch away from the nipple to avoid distortion of its shape.

10. Sleep the right way

Sleeping on your back is the best way to keep your breasts from sagging as you lose weight. If you sleep on your stomach, you press your breasts and could reshape them over time. The same is true for sleeping on the side without support as it stretches your ligaments continuously.

On the other hand, if you sleep on the side with a pillow or on your back, your breasts will be undisturbed.

11. Avoid unhealthy lifestyle choices

Too much exposure to the sun and smoking are some of the reasons why people get saggy skin. This is true even if you are not trying to lose weight.

Always protect your breasts from sun exposure especially if you like going to the beach or wearing low-cut blouses. Smoking is another unhealthy habit that reduces skin elasticity and destroys the collagen in your body.

12. Use topical remedies

The food in your pantry or refrigerator can be a natural and easy way to lift your breasts. Combine egg yolk and cucumber in a blender. P

lace it on your breasts for 30 minutes in an upward direction then wash it off. Fenugreek is rich in antioxidants and vitamins that tighten and smoothen breast skin.

Make fenugreek paste using fenugreek powder and water. Rub it into your breast for 10 minutes then rinse it off. Olive oil and ice massages are other alternatives.

Final Word

Saggy breasts are not an inevitable part of weight loss. You can anticipate their occurrence and prevent them through topical remedies and massages.

Work on your sitting, sleeping and standing postures. Make sure the food you eat and the habits you maintain enhance firm skin. Resistance training is an essential part of the process and should involve upper body, chest, shoulder and back exercises.

Take advantage of these stunningly simple home workouts to add muscles to your chest.

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