Weight Loss

Using Telehealth Services to Support Safe Weight Loss

Telehealth has been around for a while, but it wasn’t until the pandemic forced us into lockdowns and remote ways of doing things that it rose to more common use.

Insights from McKinsey found digital health investment in 2020 had risen to thrice the amount it was in 2017.

As more people are willing to try telehealth services, it makes sense that companies invest more to improve telehealth’s effectiveness in line with technological developments.

Some people rely on telehealth for general medical concerns, enjoying the convenience of being able to make medical inquiries remotely and at their own pace.

Others find mental health help in remote mental health professionals, getting the support they may need in the comforts of their homes.

While there are many different uses for telehealth services these days, we’re going to focus on how telehealth can help us navigate our weight loss journey safely with the medical support that we need.

Ensure medical safety

Some aspects of our weight loss journey may call for drastic changes to our lifestyle habits and dietary choices.

While these changes may be safe when done in moderation, it is much safer to consult with a healthcare professional before undertaking significant changes in case of underlying health conditions or risks.

Fortunately, nurse practitioners (NPs) in Virginia who work remotely and practise over the US are now more accessible online – where they continue to provide quality care, albeit remotely.

These NPs not only answer your questions in an excellent web-side manner, but they can also help you manage your diet plan.

Depending on the companies providing the telehealth services, some providers may focus primarily on weight loss, which means you can connect with a streamlined selection of professionals trained and equipped for specific weight loss concerns and inquiries.

The weight loss journey can be long and challenging for most people, so having a qualified medical professional just a click or a call away can ensure your weight loss remains medically safe.

Consult regarding supplements and medication

Taking supplements, pills, and teas is not uncommon to help navigate your weight loss journey.

Some supplements help boost your daily nutritional intake, while others help enhance the natural processes in your body to help it lose weight or burn more calories.

However, supplements can be harmful if not taken responsibly, depending on how they are consumed and when you take them.

For instance, taking pre-workouts on an empty stomach can cause digestive problems and low blood sugar.

While most supplements may come with indications of ingredients and appropriate health warnings, some may cause adverse side effects that can come as a result of allergies or prior health conditions.

Supplements and some medications can certainly help with your weight loss journey.

Still, it’s always best to check with qualified experts if they are suited for your body and lifestyle to save you the inconvenience of future health problems.

Having remote access to telehealth professionals can help fill this gap and prevent any harmful side effects on your body.

They may be able to suggest healthier or more suitable alternatives as well.

Get mental health support

We briefly mentioned the popularity of telehealth in the mental health field above, and for a good reason.

While our weight loss journey can seem mostly physical and centered on bodily functions, much of the battle comes from our mental prowess.

Tackling weight loss may lead to concerns about body image and self-perception, which may require adequate and appropriate mental health support to navigate safely.

Fortunately, remote mental health services are more readily available today.

Case in point, the remote mental health professionals in Texas who are working together to help fight the mental health crisis among the nation’s youth.

Everyone’s weight loss journey is different; some may have a more difficult time than others.

Investing in mental wellness help via telehealth can be a convenient way to ensure you won’t be alone in exploring its effects on your body and mind.

Whether it’s for consultation or a more motivational approach, having that additional mental health support can go a long way in helping you lose weight safely.

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